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Chapter 101 - Want To Take Revenge? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 101: Want To Take Revenge? (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Su Ziqian grabbed the lunchbox in her hand tightly. Her face turned red from anger.

    This was what she hated the most. She hated it when people talked about her family background. Xu Weilai used this to mock her and now, Xiao Chun was using it to attack her. Yet, she couldn’t refute even if she wanted to because her family background wasn’t as powerful as theirs!

    Xiao Chun looked at her long face in satisfaction. She crossed her arms in front of her chest and continued, “That’s right. How can a woman like you have any glamourous methods? If you have, you wouldn’t need to drug Brother Yu in order to get into his bed, right?”

    Xu Shuai was the one who told her about this.

    Xiao Chun laughed as she spoke. “Unfortunately, Brother Yu didn’t spare a glance for you even after you drugged him. How does it feel to be thrown out of the room with only a towel wrapped around you? Is the feeling good?”

    “What can I say about you? Things are already like this but you still have the guts to come and look for Brother Yu? I’ve seen shameless people but I’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you! How did you do it? Can you teach me?”

    “Su Ziqian, Brother Yu is very busy. He doesn’t have the time to eat your good. Get out of here!”

    Xiao Chun’s words were so harsh Su Ziqian wanted to rip her mouth apart. No wonder she was Xu Weilai’s good friend. They were both equally evil!

    At first. Su Ziqian didn’t want to become enemies with Chun Xiao. After all, she was the daughter of the Xiao family and Gu Yu’s god-sister. But, she couldn’t bear with her constant provocation anymore.

    “Xiao Chun, have you finished speaking? What happened between Yu and me has nothing to do with you. You’re just his god-sister. What right do you have to jeer at me?” She paused for a moment and thought of something. She scoffed, “People who don’t know your relationship with him might think that you’re Yu’s wife because you cared so much!”

    Xiao Chun probably didn’t expect Su Ziqian to say such words so her face turned black instantly. But, very soon, it disappeared. “Let me show you if I, his god-sister, has the right to care about him!”

    She took out her phone after she finished speaking and called the security room. Once someone picked up, she said furiously, “Why are you letting unrelated people into the office? What are you all doing? Do all of you want to get retrench?”

    Ten minutes later, Su Ziqian was thrown out of the Gu Corporation building with a security guard on each of her sides. The lunchbox in her hand smashed on the ground and scattered all over.

    Su Ziqian felt indignant and wronged. When she returned to her car, she started crying and scolding Xiao Chun. Tears and mucus flowed down her face. Her makeup was all messed up.

    Ms. Li called her at this moment. She answered the call and started complaining to Ms. Li tearfully. Ms. Li consoled her for a long time before her emotions finally calmed down a little.

    Then, Ms. Li said, “Qianqian, Xiao Chun treats you like this because she wants to avenge Xu Weilai. Do you want revenge?”

    Su Ziqian wiped her nose. “How do I do that?”

    “I received news that Xu Weilai is investigating Pang Hai. She wants to expose his secrets. Pang Hai is a vicious person. As long as we reveal this piece of news to him, he’ll naturally take care of Xu Weilai! Also, we can ask Pang Hai for help by letting him create scandals for Xu Weilai. If Mr. Gu knows this, do you think he can still tolerate Xu Weilai?”

    What Ms. Li said made sense but Su Ziqian still frowned. “Why will Pang Hao help us?”

    Ms. Li smiled. She reminded Su Ziqian, “Qianqian, have you forgotten that Pang Hai likes you? He always wanted to have a date with you over a meal but you don’t like him. Thus, you kept rejecting him. This time… whether he will help us or not depends on you.”

    Su Ziqian remained silent.

    Ms. Li knew that she wasn’t a hard-hearted person so when she noticed that Su Ziqian was hesitating, she gave her a strong push. “Qianqian, without Xu Weilai, the position of Mrs. Gu will be yours!”