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Chapter 132 - Filled With Deep Hatred

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 132: Filled With Deep Hatred

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    The heavy clouds of smoke surrounded the crowd that was in a frenzy. Both Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu were wearing the camouflage clothing of the Military Academy. As such, they were able to escape from being ambushed by the others and even blend in with the others successfully.

    Technically, the drill was over now.

    Tang Jinyu was rather puzzled. What did she plan to do next?

    However, he soon understood what her plan was when they got near to the flag pole.

    His lips twitched. Was she not afraid of being ambushed by the others if she were to behave so recklessly and cruelly?

    “Find them fast! Where are they?” The others were still looking for them in a frenzied manner.

    Deng Guofeng and the others came over to witness the commotion.

    When Lu Yao had finally come to his senses. He started looking for Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu too.

    After searching for quite some time, he finally found them.

    He walked toward them. However, Deng Guofeng blocked his way and gave him a faint smile. “Lu Yao, you’ve been eliminated!”

    Lu Yao stared at the flag of their academy which had been lowered. His face darkened. “The drill is over!”

    “Who said so? The people in charge of the drill have not said anything,” Deng Guofeng smiled and said.

    Lu Yao’s facial expression worsened and he remained quiet.

    Zhang Cheng said to Lu Yao, “Why? Are you a sore loser?”

    Lu Yao pursed his lips and frowned.

    Deng Guofeng smiled and remained quiet. His gaze was fixed on the flag which was being lowered from afar.

    ‘That girl is taking vengeance to another level!’

    “Come, lend me a hand…” Jian Qi laughed as she said to Tang Jinyu. She was observing her surroundings just like a thief in the night.

    The two students who were responsible for guarding the flags had already been eliminated by Jian Qi. They stared at Jian Qi in fury. They wanted so badly to charge at Jian Qi and beat her up.

    However, they were already eliminated.

    Tang Jinyu helped her to remove the flag.

    Jian Qi then reached beneath her outerwear and took out a flag which had been folded nicely.

    She unfurled the flag and hung it up onto the pole.

    Tang Jinyu was speechless.

    So, she had planned everything beforehand.

    She had even prepared everything that she needed.

    Once she was done tying up the flag, she swiftly raised the flag up the pole.

    She did not forget about the Military Academy’s flag. She turned and gave it to the students who she had eliminated just now.

    “I know that you want to tear me up now.” Jian Qi smiled softly. Her smile was smug and arrogant. “But, you can’t do that now. You’ve been eliminated.”

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched. The others would assuredly be filled with deep hatred.

    Did she not realize how much the students from the Military Academy hated her now?

    Jian Qi knew that she did not have much time left now. As such, she refrained from chit-chatting further. She pulled Tang Jingyu along and they left.

    After that, they went to the commander’s room which had been temporarily built for the drill.There were only three people there. One of them got up and inquired about the situation when Jian Qi took out her gun and eliminated them swiftly. They did not get to respond because Jian Qi acted so quickly.

    “You’ve been eliminated.” Jian Qi smiled softly. She blew at the muzzle of the gun wickedly.

    Jian Qi then put away her gun and walked into the room calmly. She logged into the computer and selected the National Defense Academy’s anthem. She double clicked on the file and played the song.

    “Cue background music!” Jian Qi’s lips twitched into an evil smile.

    The song of the National Defense Academy was broadcasted throughout the entire base headquarter.

    A spotlight was shining on the flag of the National Defense Academy, and the flag was fluttering alongside the breeze that was blowing softly.

    Tang Jinyu stood at the side as the corner of his lips subconsciously lifted into a smile that he himself was unaware he had.

    ‘Young woman, you really have taken vengeance to its utmost level!’