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Chapter 126 - Let’s Break Up

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 126: Let’s Break Up

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    Ning Meng continued to retort angrily, “If you cheating isn’t something to be embarrassed about, then I don’t see how Zhen Shanmei has anything to be embarrassed about.”

    Su Tiantian refuted her, “No, he did not cheat on her! Zhen Shanmei was just being jealous, that’s all!”

    Ning Meng smirked. “So, according to Ms. Su, an engaged man touching and holding another woman’s hand affectionately isn’t cheating? Then, let’s hope your fiance does the same to other women as well. At that time, I hope you don’t make a scene either. After all, being outed as a jealous woman isn’t something to be proud of, right?!”

    After hearing this, the crowd began to gossip again.

    “Mr. Li and Ms. Su were holding hands?”

    “Hmm? It was quite strange to see Li Haojie give his support for Su Tiantian so openly yesterday…”

    “So, they were actually together then?”


    Su Tiantian started to get anxious. “No! I did not…”

    Ning Meng quickly interrupted her again. “Did not what? Are you trying to deny that you and Li Haojie were secretly meeting each other behind the stairs while everyone was busy recording for the show? Did he not ask you to pick his song, “Fly!”? Come on, now. Don’t pretend to be a virgin when you’re such a hoe! Tsk tsk! I can’t believe it! Your face is so thick that no blades can penetrate it, huh?!”

    Su Tiantian was so pissed that her entire body was shaking.

    Li Haojie also started to get anxious. “This is just an issue between us! You have no business prying into our matters!”

    Seeing that the crowd had begun to be suspicious of them, Li Haojie did not want to make matters worse. Thus, he extended his hand to Zhen Shanmei, who was still tearing up on the floor. “Shanmei, we need to discuss this properly later. Let’s talk it over at home, okay?”

    Back then, no matter how bad her mood became, Li Haojie only needed to comfort her with a few words before she started to smile again. Now, all Zhen Shanmei did was stare at him with her red, teary eyes

    Staring at him, all she could hear were his words from the video earlier.

    His voice echoed in her head. Again and again and again…

    Finally, she slowly stood up. She stared straight into Li Haojie’s eyes and uttered three words. The three words that she had been wanting to say so, so many times from just now.

    “Let’s break up.”

    Li Haojie was stunned after hearing this. After a short pause, he almost jumped as he yelled out, “What did you just say?!”

    Then, he continued to mock her with a cold smirk, “Fine! Let’s break up then! I hope you don’t regret it later and come weeping in front of me, intending to get back together!”

    After saying this, Li Haojie furiously walked away.

    Zhen Shanmei covered her face with her hands as she bolted out of the hall.

    Seeing this, Ning Meng was afraid that her new friend would do something drastic. She quickly followed her, trying to comfort her. “Erm, well… you know, it’s a rare sight to see a toad with 3 legs, but there are plenty of good men who are born with 2 legs. So, don’t feel too bad about it.”

    Zhen Shanmei finally could not hold in anymore, and she wept loudly. A moment later, she raised her head and asked, “Why did you show me that video?”


    Ning Meng took a step backward.

    Zhen Shanmei choked tearily as she continued with her words, “If you hadn’t shown me the video, I could still go on thinking that he loves me. I could still be fooled by him…! Do you know how much I love him?! Are you laughing at me right now?!”

    After letting it all out of her chest, Zhen Shanmei stormed away in tears.


    Holy Begeezuz! After her tears had smeared up her makeup, it was so horrifyingly haunting to look at her face…!

    Seeing Zhen Shanmei leaving through the exit, Ning Meng wanted to go after her. However, after giving it a few moments of thought, she decided to leave her be.

    It was probably best to give her some space. Both “Original Ning Meng” and Zhen Shanmei were always competing with each other since birth. If she went and comforted her, it would embarrass her even more.

    After letting out a long sigh, Ning Meng headed back to Lin Qingbei’s resting room. As she sat down, she noticed her phone vibrating like crazy.

    Upon checking her phone, Ning Meng noticed that someone was sending tons of messages to her via Weibo.

    kindandcute: [sour, are you there? I’m feeling so devastated right now, but I have no one to talk to.]

    kindandcute: [I’ve just experienced a heartbreak. I lost my temper and hurt someone close to me. I know I’m in the wrong now… but I fear that she would not see me as a friend anymore…]


    Ning Meng looked at the user’s full ID—”[email protected]


    Ning Meng could feel the corners of her mouth twitching after seeing this. So… Zhen Shanmei was one of her Weibo’s followers?