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Chapter 446 - I Have One More Thing To Sell!

Medical Master
     “What is that?”

    “A bead?”

    Seeing Fang Qiu take out the black bead, everyone felt confused.

    Why did he take out a bead?

    How much would a bead be worth?

    However, just when everyone felt stunned, a shout came.

    “Earth Bead… is this Earth Bead?”

    They looked around.

    A middle-aged man fixed his eyes on the fruit in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    “That’s right.”

    Fang Qiu immediately nodded and said, “This is the Earth Treasure ranked 10th, Earth Bead!”

    His words immediately stunned everyone present.

    “Is that Earth Bead? The Earth Treasure ranked 10th and heard only in the legend?”

    “Holy cow! He’s got another Earth Treasure?”

    “A Earth Treasure ranked 10th… he should have such a thing?”

    Not only the audience below the stage, but also Xuan Yiqing on the stage couldn’t help feeling surprised at the sight of Earth Bead.


    Xuan Yiqing looked at Fang Qiu and said, “Though the Earth Bead is rare, it can’t possibly be sold at 22 million.”

    Fang Qiu said, “I’ve got 10 million in my card.”

    Xuan Yiqing shook his head and said, “It can’t be sold at 10 million either.”

    Fang Qiu said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll have whatever a price it’s sold at.”

    Xuan Yiqing nodded and signaled the old man beside him to fetch the Earth Bead. “Alright… then.”


    When the Earth Bead was presented on the stage, Xuan Yiqing performed a hold fist salute to everyone present and said, “I didn’t expect something like this to happen today either. Please forgive us. Now the auction has already ended. You can leave at any time if you need to. Of course, you’re also welcome if you’re willing to continue to stay and bid at our auction.”

    Below the stage, everyone was enthusiastically discussing.

    None of them left.

    He must be joking.

    It was not every day that they would run into such a good show. How would they leave so easily?

    Furthermore, what was up next was Earth Bead!

    Though the fruit couldn’t compare to the previous Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf, it was, after all, relatively rare in all the Heaven and Earth Treasures. Moreover, it had very unique effects. Therefore, many people were estimated to bid.

    Anyway, it’s already this late. Everyone was willing to stay for the show.

    “Next, I’ll personally hold the next auction.”

    Seeing no one had left, Xuan Yiqing immediately nodded to the audience with a grateful smile and then said, “The lot is this Earth Bead.

    “I’m sure everyone has known about the background, effect, and other features of the Earth Bead. So I’ll skip the introduction.

    “Because it’s put up just now, we don’t have a reserve price for the lot.”

    Xuan Yiqing opened his mouth. “Now let us begin. Please bid!”

    One of them immediately said, “500 thousand.”

    Another one bid. “500 thousand for an Earth Bead? Wishful thinking. One million.”

    “1.5 million.”

    “1.8 million.”

    “2 million!”

    After all, it was an Earth Treasure ranked 10th, plus the audience consisted of Wulin people.

    In front of such a huge temptation and alluring thing, how could these Wulin people resist?

    They immediately started to fight for it.

    In the competition, the price of Earth Bead also soared.

    In a blink of an eye, it reached 2 million.

    Soon after, it became 4 million.

    After a few minutes, the price of the Earth Bead was 4.5 million.

    Of course, this was merely a price when everyone’s trying to suppress it.

    After all, they all knew that Fang Qiu was now short of money and he would sell at whatever a price.

    However, being allured by the Earth Treasure ranked 10th, they still lost themselves and brought the price to 4.5 million.

    The price really suited the lot.

    The auction ended.

    Xuan Yiqing looked at Fang Qiu and slowly said, “You’ve got 10 million in your hands. With the selling of Earth Bead, you’ll have 14.5 million. You’ll still need 7.5 million. When you deduct the premium, the gap will be even wider.”

    Fang Qiu calmly replied. “I have one more thing to sell.”

    Hearing that, the audience became stunned!

    Could he have another Earth Treasure?

    He Gaoming had been nervously standing beside Fang Qiu. Now, he also became surprised.

    When they headed off, he didn’t see John Doe packing many items.

    When everyone felt stunned and confused, Fang Qiu turned his wrist around and took out a notebook.

    Fang Qiu asked, “This is the leveling-up experience of a man comparable to a guru when he broke through from fourth-class to fifth-class Martial Superior level. I wonder how much this is worth.”

    Just as he finished, the audience first fell silent.

    Then, all kinds of shocked voices thunderously rang.

    “Leveling-up experience?”

    “Heck. Experience from an expert comparable to a guru. If that’s true, it’ll really be amazing!”

    “It’s not just cultivation experience. The leveling-up experience is much more amazing than a normal cultivation experience.”

    “I remember that once there was a fifth-class Martial Superior’s cultivation experience, and it’s sold for 4 million. This is the experience from a guru-like expert, and it’s leveling-up experience. It must be more expensive than the previous one!”

    “Yeah. Martial Superior’s leveling-up isn’t that easy. With the experience, it’ll be much easier.”

    “It’s completely an urgent necessity for fourth-class martial Superiors.”

