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Chapter 108 - Destruction Program

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 108: Destruction Program

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    The five abilities that could be enhanced as Moe had mentioned were the five options that appeared after clicking in the column for the Present Value, namely vision, hearing, physical strength, memory, and appearance.

    Jiang Yao scanned through the Present Value with curiosity, only to discover negative numbers in all the columns except for appearance. Even appearance was scored pathetically at 35 points.

    Probably sensing Jiang Yao’s dissatisfaction, Moe giggled chicly and teased, “If you were in our Future Galaxy, a two-year-old can crush that appearance of yours.”

    “I have good eyesight and hearing!” Jiang Yao huffed annoyingly. How did the system decide that her appearance was only worthy of 35 points? She was very confident with her profile!

    At five feet five, she was considered tall among the girls in the southern region. Even if she disregarded her figure, her looks could be classified as the classic female appearance, which was gentle and pleasant. How was it when it came to the system, she was only worth 35 points?

    She had received a lot of compliments about her adorable and attractive good looks since she was young, okay?

    Moe laughed out loud. “You won’t know what is considered good until you use the Favorability Value to increase your vision and hearing abilities.”

    Moe was donning the ‘I don’t want to talk to mentally retarded people’ expression.

    “What? Do you mean that there’s a possibility that I can have X-ray vision and supersonic hearing?” Jiang Yao was skeptical.

    “It would only be greater than what you can imagine when the value reaches its peak.” Moe nodded seriously. “I know you won’t believe me no matter what I say now. Nonetheless, just try it out and see for yourself. One day, you’ll know what kind of amazing gift I’ve given you!”

    Jiang Yao was reluctant to continue the argument as she looked at the arrogant Moe turning his head away. Moreover, there was no unbind function in the system anyway, so she couldn’t get rid of it now that it was hers.

    When she was watching the introduction of the system, she had an epiphany that Moe was actually looking for a successor of his master’s invention—whose current whereabouts he didn’t know of. It was like he was leaving a memento of his master in this world even when his master had gone.

    “Oh, right!” Mo lifted his head abruptly and shouted at Jiang Yao, “I almost forgot. The owner of the system will bear a certain restraint from the system. It has a pre-installed destruction program. Once you trigger it, the system will be automatically destroyed. And since the system is bound to your consciousness, you will lose your consciousness when the system undergoes self-destruction. At best, you’ll be insane for the rest of your life. If worse comes to worst, you’ll be in a vegetative state until you die.”

    Jiang Yao widened her eyes and arched her eyebrows in shock. No one would be happy to hear such news.

    “What are the conditions that will trigger the self-destruction mode?” Jiang Yao asked.

    “Good question.” Moe glanced at Jiang Yao, stood up, and shook his body leisurely. “Human, relax. The condition is that you kill someone.”

    Jiang Yao sighed in relief. “Thank goodness.” She was grateful that it was a high bar to cross.

    However, as she looked at Moe’s eyes the second time, she had the feeling that it wasn’t that simple, after all.

    Sure enough, after a short pause, Moe uttered slowly, “True, the condition is to murder someone regardless of the reason, even if your patient dies on the operating table due to medical malpractice. But if it’s not due to an error on your part, you have nothing to do with the patient’s death, and so, the destruction program will not be triggered.”

    “I’ll give you an example. For instance, my enemy comes after me for revenge. He wants to kill me, so I stab him back in self-defense and he dies afterward. What happens then?” Jiang Yao asked.