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Chapter 125 - What An Embarrassment!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 125: What An Embarrassment!

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    Instinctively, Li Haojie lunged toward Ning Meng, wanting to snatch the phone out of her hand.

    Ning Meng took a step backward, evading Li Haojie’s snatch. Before he was able to make another move, Zhen Shanmei had rushed to Ning Meng’s side and asked, “What video?”

    Su Tiantian had also realized what the video was about. She raised her voice to warn Ning Meng. “Ning Meng! You have no right to take videos of others like this! You have violated my portrait right! This is illegal!”

    Ning Meng smirked smugly at her. “Oh, I see~ then sue me.”

    Following this, she played the video in front of Zhen Shanmei.

    Every word that could be heard from the video was like a sharp knife stabbing mercilessly into Zhen Shanmei’s heart. She stared at Li Haojie in disbelief.

    Ugly makeup…? But he had been the one who said that everyone in the music industry liked to wear this gothic-style makeup. Due to this, she had become a laughingstock among the nobles. They had said that Zhen Shanmei was a disgrace, not knowing how to act like a proper maiden.

    Yet, she did not mind it. She thought… if Li Haojie liked her in this kind of makeup, so be it.

    Tagging around wherever he went? She could still remember the time when her father passed on his company to her, she had been busy with business every day. During that time, Li Haojie had said that she was always so far away from him—it was like the distance between a queen and a peasant. Thus, she had decided to quit her father’s company, accompanying Li Haojie to every single song recording.

    Li Haojie, when he had been on stage that day, he had said that there was a person who had been by his side, adoring and loving him. However, the name that came out of his mouth was not her! But that was not true!  was the one who had been accompanying him… supporting him from the start!

    Then, there was that one time! Li Haojie had offended a very influential music producer. That producer had more power and influence than the Zhen Family, and so, her father had been unwilling to help. Zhen Shanmei was the one who had headed to the producer’s office and gulped down an entire bottle of whiskey, resulting in her suffering gastrointestinal bleeding. After seeing her lying on the hospital bed, the producer had finally decided to forgive Li Haojie…

    Zhen Shanmei clenched a fist onto her chest as she started to hyperventilate.

    Why… Why…??!

    Li Haojie… this man had promised her again and again, that he would love her for all eternity. And yet…!!

    Then, she suddenly realized something and dashed toward Su Tiantian.


    After landing a huge resounding slap on Su Tiantian’s face, Zhen Shanmei yelled, “You! It must be you! You’re the one who seduced him!”

    Li Haojie hurriedly grabbed her hand. “Zhen Shanmei! Are you crazy?!”

    After regaining her composure, Su Tiantian raised her hand, wanting to slap Zhen Shanmei back. Of course, Ning Meng saw this. She quickly grabbed Su Tiantian’s wrist and raised her voice, “Just what do you think you’re doing?”

    Seeing that Su Tiantian intended to retaliate, Zhen Shanmei started to become hysterical. “You want to hit me?! How dare you, you hoe! I’ll kill you!!”

    Unfortunately, she was not as strong as Li Haojie, unable to free herself from him.

    Naturally, this resulted in more struggles and louder noise, attracting other people from the TV station to come over.

    Seeing that so many people were coming over, Su Tiantian feared that the media would catch wind of this and start reporting this scandal. She stood up straight and loudly proclaimed, “Ms. Zhen, please understand this. I have nothing to do with any of this!”

    Li Haojie, who had already lost his temper, pushed Zhen Shanmei onto the ground. “Don’t you think you have done enough?!”

    Zhen Shanmei was stunned.

    “Look at you! A piece of vileness full of envy. Rude. Barbaric. Don’t you have any self-awareness of being a daughter of a noble? What an embarrassment!”

    Seeing the love of her life belittling her like this, Zhen Shanmei started to choke in tears. The crowd started to gossip, criticizing her. She wanted to defend herself but she seemed to have lost her strength.


    “Embarrassment? Just who is the embarrassment?!”

    Ning Meng yelled out angrily.