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Chapter 130 - Sign the contract and I will tell you

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 130: Sign the contract and I will tell you

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo did not walk towards his mark immediately. Instead, he motioned for his caddie to place the golf ball at the black tee marker, being the point with the longest yardage for that hole.

    “What are you doing, Chairman Xiao?”

    Fang Changlei contemptuously questioned the move. He didn’t try to hide his look of belittlement and jocose as if he was watching a jester entertaining his audience. Regardless of what Xiao Luo tried, Fang couldn’t see how Xiao could recover his position against Zhang Hongda’s lead. He found Xiao Luo’s action t hilarious!

    Xiao Luo didn’t bother to respond to Fang Changlei’s derision. Stepping into the tee box, he took his driver from his caddie and walked towards his tee.

    Zhang Hongda asked the steward for a change of teapot to brew a fresh round of tea. Zhang was brimming with confidence, sipping slowly from his teacup with a deep sense of satisfaction. Halfway through the course and there was no way Xiao Luo could even come close to his score. What a way to Luo’s Workshop over a game of golf. He couldn’t hide his glee.

    DING. Congratulations! You’ve acquired the Golf Skills, at the cost of five hundred points!”

    The system’s digital voice notification spoke in Xiao Luo’s cyber-enhanced mind.

    As the wind started to pick up, the fringe of his hair tossed about in a flurry, and his microfiber golf top billowed like ripples in a fast-flowing stream. The golf club felt natural to him as he closed his hands around the grip with his fingers locked. He looked at the hole a long distance away, the flag fluttering furiously. He checked the windage, then keeping his eyes on the ball, he raised his club back, before it came down in a smooth arc to make clean contact with the ball. He held his pose as his weight transferred to his leading foot in his follow-through.

    He was in total control of the shot.


    The sheer speed of his club carried the white ball in a great distance, sailing handsomely over the fairway and high towards its intended target. It narrowly missed the sand bunker as it bounced and landed once onto the green.

    It all happened so silently and unexpectedly but extremely clean!

    The ball rolled with the momentum, and, to everyone’s astonishment, it dropped into the hole. It was a hole in one!

    The caddie was stunned, his jaw-dropping in pure disbelief. The ground staff joined him, wearing looks of astonishment at the sheer audacity of the stroke.

    Luo Qi rubbed her eyes, shouted with uninhibited excitement. She didn’t understand the game, but she knew that he did something spectacular. She swooned, “It’s in, the big boss had sent the ball into the hole with just one swing!”

    Xu Guansong, standing just beside her, blinked several times unintentionally, unable to digest what had just taken place.

    Both Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei Stood frozen. The smile that was so recently on their faces disappeared altogether. In their minds, they seemed to be saying the same thing, “What the f*ck?”

    However, this was just a beginning.

    Without breaking a step, Xiao Luo was already on his way to the next hole. Backswing, downswing, contact, follow through. PING. The same thing happened there, another hole in one!

    One shot, one hole!

    Moving down the course, he proceeded to ace the next hole, then the next one, and the next, over and over again. He made it look so easy that it seemed like he didn’t even need to look at the ball.

    Luo Qi was now hysterical and couldn’t stop shouting, “The second ball in the hole, the third ball in the hole, the fourth ball is still in the hole! Oh my gosh, the big boss’s super cool!”

    Everyone on the course was astonished and had their eyes and mouths wide open with awe.

    Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei, on the other hand, looked like they had just consumed some ten catty of sh*t. At every shot, Xiao Luo made their hearts beat severely. When Xiao Luo aced his fifth hole in one, the teacup slipped from Zhang Hongda’s hand, spilling the hot tea all over the floor.

    Nobody could tell if it was the sound of shattering teacup that startled Fang Changlei, but his pipe slipped from his mouth fell on the ground almost simultaneously.

    Five consecutive balls, and all aces!

    Was this even possible?

    It was impossible, as common sense would dictate!

    However, the impossible did happen, and it happened right in front of everybody’s motherf*cking eyes. Were their eyes playing tricks on them? Was this even a motherf*cking game of golf? How was it conceivable that he could land the ball right into a hole nearly three hundred meters away, hitting a tiny golf ball with a diameter of just over 40 millimeters? Even the master of the game could not match such skill, surely.

