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Chapter 103 - Feeling Hopeless (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 103: Feeling Hopeless (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Pang Hai didn’t show any mercy. Xu Weilai felt her scalp turning numb. Her entire body collided heavily with the sofa as her vision turned black.

    Xu Weilai knew that for someone like him, who thrived from living out his days filled with violence, he was frighteningly ruthless. Hence, if she couldn’t escape, she would definitely end up in a bad predicament!

    Her phone was damaged and the telephone in the room was not in use. She couldn’t count on any reinforcements to save her. At that moment, she could only rely on herself!

    After being in the industry for the last few years, she was accustomed to facing danger fearlessly. Running away also became an instinct. She ignored the pain in her body and gritted her teeth as she stood up.

    In a swift motion, she grabbed the chair beside the coffee table and threw it forcefully in Pang Hai’s direction!

    Xu Weilai appeared weak and delicate so Pang Hai would let his guard down, and assume that it would have been easy to deal with her. Thus, he didn’t take her seriously as a threat and was caught off guard by her resistance. The chair slammed into his chest forcefully.

    Pang Hai was a little dumbfounded by the unexpected attack. He remained stunned for a moment.

    If it was any other ordinary man, they might have been unable to withstand the blow. However, to Pang Hai, it was just a brief moment of pain, and it wasn’t very effective in dealing much damage. Instead, it further agitated him, drawing out his viciousness!

    Pang Hai snorted. He stared at Xu Weilai like she was his prey. Malicious intent shined in his eyes. “Young lady, you’re not bad. You’re really fiery. I had underestimated you!”

    “Come, let’s see what other skills you have. I’ll play with you today!”


    Xu Shuai came to that club that day as well. One of his brothers told him that an extremely beautiful pianist, who was well-versed in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting, was going to be at the club.

    He had seen all kinds of beauty before but not the sophisticated type!

    Beautiful women were collected like stamps throughout his life journey. Whenever he conquered one, he would add it to his stamp collection. Hence, naturally, he wanted to collect a range of different ladies in various styles!

    In order to show off his wealth, he ordered many bottles of expensive alcohol. But, the beautiful pianist was very cold. She didn’t even look at him properly!

    He had always been popular among the ladies. Besides Xiao Chun who he couldn’t handle and didn’t dare to provoke, there was no other woman who he couldn’t conquer.

    Now, the second one had appeared! Interesting!

    After drinking a lot of alcohol, he stood up and said to his friends, “I’m going to the washroom. I’ll continue drinking after I come back!”

    He staggered towards the washroom. Along the way, he saw a lady that looked like Xu Weilai from afar. The lady was wearing an attendant’s uniform and stood suspiciously at a corner for a short while. After that, the lady sneaked into a private room.

    Xu Shuai rubbed his eyes. Was he seeing things because he drank too much? How could Xu Weilai possibly be wearing that uniform and appearing at such a shady place in the middle of the night?

    He didn’t give it a second thought. He continued on his trip to the washroom and finished answering nature’s call. Then, he washed his hands and his face to freshen up a little before walking back.

    Coincidentally, on the way back, he saw a man entering the private room the lady, who looked like Xu Weilai, went into.

    He glanced at the man. He was muscular and bulky. After looking at the scar on his face, Xu Shuai immediately recognized the person. He was Pang Hai, the new entrepreneur that managed to turn his illegal business into a legal organization.

    However, Pang Hai didn’t have a good reputation. The way he carried out his business was vicious and rough, like a mafia boss. Most of the people in the business world looked down on him.

    Xu Shuai didn’t like being a busybody and interfering in the business of others, so he walked away immediately without looking back.

    He returned to his private room and sat down. After taking a sip of alcohol, for some unknown reason, he felt that something was amiss!