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Chapter 111 - Senior Ronghui

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 111: Senior Ronghui

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    This senior, who was bathed in glory, had started to approach Wen Xuehui since she was in her freshman year and started to court her officially during the second semester of her freshman year.

    In the past life before Jiang Yao’s rebirth, Li Ronghui was Wen Xuehui’s first love and also the only man whom Wen Xuehui liked. However, it was Li Ronghui who hurt Wen Xuehui as if he wanted to skin her and crush her bones. Eventually, Wen Xuehui chose to follow Jiang Yao to a poor village to mend her broken heart.

    No matter how radiant and glorious Li Ronghui was in the students’ hearts, in Jiang Yao’s heart, Li Ronghui was no better than Zhao Zhuangzong.

    Both of their hearts were like deep waters, and they were scumbags who were good at taking advantage of others.

    Thinking of the young and vivacious Wen Xuehui, and recalling the sorrowful person before her rebirth, Jiang Yao vowed to herself that she would certainly not let Wen Xuehui drown herself into the imaginary happiness weaved out by that scumbag during her return this time.

    So, the first step would be preventing Wen Xuehui from meeting Li Ronghui.

    Wen Xuehui and Jiang Yao were walking and not long after, they saw a shop selling soup noodles. Wen Xuehui brought Jiang Yao into the shop while introducing, “This shop is the oldest one in the university. They use soup stock for the soup of the noodles and it is very fragrant. This shop’s best seller would be their noodles, they’re a specialty of the owner’s hometown.”

    While they were talking, the owner saw both of them coming in. It was obviously the owner and Wen Xuehui knew each other quite well. When the owner saw Wen Xuehui, she greeted her, “Little girl is back!”

    “Have you forgotten that I’m in my freshman year this year? I’m going to visit more often in the future!” Wen Xuehui smiled at the plump owner, then brought Jiang Yao to an empty space and ordered two bowls of noodles.

    After they sat down, Jiang Yao looked around. Surprisingly and coincidentally, she saw her two other roommates, Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu. They were both accompanied by their families and they were from the same hometown, so they had already known each other. They had a lot to talk about and chit-chatted excitedly when they were eating together. The whole shop was filled with their laughter and conversation.

    But as they were speaking in their local dialect in their conversation, Jiang Yao did not understand what they were talking about.

    Perhaps Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui were too obvious. As freshmen, other freshmen would surely be curious about them as they greeted the owner in such a casual way.

    That was why when Jiang Yao looked at them, they were coincidently observing Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui.

    Jiang Yao could not possibly greet them at this time, so she pretended that she did not see them. She lowered her head and talked to Wen Xuehui. Naturally, Wen Xuehui asked Jiang Yao about where her hometown was. When she knew it was just the neighbouring county which required only a few hours’ journey, she smiled. “That’s close by. If you miss home, you can return home during the weekends.”

    She had never thought about how boarding the train home required money as she had always been loaded since young. To Wen Xuehui, Jiang Yao did not seem straitened either.

    “If you’re not going back home this weekend, I can take you around Nanjiang City to admire our awesome scenery.” Wen Xuehui was getting more and more excited. “We don’t need to go to school on Saturdays, so you can stay at my house! Oh by the way, I have not told you that my dad is our university’s vice-chancellor. Don’t be too shocked if you come to my house.”

    Jiang Yao put on a surprised look on her face to amuse Wen Xuehui. She leaned on the table and laughed out loud. Jiang Yao felt a certain warmth within, as Wen Xuehui treated her like her buddy even though they had just met. That was why she was willing to tell her that she was the vice-chancellor’s daughter.

    The atmosphere between them was just nice. Suddenly, a figure appeared behind Jiang Yao.