    Everyone was discussing it. In the remarks and discussions, the value of the experience book causally kept rising.

    It was just at that time.


    Ling Tianxiao suddenly snorted and said in disdain, “If you said he’s like a guru, will that be the truth? Who knows if it’s fake or true?”

    Hearing that, everyone nodded in agreement.

    Xuan Yiqing asked, “Are you sure the experience book is real?”

    Fang Qiu nodded very positively. “I’ sure.”

    What a joke.

    He himself was a real guru.

    The experience book came from him. If this wasn’t even true, then what was?


    Xuan Yiqing instantly nodded and said, “Everyone. Please stay seated. I’ll have this verified.”

    Soon, the head steward stepped off the stage to where Fang Qiu was. After taking the book, he directly went backstage.

    Behind the curtains, the steward took the experience book to an elder, who had been sitting cross–legged all the time.

    The steward said, “Sir, please verify.”


    The elder man opened his eyes and nodded. He took the notebook and opened it to carefully read for a while. Then, he nodded and said, “The man who wrote this is no weaker than me. Judging from the quality of the experience, the book can increase the rate of one’s advancing from fourth class to fifth class at least by 50%!”

    Soon, the steward returned to the auction stage with the book.

    He told everything the expert backstage said to Xuan Yiqing.

    Below the stage, everyone was looking forward to the answer.

    Xuan Yiqing announced. “After our verification, I’m telling you that the notebook is real. And the book can increase your rate of leveling up from fourth-class to fifth-class Martial Superior level by 50%.”

    After that, everyone present was shocked!

    No one expected the experience book to be true!

    Among them, without a doubt, Ling Tianxiao felt the most shocked.

    He had been craving the Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf and came up with many ways to destroy Fang Qiu’s auction so that he could regain an opportunity to buy it.

    However, who knew that Fang Qiu could set things up for auction one after another? Ling Tianxiao couldn’t even possibly stop him.

    “1 million!”

    When Ling Tianxiao was feeling resentful on his own, the auction had started.

    “1.1 million.”

    “1.5 million!”

    “2 million!”

    This time, thought the experience was specifically designed for fourth-class Martial Superiors. That being said, after making sure the experience was real, everyone present stopped holding back and started to bid one after another.

    It was like the previous one.

    The price quickly rose.

    Though the amount didn’t match that of the Earth Bead, many people were still bidding.

    After all, everyone wanted to level up their strength deep down.

    Those below the fourth-class Martial Superior level thought they might break through to fourth-class level in the future, and they could use it as a stepping-stone to a fifth-class level at that time.

    Those who had enough power or above fifth-class level didn’t want to miss it either. After, it’s rare, and they might not bump into one in a few decades. They wouldn’t lose anything if they bought it. Even if they couldn’t use it, it would still be nice to leave it to their juniors.

    It was after three minutes.

    The bid had rose to five million.

    Ling Tianxiao had been frowning before that. At that time, he suddenly seemed to think of something. His eyes lit up and he swooshed up and shouted. “Everyone!”

    Hearing the shout, everyone turned around to see him.

    Ling Tianxiao gave a hold fist salute with a smile and said, “This won’t work out if we continue to bid. This is not a consumable item, instead, it’s duplicable. How about this? Now, I’ll offer 5.1 million and you don’t bid anymore. After the auction, I’ll copy the book and give it to all of you at a price of 90 thousand each. How about that?”

    He had already calculated this.

    There were 50 to 60 people present. If everyone bought it at a price of 90 thousand, he would get nearly 5 million.

    No matter for him or the audience present, it was the best.

    They heard this.

    “90 thousand for an experience book. It’s a real bargain!”

    “He didn’t ask for much. If everyone buys one, he’ll get less than 5 million.”

    “It’s a good idea and we can all stop fighting.”

    “I agree.”

    “Me too. Anyway, it won’t be a secret in the future. As long as we can share it, there’s not a problem.”

    At the same time, hearing their discussions, Ling Tianxiao smugly smiled.

    He was already at the fifth-class level and even was about to reach a sixth-class level. Therefore, he didn’t need the book Fang Qiu put up for auction at all.

    The reason why he did this was to cut off Fang Qiu’s money resources, to stop Fang Qiu from buying the Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf!

    “5.1 million first.”

    On the stage, Xuan Yiqing bitterly smiled.

    He also hoped that Fang Qiu’s lots could sell at a higher price to at least make up for the 20 million gap. However, who knew that Ling Tianxiao could act to such an extent.

    He could act so boldly.

    Unfortunately, though he was the auctioneer, the auction was put up temporarily. It wasn’t a proper auction. Therefore, even Ling Tianxiao acted so boldly, he couldn’t say anything to stop and only watched on.

    Xuan Yiqing shouted. “5.1 million second.”

    Below the stage, no one made a sound.

    Everyone had agreed on the price.

    When they could buy it at 90 thousand, why having it exclusively at a price 100 times higher?

    “Last chance!


    When he hit the hammer, Xuan Yiqing couldn’t helping shaking his head. If the lot was put up in a real auction, it would be sold at a much higher price. The price would double or even triple!