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Chapter 102 - Want To Take Revenge (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 102: Want To Take Revenge (2)

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    Su Ziqian didn’t want to have any dealings with people like Pang Hai. However… she remembered the humiliation she had to endure because of Xu Weilai. She also remembered the perks that came with the extremely enticing position of Mrs. Gu. Hence, she gritted her teeth and replied, “You can make the arrangements!”


    Xu Weilai had been focusing her efforts on investigating Pang Hai for the past few days.

    When he first started out, Pang Hai was just a local gangster. He entered an organization and gained the boss’s favor because of his formidable combat skills and his ruthless manner of handling things. He was then promoted to the second most powerful position within the organization. After the boss of the organization died in a fight, he naturally became the next boss!

    He took over the organization and created a company from it. Slowly, bit by bit, he legalized the things the organization was doing and started doing proper businesses. Last year, he was even given the title of an outstanding entrepreneur.

    In recent times, his image progressively became more and more positive. But, according to the information given by Xu Weilai’s superiors, he did many illegal businesses secretly. For instance, he operated an underground gambling den. However, no one had gotten their hands on any evidence against him yet!

    There was someone managing his underground gambling den. Every month, that person would give him monthly reports about the den’s business and developments. Xu Weilai found out that next Friday, the person had arranged to meet Pang Hai at a club!

    As long as she was able to get hold of the content of their conversation, she would be able to prove that Pang Hai was running underground gambling dens. After releasing the scandalous news to the public, her mission would be completed and she could get a huge amount of money as her reward!

    Friday, at the club.

    Xu Weilai bribed an attendant and changed into her attire. Then, she took the alcohol and walked towards the private room. She had asked about the private room beforehand.

    She knocked and entered. Immediately, she saw Pang Hai who was sitting right in the middle of the sofa. His appearance was very rough and he looked vicious. There was a long scar on his face too. It was rumored that he was slashed while saving his boss in the past! His body was thick and bulky. The muscles on his arms were thicker than her legs!

    The private room was extremely noisy. Pang Hai’s men were either drinking or playing drinking games. There were many women surrounding them as well. Xu Weilai quickly scanned the room. She took note of where Pang Hai and the manager of the gambling den were sitting.

    Xu Weilai breathed lightly and mustered her strength. She smiled and walked in.

    She placed the alcohol on the table and squatted down. She took out the bottle opener and started removing the bottle caps one by one. Then, as she got up, she stuck the pinhole camera she had been holding in her hand under the table skillfully. The camera was pointed directly at Pang Hai and the manager of the gambling den!

    After completing all that she needed to do, she got up nonchalantly and said in a low voice, “Please enjoy!” Then, she turned and left the private room.

    Pang Hai and his gang drank until midnight. They hugged their ladies and left the club. Xu Weilai hung around in a corner and watched as everyone left. She waited for the other attendants to clear the room. When the attendants left, she glanced around to make sure that there was no one around. She quickly walked towards the room and sneaked inside swiftly. She closed the door behind her.

    She rushed to the table and squatted down, stretching her hand while feeling for the camera. She removed the camera and stuck it inside her sleeve!

    She had to leave the place as soon as possible. Xu Weilai got up and ran to the door.

    Suddenly, the doors of the private room were pushed open forcefully. The door slammed into the wall beside it and made a huge sound. Pang Hai had returned. His tall and imposing body entered the room while staring at her sinisterly.

    He lifted the corners of his lips. The scar on his face moved too. It was frightening.

    “Stupid paparazzi. How dare you scheme against me? I think that you have a death wish!”

    Xu Weilai decisively fished out her phone and hid it behind her. She quickly dialed the number of her superior’s assistant. At the same time, she immediately started to run!

    But, Pang Hai was skilled at martial arts. Hence, his reaction was fast as well. He raised his hand and grabbed Xu Weilai by her hair, dragging her backward forcefully!

    When he noticed her attempt to dial someone for assistance, he sneered. He snatched her phone and slammed it against the wall. Xu Weilai was also shoved onto the sofa!