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Chapter 129 - Suit His Fancy, Curry His Favor

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 129: Suit His Fancy, Curry His Favor

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    Chen Baichuan bore down menacingly. He was building up his emotions, so he could let them out later. He had already decided how he was going to nitpick and send him packing.

    Soon after, he saw Yu Changmo’s tall figure when he reached the pond. However, there seemed to be two people standing next to him.

    Today, Black’s attire was dashing but still casual. He had come to curry favor with his father-in-law sincerely; of course, he wouldn’t dress too formally.

    Chen Baichuan smirked in his heart.

    This rascal was obviously an outsider. He should have gotten those that were smart and agile when he brought in the reinforcements.

    Chen Baichuan felt his heart constricted. Why did these two look so much like the agricultural college’s professors he wished to meet but failed to when he went to the capital previously?

    Chen Baichuan had always wanted to expand and strengthen his rearing career. But there was this saying, “A farmer is not included as a millionaire”. People in their profession depended on heaven’s will. If they encountered bad weather or a pandemic, they would easily lose everything.

    For example, previously, someone set them up, and the entire pond of sea cucumbers died. If not for Qianmo’s quick thinking and giving her best to save the day, Chen Baichuan’s farm would be on the verge of collapse now.

    When Chen Baichuan sent his daughter to school in the capital, he also specially visited the agricultural college. He wanted to meet the expert professors in this particular specialty, hoping to improve his farm. But of course, he didn’t manage to see them.

    The experts who worked their way up to be the leading authorities in this area were usually swamped with work. They always buried themselves in the labs, so it was not easy for people without connections to meet them.

    Chen Baichuan had been asking around for people to introduce him to them. Thus, he was exhilarated to see the experts appear on his farm.

    The two old and shriveled-up men, whom Yu Changmo had brought along, were the experts that Chen Baichuan couldn’t even manage to meet with all his connections.

    Chen Baichuan instantly forgot about looking for trouble and quickly went over enthusiastically. Yu Changmo saw him and introduced him to the two professors.

    “This is Uncle Chen I had wanted to introduce to you. He has done very well in the local rearing industry. I hope you all could have a great exchange session.”

    Naturally, the two professors respectfully stretched out their hands to shake… Chen Baichuan’s hand. Chen Baichuan was very flattered by their gesture.

    “Xiao Yu, they are…?”

    “It’s like this. These two uncles are acquainted with my family, and they were having a seminar in this area, so I brought them over. Uncle Chen, is it convenient for you to show my two uncles around your farm? If possible, they would like to rent a pond here to conduct an experiment about protecting the sea cucumbers from diseases.”

    Chen Baichuan almost exploded with happiness. He nodded profusely. “Convenient, very convenient.”

    He literally couldn’t have asked for more!

    Who couldn’t see that the way Yu Changmo said it was to give him face?

    The professors could easily find a place to conduct their experiment anywhere in the country. However, since they were willing to come here, they would give him plenty of benefits. Just the impartation of advanced technical knowledge would bring lots of profits for the farm that year.

    Yu Changmo, nope. Xiao Yu. He had done a fantastic job. Although it was him helping out Chen Baichuan obviously, he went to great lengths to protect his pride by putting it as if Chen Baichuan was helping them instead.

    He hit on what Chen Baichuan liked with absolute precision, so he gained lots of brownie points immediately.

    Chen Baichuan gave Black plenty of satisfied looks as he showed the two experts around his farm.

    Black followed them around, behaving like their assistant. Every now and then, he would offer them cigarettes and lit them up on their behalf. Chen Baichuan took a quick look.

    Yu Changmo didn’t forget to add on casually when he lit up the cigarettes, “There are more of these in the car.”

    A mature man would not fight his battle of currying favor without the proper equipment. Thus, Chen Baichuan was even more delighted.

    Chen Baichuan’s thinking had totally changed from when he first entered the farm.

    As soon as the two experts gave the farm some suggestions, Yu Changmo immediately acted upon them. When they wanted to make adjustments to the pond, he instantly rolled up his pants and went straight inside personally to make the changes. Chen Baichuan couldn’t even stop him.

    This kind of “honest youth goes to his father-in-law’s house to do menial tasks for his lady love” plot would always work, no matter what era one was in.

    In the earlier times when people were less well-to-do, the girl’s family would judge the man according to how hard he worked on the farm. Although times were better now, this maneuver was still very effective. Chen Baichuan took a quick look.

    He resembled him when he was younger. A man’s character could be seen based on how he worked. He was willing to toil hard and didn’t take any shortcuts. Chen Baichuan was beyond satisfied.

    The two experts were trying very hard not to laugh when they witnessed this. Was he still the aloof Second Young Master from the Lieutenant General’s family?

    It seemed like animal courtship behavior was a basic instinct. It had nothing to do with one’s status.

    The workers on the farm started to get nervous. They were thinking about the background of the young man who followed the boss around. If he was a new employee, wouldn’t the others be out of jobs with him around?

    He was doing a few persons’ jobs alone! Could he leave something for them to do?

    Yu Changmo worked under the hot sun for the whole afternoon. After that, Chen Baichuan invited the two experts for dinner with zeal.

    The two experts looked at each other and then at Yu Changmo. This had to be decided by the Second Young Master.

    “It’s great to have dinner together. It’s just that I still have something on…” Yu Changmo said without any facial expression. The two experts got his meaning immediately.

    “Then, we shall have dinner with Director Chen and drink to our hearts’ content.”

    Chen Baichuan didn’t realize this was a ploy to get him out of the picture. Black had successfully established his image as “capable, mature, dependable” in Chen Baichuan’s heart in that one afternoon. A reliable young chap wouldn’t take the opportunity to achieve his target… Yeah, right!

    “I remember both Uncles are good drinkers… And I happen to have two bottles of fine liquors. Please, slowly enjoy them.” Yu Changmo was hinting at them, and the two experts successfully caught it.

    Yu Changmo got two bottles of fine liquors from his car, and Chen Baichuan immediately took them from him.

    “I still have some local specialties in my car, which my mother wanted me to bring along. How about I send them to your house as it’s along my way?” Somebody’s wily foxtail was almost visible now.

    “Sounds good. I don’t know how long I would take either.” Chen Baichuan didn’t think too much when he heard they were local specialties. He only took a quick glance at the car trunk that had a few boxes with a logo of an apple, so he thought they were fruits. It was not nice to reject his parents’ kind intentions to send them local specialties, as if he looked down on them. Therefore, he agreed.

    “It’s fine. Take your time to enjoy the liquors, please.” Yu Changmo’s white teeth gleamed in the setting sun’s rays.

    He had checked before he came. There was a good movie tonight, which was perfect for him to invite his lady love to watch together.