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Chapter 123 - Ning Meng, I’ll Kill You!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 123: Ning Meng, I’ll Kill You!

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    Meanwhile, Ning Meng, who did not know what the three stooges were going through right now, was relaxing on a sofa. Seeing that there were no more replies from Qi Shan, she typed in the answer out of kindness: [Even after completing the 3 sets, the rest would not just go poof and disappear. So, there are still 10 sets!]

    After sending the message, she sat still to wait for the producer’s arrival.

    The second phase of “Throne of Songs” would be aired next week, thus, they had 6 days to prepare for it.

    After waiting for a while, Ning Meng stood up from her seat, intending to head to the washroom. When she walked out the door, she noticed someone was talking near the stairs.

    Hmm? It was Li Haojie and Su Tiantian…??

    Like a cat, Ning Meng quickly hid behind the stairs. Not knowing what they were talking about, she quickly took out her phone to start recording a video of their conversation.

    Li Haojie said, “Tiantian, in a week’s time you would have recovered your voice. So, I suggest that you pick the song ‘Fly’. With that, you will rise up to the top.”

    Su Tiantian replied, “But isn’t that your song?”

    “It’s alright. I do not care about getting the top spot in this show. If it wasn’t for you, I would not even consider participating.”

    Su Tiantian was surprised. “Haojie, it would be a waste if you don’t win first place. Everyone has been talking behind your back saying that you relied on Zhen Shanmei’s influence in the industry, however, I know all your achievements were genuinely from your hard work.”

    Li Haojie, feeling moved, grabbed Su Tiantian’s hands. “Tiantian, I knew you would understand me!”

    “No, please don’t…”

    Seeing that Su Tiantian was uncomfortable, Li Haojie quickly let go of her hands. “I’m sorry. I was just a little excited earlier…”

    Su Tiantian let out a sigh of relief. “No, I’m fine with holding hands. It’s just that I’m worried that Ms. Zhen would be upset. If she does, your days would be hellish.”

    Hearing this, Li Haojie ground his teeth in frustration. “Tiantian, I can’t stand her anymore! She always wears that stupidly ugly makeup, forever tagging around wherever I go. I can’t even have a breath of fresh air around her, I want to leave her!”

    “Don’t say that. She’s the person you love the most…”

    “Tiantian, that’s what the others say, but it’s not true. Don’t you get it? The one I love… is you!”

    “But… it’s a little late for us to… let’s not talk about this, alright?”

    “Sure. I’ll stop. But please don’t refuse my help. Let me help you just this once, okay?”

    “You don’t have to do this much for me.”

    Ning Meng was in awe as she watched this real-life soap drama speechlessly.

    This Su Tiantian… all she needed to do was to show an ambiguous attitude, and that was enough to make Li Haojie a complete simpleton! What a devious white lotus1!

    Thinking this, Ning Meng let out a snigger.

    “Who’s that?!”

    It seemed that she was found out by Li Haojie and Su Tiantian. Putting her phone into her pocket, Ning Meng walked out of hiding.

    Su Tiantian eyed her and carefully asked, “What have you heard from us earlier?”

    Oh, so she was intimidated?

    Just as Ning Meng was about to retort, she could hear someone call out from behind her. “Haojie, what are you doing here?”

    It was Zhen Shanmei, walking toward them from afar. When she saw Su Tiantian, she quickly frowned. This made Li Haojie nervous, and he instinctively stood in front of Su Tiantian, wanting to protect her.

    Li Haojie quickly came up with a sly scheme. He looked at Zhen Shanmei in the eye and said, “Shanmei! Thank God you’re here. Look at your so-called friend. She was confessing her love for me just now, wanting to stir up trouble if I didn’t reciprocate her feelings.”


    The love-stricken Zhen Shanmei, as expected, was provoked! Her face instantly turned into one that was akin to an ogre’s, and she lunged at Ning Meng. “Arrgghh! Ning Meng! I’ll kill you!”