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Chapter 131 - Outstanding Woman Full of Artistic Cells

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 131: Outstanding Woman Full of Artistic Cells

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    Her hands were very soft and as smooth as almond tofu. Once he held it, he did not want to let go. Even though he felt dizzy and his heart was palpitating, he refused to loosen his grip. Yu Changmo’s muscles were tense as she was already invading the safety radius.

    At this distance, every movement she made would bring him immense discomfort. The more aroused he was, the more uncomfortable he felt.

    “Relax a little. If other people see you behaving like this, they would think that I was forcing myself on a man. You have to get used to this.” Her voice sounded beside him, gradually pulling back his mind that was running wild with thoughts.

    He looked at her with difficulty and asked, “Are you treating me?”

    So, he had read too much into it.

    Yu Changmo did not dare to have excessive expectations since what he had hoped for the most was happening to him currently.

    “Nope.” She seemed to realize that she had been a little too anxious. His breathing was starting to be too fast. Knowing that forcing him further might cause him to have a dizzy reaction in public, she had no choice but to regretfully let go.

    Unable to hold her hand, his discomfort vanished. Still, the huge emptiness in his heart engulfed him, a feeling of desperation overwhelming his senses.

    She had already walked on ahead of him. The position beside him was empty, and his heart was about to break. An impulse made him instantly overcome his phobia. Quickly, he strode forward. His goal was her hand!

    With a determination like he was about to meet his death, Yu Changmo reached out his hand. Coincidentally, Qianmo also did so at the same time.

    He desired to hold hands while she wanted to link arms. Expectantly, they both made their move at the same time.

    As a result, his hand failed to touch hers, and her hand stopped awkwardly in the air.

    Both of them were a little shy as they looked at each other. In the end, Qianmo met his eyes and let out a laugh.

    “Just be natural, it’s fine.”

    He lowered his hand, and two seconds later, he went for broke. She told him to be natural, so he acted naturally!

    The next moment, Qianmo felt a warmth on her shoulders before she was entirely taken into his arms.

    Hearing his heartbeat, Qianmo could feel the relaxing smell exuding from his body, and her heartbeat increased a little.

    She had originally wanted to treat him, but in the end, he was the one rousing her emotions and causing her to feel as if she had been infected by him.

    “You’re not scared of fainting anymore?” Although Qianmo was not the one who initiated the embrace, it felt quite comfortable.

    “No.” He saved his words like they were gold, but his hands tightened around her.

    Either way, he was going to feel dizzy. So he might as well pull out all the stops and settle this matter in one shot.

    “What if I was doing this to treat you?” Qianmo asked.

    Yu Changmo hugged her tightly and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

    He was willing to receive treatment.

    Qianmo was speechless. Some aspects of this guy were quite similar to how he was like in her past life, for example… his thick skin? If he was cured, his potential would probably be unlimited.

    The place Yu Changmo chose was Qianmo’s favorite western restaurant, one of the tops on the list in his secret notebook.

    In fact, there were a few Chinese restaurants that she liked very much. However, Yu Changmo felt that with the atmosphere today, choosing this restaurant seemed to be more appropriate.

    A candlelight dinner, with live acoustic performance as background music. Everything was just perfect.

    Although his phobia was causing trouble, it did not affect Yu Changmo’s good mood. The beauty under the flickering candlelight was as pretty as a picture.

    Qianmo’s mood was relatively good, as well. She had been to this place many times, but why was the food especially delicious this time around?

    Perhaps it was because someone had cut his steak up and exchanged it with hers. Or perhaps the handsome man sitting across from her was such eye candy. All in all, everything was great.

    A subtle electric current zapped through the air. Even if they did not exchange many words, they were already enraptured.

    The tune being played in the restaurant was Marriage d’Amour, and the female pianist seemed to be drunk in her own music.

    Zhen Ni was working in the restaurant, which was opened by her relative, as a pianist. As the self-proclaimed princess that she was, she felt she did not need this bit of performance fees. However, she enjoyed this show time and believed that 99% of the restaurant diners were wealthy people who did not understand anything but were fond of pretending that they did.

    At that time, she, who was graceful and full of artistic cells, would be their redemption.

    When the melody ended, Zhen Ni raised her head. In her line of sight was a young couple seated by the window. She did not know if she was missing her Brother Mo too much, but she kept feeling like the back view of the man was like her Brother Mo—

    Zhen Ni pressed down so hard, her fingers nearly sunk into the piano keys.

    The abrupt, deafening noise caused the surrounding diners to cast her a side glance. Swiftly, she buried her head under the piano to avoid her Brother Mo spotting her.

    “What in the world is she playing?” Qianmo was startled by the unpleasant piano sound.

    Yu Changmo’s eyebrows furrowed, and he turned around to take a look. The piano area was as quiet as a chicken in solitude.

    “You know how to play the piano, right?” He recalled that his goddess appeared to have been sent to learn the piano since young and had nearly become a music student.

    Qianmo nodded her head and replied, “That was a long time ago.”

    Chen Baichuan had put in a lot of effort into nurturing his daughter. As their family’s condition permitted, he had sent her to learn the piano and dance, all so she could break free of her family background of being a fortune-teller’s daughter.

    In her past life, after she had learned the piano, she did not touch it much. She was rebellious, after all. However, when she was released from prison, Yu Changmo had placed a piano for her at home. Occasionally, he would fool around with her and play some melodies together. That piano had brought them many fond memories.

    Ahem. Qianmo’s face flushed slightly red as she shook away the images in her head that were not suitable for children.

    Qianmo bent her head down to eat, so as to conceal her thoughts. Secretly gazing at her, Yu Changmo thought that the beauty’s appearance under the candlelight was adorable. The corner of her eyes and the tip of her brows all seemed flirtatious. Feeling his gaze on her, Qianmo looked up, and they stared into each other’s eyes. The air around them crackled with tiny sparks.

    Oh dear, how infuriating~

    Furtively watching this scene, Zhen Ni had difficulty breathing as her emotions fluctuated violently.

    Thinking about how she had played music for them just now, Zhen Ni’s heart shattered into pieces, scattering all over the floor. She felt extremely disgusted.

    Yu Changmo raised his head and asked nervously, “After eating, can we watch a movie together?”

    Qianmo was about to nod her head when she felt like something was amiss?

    Placing her knife and fork down, she looked up. The other diners had the same reaction as they all heard…

    The background music being played now… Were the Japanese soldiers entering the village?!

    Yes, it was that, bangbangbangbangbang, bangbang, bangbang…

    Not one person in the restaurant could continue eating.

    Everybody in the country knew this melody. As soon as they heard it, they could not help but visualize the image of a group of Japanese carrying their guns as they bent forward and creepily marched forward to wipe out the village.