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Chapter 133 - Jian Qi, I’ll Remember You

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 133: Jian Qi, I’ll Remember You

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    With the broadcast of the song, everyone’s sight fell upon the flag that was fluttering about in mid-air.

    Zhang Cheng’s face darkened. He was so angry that he wanted to beat somebody up.

    Lu Yao took a deep breath and his facial expression was equally dark.

    All of the students of the Military Academy were visibly upset when they saw the flag.

    However, Deng Guofeng’s smile widened at the same time.

    ‘That girl is indeed interesting!’

    The students of the National Defense Academy who were eliminated shouted in excitement. They were greatly ecstatic!

    They started singing along with their song as well.

    It was the song of victory.

    The National Defense Academy had won!

    Lu Yao saw Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi standing amidst the crowd, his piercing gaze was one that was blatantly filled with fury.

    Someone else noticed where Lu Yao was looking at. They finally realized where Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi were.

    “Capture both of them!”

    That man was greatly anxious and angry. All of a sudden, everyone had surrounded the two of them with their guns held up.

    Jian Qi smiled wickedly. She appeared reckless and nonchalant. Smugness and arrogance were written all over her face.

    Tang Jinyu remained calm and cold beside her. He seemed to be powerful and strong.

    The two of them were not holding any weapons at the moment. Yet, they still appeared dangerous and frightening.

    The students of the Military Academy hated them deeply.

    They wanted so badly to shoot them with their guns.

    Jian Qi and Tang Jinyu started walking toward Lu Yao. The others let them pass through unwittingly with their guns still aiming at them.

    “Instructor Lu, you don’t look so good.” Jian Qi pretended to be surprised as she looked at Lu Yao with a wicked smile. She seemed so captivating.

    Lu Yao remained cold. He gritted his teeth. He wanted so badly to beat her up.

    The students from the Military Academy noticed how angry their instructor was. As such, they felt that they needed to eliminate Tang Jinyu and Jian Qi first before allowing them to speak.

    They were about to fire their guns at them. However, the drill department gave the update that the drill practice had ended.

    Deng Guofeng looked at the two of them who were under the livid stares of the entire Military Academy. He smiled and said, “Old Zhang, I hate to tell you that our National Defense Academy has won again this year.”

    Zhang Cheng snorted when he saw Deng Guofeng showing off in front of him smugly. He looked at his students and said, “What an utter embarrassment the lot of you!”

    The crowd remained quiet and solemn as they had been humiliated to the core.

    They were tricked by the two of them. It was even more humiliating than being defeated by the entire National Defense Academy.

    They thought that victory would be theirs yet they were defeated in the end.

    “Pack up, we’re leaving!” Zhang Cheng said coldly.

    Lu Yao walked toward Tang Jinyu with a cold and stern face. “Instructor Tang, I look forward to the next time we compete with each other. I won’t be as careless as I was this time around.”

    Tang Jinyu smirked. The aura he exuded was extraordinarily powerful as he said with an indescribably overwhelming air of arrogance, “Will there be a next time? I’m afraid that you might not be brave enough to come again.”

    “Don’t worry. Vengeance will be mine!” Lu Yao gritted his teeth. He suppressed his urge to charge at him and beat him up.

    “Instructor Lu, don’t be a sore loser. Be positive. It’s fine even if you lose this time around. You’ll lose again next time. Why are you so serious?”

    Jian Qi spoke again playfully. Her wicked smile was rather annoying. Lu Yao wanted so badly to tear her into pieces.

    “Jian Qi!” Lu Yao turned and stared at her. He spat out his next sentence word by word. “I will remember you!”

    “Do you want my signature?” Jian Qi’s face broke into a bright smile.