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Chapter 130 - Ten-mile Long Dowry For Her

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 130: Ten-mile Long Dowry For Her

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    Qianmo happened to be alone at home when Yu Changmo came over. Mu Mianmian had gone to the market for groceries. She thought she was hallucinating when she opened the door and saw him.

    She couldn’t even get him on the phone that afternoon.

    She was as beautiful as she was a few days ago. No, even more beautiful.

    Yu Changmo took a quick look and shifted his gaze before his phobia could act up.

    “I have something in my car.”

    Qianmo opened the door and watched him carry four boxes into her yard. They didn’t look very heavy, so she wanted to help him move one. But he gently pushed her aside.

    “You go in and sit.”

    The hardworking man couldn’t let her lift weights.

    Qianmo was curious after he placed all the things inside. She opened up a corner of the box to take a quick look and then closed it again.

    “Isn’t this a little too much?”

    This guy was really trying his best to fawn on her dad… unabashedly sucking up.

    The box was full of good cigarettes and fine liquors, which were all her father’s favorite.

    Qianmo could even imagine her dear father smiling brightly and politely saying after he opened up a box. Then, he would open it fully. He would be a typical “reject verbally but gladly accept physically” case.

    “My mom had me bring them.” Yu Changmo looked directly ahead. He sat up straight on the sofa and refused to look at Qianmo.

    If one didn’t know better, they would think that he had come to supervise and check on his subordinates. It was good that Qianmo didn’t mind at all.

    “Comrade Yu Changmo, are you buttering up my father because you have an ulterior motive?” Qianmo had thought for a month on how to confess to him.

    In the end, she couldn’t help teasing him instead when she saw him behaving so prim and proper.

    “I would like to invite you to a movie,” he said to the TV set in her living room. His heart was already racing like a horse.

    He very much wanted to take a closer look at her. However, he wouldn’t be able to state his real purpose if he continued to look at her since they were sitting so close together.

    Besides, such a direct invitation was definitely his style.

    Qianmo stood up and walked upstairs. Yu Changmo was so panicked that he clenched his fists.

    “I am going to change. You are buying me dinner tonight.”

    Yu Changmo heaved a long sigh of relief.

    He had to confess to her his feelings tonight. He even had set a small target. One had to have a dream as one could maybe turn it into reality.

    . Qianmo was also swearing in her heart secretly.

    She had been studying Yu Changmo’s illness in detail in the past few days. She eventually achieved the same diagnosis as Chen Meng and President Qian.

    Of course, it wasn’t as direct.

    Mu Mianmian saw the young man sitting properly in her living room when she came home after shopping. She thought she had walked into the wrong house and took a second look to confirm it was indeed hers…

    “Hello, Little Aunt!” Yu Changmo stood at attention. Mu Mianmian quickly put down her groceries.

    “Hi! Little Yu, you are here. Have you eaten—Ai, you should have just come empty-handed. Why do you bring things along?”

    She saw the few boxes in the living room immediately, saying a few niceties.

    “My parents had me bring these local specialties along. My mother sent her regards to you.”

    He was a pretty normal and capable young man as long as he didn’t have to face Qianmo.

    Mu Mianmian nodded and said a few superficial words. Maybe it was her first impression, but she always found Yu Changmo better than others.

    Qianmo came down after changing. Mu Mianmian noticed instantly that Qianmo, who had never applied makeup before, had used lipstick. It was even those nude color lipstick that was meant to seduce.

    Fortunately, Chen Baichuan wasn’t at home now, or else, he would have flipped out.

    How much a girl liked the guy was proportionate to the attention she paid on her clothing, especially for a girl like Qianmo who didn’t fancy dressing up usually.

    “We will not be having dinner tonight, Little Aunt.” Qianmo walked over and held onto Yu Changmo’s arm. She was very natural when she did that simple action, but the man next to her was stiff as a board.


    Mu Mianmian’s eyes were glued to Qianmo’s arms. “It’s okay not to eat dinner at home, but you have to come home to sleep. Otherwise, you can’t answer to your dad.”

    As a parent, she should have gone up and shouted “let go, let go”, upon witnessing this scene. However, when Mu Mianmian noticed the guy was even more nervous than her niece, she couldn’t make herself reprimand them.

    “Alright, I know. I am still not that inhuman to attack an innocent teenage boy. Am I right, teenage boy?” Qianmo gently pulled Yu Changmo with a smile.

    Actually, Black was thinking

    Little Aunt shook her head after Qianmo dragged Yu Changmo out of the door.

    “Did we bring up a daughter or a son?”

    Why did she feel Little Yu was the one who should worry about his hymen…

    She casually opened a box that Yu Changmo brought, and she was “petrified”!

    This whole box was full of cigarettes—fine cigarettes!

    She opened another box. It was filled with famous liquors and all sorts of tonic.

    “This chap… is he really a locksmith? Or does he sell liquors and cigarettes?”

    Although she couldn’t read the English words on them, she could recognize the brand. Qianmo was obviously too young to use these; therefore, they were meant for her?

    “His family background is not bad. But we are also not the kind of people who sell their children…” Little Aunt said as she opened a box of the eye cream that she had window-shopped for a long time but couldn’t bring herself to buy.

    “However, this chap is really a nice guy, and he treats our Momo well.” Little Aunt was brainwashing herself.

    In the car, Qianmo patted her little purse. “I only brought 2 dollars.”

    Therefore, this purse was purely ornamental.

    Black was very street smart and said, “It’s more than enough.”

    Of course, he wouldn’t let the girl spend money on a date with him.

    “So, you intend to bribe my family members, then pollute my pure heart with expensive gifts?” Teasing him was very addictive.

    Yu Changmo almost lost control of the steering wheel. He finally thought of a suitable answer to this tricky question after a while. “You are much more valuable. Those are just courtesy presents for the first meeting.”

    Qianmo had wanted to continue teasing him if she had not seen the redness at the base of his ears that betrayed his emotions. Considering that he was driving and for both of their safety, she had better keep her silence.

    He asked her where they should go for dinner, and Qianmo deliberately said anywhere. He didn’t utter anything anymore after that.

    Qianmo wasn’t surprised at all when the car stopped at her favorite restaurant, feeling a tinge of sweetness in her heart.

    Even though he couldn’t say lots of flowery words like normal people in love, his utmost consideration and extreme observation had already made up for that.

    “Will this place do?” he asked Qianmo, who nodded. She didn’t rush to get off the car when he opened the door; instead, she gave him her hand.

    He hesitated for a moment, took in a deep breath, and then firmly grabbed hold of her hand. He shall overcome his fear, starting from these little steps.