    “All five of the balls, they…they were all holes in one?” Xu Guansong was still reeling from Xiao Luo’s comeback. It just seemed surreal to him at that point in time.

    “Yes, they were all in! The big boss’s so cool, haha…” Luo Qi was so thrilled, hopping around like she was the one who aced all five of the balls. In her heart, Xiao Luo was one super cool dude.

    Xiao Luo returned the club in the bag slung behind the caddie’s back. He then turned around and walked towards Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei’s, a broad smile on his face.

    All eyes were on him!

    He caught everyone’s imagination. A tall mountain of a man, in the minds of everybody present at the course. Everywhere he went, eyes followed.

    He pulled a chair and sat opposite Zhang Hongda. Smiling, he said, “Chairman Zhang, are we still competing?”

    Zhang Hongda and Fang Changlei kept silent, perhaps at a loss for words. But their faces told a story, it seemed to say, “Still competing? You had already f*cking hit all five aces, what was the point in continue competing?”

    They were utterly crushed and had lost any chance of winning!

    Staring blankly at Xiao Luo for an uncomfortably long time, Zhang Hongda finally gave in and declared. “I concede defeat,” he said with a pale face.

    “You little as*hole, did you play dumb and purposely trick me into this?”

    Losing his calm, Fang Changlei stood up, spewing a copious flow of invective at Xiao Luo. It was entirely against the run of play. Not only had he now lost the eight million order from the Fuke Group, but he also lost a five million side bet with Xiao. It was too much to bear!

    “You fell right into the trap I set, and this only shows that you’re as dumb as a pig!”

    Without any modesty, Xiao Luo took the five million on the table and put it in his pocket. He was here to deal with the Fuke Group, but as providence would have it, he was now leaving with much more than he had expected.

    Fang Changlei’s mouth started twitched a little, his face was dark, and he was grinding his teeth so hard, it made an audible screeching sound.

    Before he could say a word, Xiao Luo taunted and said, “Could it be that the formidable future big boss of the company cannot afford to lose five million?”


    Unbridled anger raged within Fang Changlei, making him almost spit out blood.

    At this point, Zhang Hongda stood up and bowed deeply to Fang Changlei. He said apologetically, “Brother Fang, I’m so sorry for this, I did not expect it to turn out this way. I…I’m so sorry for this year’s order.”

    His face bore the pain of defeat, just like a rooster who had lost a fight.

    It never once occurred to him that Xiao Luo who have such talent in playing golf. If he had not witnessed it personally, he would slap anyone who dared to say he consecutively aced five holes in one!

    Fang Changleiclenched his fist unconsciously, he had never felt this crestfallen before today. The way the game was going, he was cocksure that Zhang Hongda would acquire Luo’s Workshop in a single stroke. But the outcome was unexpected. He could still find ways to make trouble if it had not happened, given countless witnesses and video recordings. To think that he was the instrument behind this folly, convincing Zhang Hongda to bet his orders against Xiao Luo.

    He banged on the table angrily and viciously, and he said to Xiao Luo, “I’ll take back whatever I’ve lost, twice the amount! We shall see!”

    With that, he grunted and left with his group of people. He was so infuriated that he was swearing as he walked away. Any sense of dignity, befitting that of a chairman of a successful company, lost with the bet.

    “Chairman Zhang, we should talk about the orders in detail!” Xiao Luo said, smiling at Zhang Hongda.

    Zhang Hongda wore an ironic smile, trying hard to hide his resentment. To anyone looking, he looked almost creepy. He had always looked down on Xiao Luo, seeing him as a young and inexperienced child, just finding his way in the business world. He had paid such a heavy price for it.

    “How the heck did you ace all five balls?”

    He couldn’t place a finger on Xiao Luo’s unbelievable performance. Luck was out of the question, but if the skill was the factor, he could quickly take on the likes of Tiger Woods.

    “Sign the contract, and I’ll tell you.” Xiao Luo said with an enigmatic smile.