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Chapter 785 - Defending His Shortcomings

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 785: Defending His Shortcomings

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    Although Wen Haowen was unwilling to accept Wen Xinya parachuting into the marketing department of the Wen Corporation, he had no choice but to do so, for the sake of the launch of Ai Shang Group’s products.

    At this point, the advertisement spots in the Gu Family’s shopping mall had also been confirmed.

    After conducting detailed checks on the shopping malls, Wang Siying gained more knowledge about the advertisement spots and had also discussed the plan with Wen Xinya. Once they decided on the exact spots, they would hand the proposal over to Ye Jingzhou for him to check through.

    Things with the Ling Family were much easier to handle. After settling on the partnership details, Wen Xinya allowed Wang Siying to discuss the rest with the employees of Lingyun Entertainment Company.

    Within just three days, they had already made productive progress.

    Wen Xinya heaved a huge sigh of relief after seeing how reliable her subordinates were. She was still hoping that she could spend more time on revision and get into Capital University based on her own abilities. Fortunately, Ye Jingzhou had given her the help of an entire team of employees.

    Team No. 5 was making slow but steady progress.

    The four other teams of the marketing department had also been gloating over the large amount of workload that Team No. 5 was faced with.

    Due to the fact that they were too busy for lunch, the members of Team No. 5 could only make do with some sandwiches.

    “Hey, hey! Isn’t that our mighty Team Leader Wang? Why… has she been reduced to being at the beck and call of Miss Wen? They don’t even have time for lunch anymore.”

    “Tsk, tsk, tsk, how pitiful! They’re actually hiding in the pantry and munching on sandwiches. I thought that you guys would have a good life working under Miss Wen.”

    “I just can’t stand how cocky they are. Just because they’re working for Miss Wen now, all they do is suck up to her and follow her around. Why don’t they take a look at themselves in the mirror? Miss Wen has only decided to lead them because they’re incompetent nothings who used to work at Ai Shang Group. How could they compare to the elites of the Wen Corporation?”

    The sounds of sarcastic gossip and criticism filled the air in the pantry.

    One of the women turned pale and sprung up from her seat. “What did you guys say? Manager Ye was the one who arranged for Miss Wen to take charge of our team temporarily. Since when did we suck up to Miss Wen… don’t spout nonsense.”

    “Wow! How feisty! I didn’t know that the cowardly members of Team No. 5 could be this angst.”

    “Of course it’s because they’ve already begun working for Miss Wen…”

    They began laughing incessantly.

    The members of Team No. 5 could not stand the mockery.

    Wang Siying was about to speak up.

    At this moment, Wen Xinya walked into the pantry slowly. She had already witnessed everything that just happened. “You guys are right. Team No. 5 has indeed begun working for me, and I was the one who allowed them to follow me around, so…” She glanced at the three gossip mongers and continued, “Before you hit a dog, you have to look at its owner. Don’t you think so?”

    Upon sight of Wen Xinya, they turned pale.

    The members from Team No. 5 stood up and greeted. “Miss Wen!”

    They were touched to see that Wen Xinya had defended them.

    Instead of looking at them, Wen Xinya placed the large bag of packed lunches on the table and said, “I know you guys have been working hard lately. I’ve brought you some lunch.”

    The few of them began removing the lids of the food containers merrily.

    The aroma of the sumptuous food spread wafted up to their noses, and they could tell with one glance that the food had been specially ordered from a takeout catering restaurant.

    One of the men chuckled and said, “Haha, life is wonderful working under Miss Wen.”

    The women standing beside them turned pale, feeling ashamed and embarrassed about what they had just said.

    Although they knew that Wen Xinya was the future successor of the Wen Corporation, they did not believe in her abilities because of her young age. Hence, they had been rather nonchalant towards her. Sister five who used to be alienated actually managed to work under Wen Xinya.

    Actually, all of Wen Corporation’s employees were smart people. Seeing that they had offended Wen Xinya, the few of them grew flustered and sneaked away.

    Upon sight of the initially arrogant gossipmongers scurrying away, the members of Team No. 5 were reminded of the time when Wen Xinya first joined the corporation. They could not help but find Wen Xinya to be extremely domineering.

    Team No. 5 truly admired her and respected her for her guts and shrewdness.

    Wang Siying frowned slightly and said, “Miss Wen, those three belong to the other teams, and two of them are the leaders of Team No. 3 and Team No. 4, respectively. They’re the real elites of the Wen Corporation, and they might just spread the word around about you criticizing them. That wouldn’t be good for your reputation.”

    Ever since Ai Shang Group was acquired by the Wen Corporation, she had been alienated and discriminated against, so much that she had gradually become dejected and lost her motivation. However, Wen Xinya’s appearance had given her hope again, and she felt that it was a chance given to her by Heaven. Hence, she had to grasp onto it tightly.

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “I’m the only successor of the Wen Family! The one and only one that my Grandpa recognizes.”

    Her words spoke for themselves.

    Wang Siying finally recovered from the shock after a long while. She almost forgot that Wen Xinya owned ten percent of the Wen Corporation’s shares and had a stable position in the Wen Corporation. Hence, her words would have to match her identity, and she had a trump card which allowed her to do whatever she wanted without having to maintain her image. She just needed to prove her abilities to everyone.

    Wang Siying was surprised to see how outstanding the young Wen Xinya was.

    Wang Siying was a smart and capable person who Wen Xinya wanted to use. Wen Xinya changed the subject and said, “The advertisement spots in the Gu Family’s shopping malls have already been confirmed and we may begin designing the posters. You guys have worked in Ai Shang Group for a long time and you definitely know more about the Ai Shang Group’s products. Hence, I hope that you can submit the sketches within three days. Can you do that?”

    Wen Xinya’s words were actually premeditated. Although she knew that the members from Team No. 5 were nowhere comparable to the elites of Wen Corporation, she still recognized their efforts and abilities, thus making them feel grateful.

    “No problem. Rest assured, Miss Wen! We’ve designed lots of ads for Ai Shang Group’s products in the past and we’re familiar with the new products invented by the Wen Corporation’s research team as well. Three days is more than enough,” said Xiao Yang and Xiao Zhang, who were in charge of the sketches.

    More than ten posters of various sizes were required; it was indeed a major project. However, they were rather confident, especially since Wen Xinya trusted them and had an abundance of faith in them.

    Wen Xinya was pleased to hear that.