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Chapter 87 - A Customer Is Consulting

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 87: A Customer Is Consulting

    Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio

    Su Cha spent her weekend finishing embroidery. The new week began in a blink.

    Before she took morning classes, she looked at her auction product on the Pet Cat shopping site.

    Apparently, as a nameless new seller, her shop and her T-shirt, priced 1000 yuan (around $140), were neither asked about nor viewed at.

    Pet Cat shopping site showed the number of purchases and views. Before the product was sold, it could tell how many people had viewed it.

    Not only did Pet Cat shopping site make a disappointing start, but also Su Cha’s video flopped quickly on Meiyin. Except for a like from a stranger, it received no comment.

    The video was destined to flop as no one had watched or commented throughout the night.

    Su Cha did not lose faith. She believed that good things would not come easy. It would be unrealistic if everything went well from the start.

    She went to school for class. Her headmaster He Qun carried a pile of exam papers into the classroom and put them on the platform the minute the class began. Many students started to moan.


    He Qun cleared her throat and went on, “I’ve told you yesterday. Today is the last test to prepare you for the national college entrance exam. We’ll test the main subjects today and the rest tomorrow. The papers are based on past exams and carefully composed by your teachers. They are very similar to the real ones. If you can score high this time, you can do so in the real exam this year! Commissary of Studies, come here and hand out the papers!”

    Le Anqi complained about the papers in He Qun’s hands, “Tests again!”

    The senior students had been either reviewing their schoolwork or taking tests each day. Since it was the last test before the official exam, the students started to answer the questions attentively after they complained.

    The test was not very serious. He Qun invigilated them from the platform, but she would not notice it if students copied from others from time to time. Most students respected the rules as the test was preparing them for the real exam. Even if they cheated now, they couldn’t do so in the real one.

    Many students understood this and concentrated on their own papers.

    The first main subject was Chinese.

    Su Cha scanned the papers. She was not good at Chinese in the past, but after she spent her last life in ancient times, she now felt familiar with the bookish sentences. The passages written in classical Chinese had especially become a piece of cake for Su Cha. She could understand the meanings of their themes and words easily.

    Writing required time to work on a theme, which was a little difficult.

    Other than that, Su Cha did not feel stressed about the Chinese papers.

    Su Cha spent one and a half hours finishing the papers and the rest one-hour double-checking.

    After they handed in the papers, Le Anqi complained, “It was hard. I couldn’t understand the classical Chinese passage at the end…”

    Su Cha felt her phone vibrating. She took it out and saw the message sent by Pet Cat Shopping Site.

    [Meow. Hello, my store owner. We have a customer consulting now~]

    The message told sellers who were offline that there were customers sending messages to the store.

    Su Cha’s personal store was in lack of online customer service. She could not apply for intelligent customer service at the moment, as it required a certain level of the seller.

    Su Cha was startled by this message. She logged on the Pet Cat shopping site’s app immediately.