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Chapter 197 - : Zi Shang Transforms into a Human

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 197: Zi Shang Transforms into a Human

    Ye Jiuge watched coldly as the guard plummeted and crashed head-first onto the ground, forming a pool of blood.

    “He’s dead.” With a glance, Bai Songling knew that the guard was incurable.

    “That’s good. We won’t have to dirty our hands.” Ye Jiuge apathetically withdrew her gaze and looked toward the city gates.

    After a short wait, the gates opened.

    Su Junqing led out a squad of guards. Behind them was an army green stretcher.

    Wan Ziyang was lying on it. From a distance, his face looked as pale as a dead man’s, and his chest was barely moving.

    “What have you done to him?” Bai Songling roared in anger.

    “Brother Bai, you need not panic. Brother Wan is fine. It’s just that, earlier, he tried to get off his bed and hop around before his severe injury could completely heal. I was afraid that his injury would worsen, so I fed him some Muscle-paralysis Sleeping Powder,” Su Junqing explained, significantly understating.

    Ye Jiuge held back the furious Bai Songling and whispered, “I have an antidote for Muscle-paralysis Sleeping Powder in my bag. After we exchanged for him, give it to him to consume.”

    Before leaving, she’d left all her antidotes behind.

    “I understand. Eldest Miss, please be careful.” Bai Songling nodded forcefully.

    “Eldest Miss, if you have finished talking, please come over here!” Although Su Junqing was still smiling, he was very nervous.

    He feared that Bai Songling would suddenly try to rush over and grab Wan Ziyang. Then, the situation would be like giving away a bride on top of losing an army, and he would become a laughingstock.

    Ye Jiuge calmly walked toward Su Junqing.

    The guards who were carrying Wan Ziyang avoided her carefully and headed toward Bai Songling and the rest. The two sides brushed past each other.

    Wan Ziyang was successfully received by Bai Songling and the others, and Ye Jiuge arrived beside Su Junqing.

    “Eldest Miss Ye, you are indeed righteous. I admire you very much.” Smiling at Ye Jiuge, Su Junqing’s eyes began to glow pale-red.

    A hazy power enveloped Ye Jiuge.

    Ye Jiuge felt dizzy, and her body involuntarily began to sway.

    She knew that Su Junqing was using Mental Manipulation on her, and she did not resist.

    After ensuring that Ye Jiuge was under the influence of his Mental Manipulation, he began to interrogate her, “Where is Liu Yunfei?”

    “We have successfully besieged and killed her,” Ye Jiuge replied.

    Su Junqing’s eyes narrowed. When he heard that Ye Jiuge and the others had gone out of the city to chase down the injured Liu Yunfei, he’d had a bad feeling in his heart.

    However, he was still astonished to hear that Liu Yunfei was dead.

    After all, Liu Yunfei had a high cultivation level, and she was careful, treacherous, and cunning. He had not expected her to die so quickly.

    Su Junqing thought: Forget it. So what if she’s dead? As long as I can complete the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s task, he will not make a fuss about Liu Yunfei.

    Su Junqing steadied himself and asked again, “Where is her corpse and her Magical Bottomless Bag?” Those were the more critical questions.

    “The corpse is buried in the Red Mud Valley, which is one hundred and fifty kilometers away from the city. The Magical Bottomless Bag is in Ye Yu’s hands,” Ye Jiuge said honestly.

    Su Junqing thought: The Red Mud Valley is the secret stronghold that we agreed on earlier. It seems that Ye Jiuge is not lying.

    He then said to Ye Jiuge, “Eldest Miss, to be safe, please hand your weapon over to me!”

    “I don’t have a weapon on me. I passed everything to Bai Songling and the rest before coming here,” Ye Jiuge replied while staring blankly into space.

    Su Junqing’s gaze swept Ye Jiuge’s body. He saw that she was not wearing any accessories, and her close-fitting dress did not seem capable of storing anything. He believed her.

    “Alright. This way, please!” Su Junqing led the way.

    “Ye Jiuge, serves you right,” the Crown Prince arrogantly sneered while standing on the stairs not far away.

    Ye Jiuge’s eyes were still dull and lifeless. It was as though she had not heard the Crown Prince.

    The Crown Prince frowned and was about to speak again, but Su Junqing stopped him.

    “Your Highness, we have plenty of things to do. Why don’t we put Ye Jiuge in jail and lock her up with Spirit Restricting Manacles?”

    “Sure, Spirit Restricting Manacles will suit her.” The Crown Prince nodded in satisfaction.

    The death cell in the Medicine Refinery City was installed with a pair of Spirit Restricting Manacles.

    The manacles were forged from Spirit Absorbing Stone, which sealed a Spiritual Practitioner’s Spiritual Power after they were put on.

    Wearing the manacles for a long time damaged the prisoner’s meridians. Ye Jiuge did not wear them when she was locked up.

    In the dark and damp jail, the metal bars of the death cell glinted with a cold light under the dusky candlelight.

    The only death cell in the Medicine Refinery City was located in the depths of the jail after passing through a musty passageway.

    Dongfang Yao was not a bloodthirsty person.

    In the history of the Medicine Refinery City, the death cell had only been used to lock up a few bandits who had committed murder. In the last five years, there had been no occupants.

    Moss grew in the corners, and rats and cockroaches scurried across the floor.

    Forget about a mattress—there was not even a pile of hay for the occupant.

    The Spirit Restricting Manacles was installed on the gray wall. Mottled iron chains were connected to two gray metal bands.

    “Eldest Miss, this way, please!” After reaching the wall, Su Junqing smiled as he held the two gray metal bands. His eyes glowed with a red light.

    He appeared relaxed, but his entire body tensed at the thought that Ye Jiuge would suddenly flee. Behind Ye Jiuge, a group of Intermediate Level Spiritual Practitioners guards surrounded her in a ring.

    Ye Jiuge seemed not to have realized that the Spirit Restricting Manacles were harmful. She silently moved forward, slid down her azure sleeves, and stretched out her snow-white arms.

    After attaching the gray Spirit Restricting Manacles to Ye Jiuge’s wrists, Su Junqing was finally relieved. He could not help laughing, “Ye Jiuge, you have finally landed in my hands.”

    He felt an indescribable exhilaration after having completed half of his mission.

    Now, he only needed to wait for Xiong Yunhu to transport Dongfang Yao.

    As for Wan Ziyang and the rest, he was not in a hurry to capture them.

    Previously, when he was helping the Bloodthirsty Sect collect young girls and Spiritual Practitioners, he’d had to act in secret.

    With Wan Ziyang, Bai Songling, and the others serving as his scapegoats, he could pluck up the courage and do whatever he wanted.

    The look in Ye Jiuge’s eyes was still lifeless, and she did not react to Su Junqing’s laughter.

    After Su Junqing was finally satisfied, he left, delighted, with the guards.

    The death cell immediately plunged into pitch-black darkness.

    A dirty and fat rat threaded its way out from the corner and encircled Ye Jiuge curiously. It bared its fangs, wanting to nibble on its fragrant prey.

    The sound of the chains suddenly rang out, and the dirty fat rat fled in fear.

    Ye Jiuge, who had looked dull and lifeless, slowly opened her eyes. They were clear and bright. Lowering her voice, she said, “Didn’t you say that you have a way to deal with this? What are you waiting for?”

    “Little Jiuge, you are so impatient. Don’t you want to have some fun after not seeing me for so long?” His pleasant laughter rang in the dark death cell. It was like night wind blowing at lilies of the valley.

    “Stop being so pesky. These manacles are really painful. Quick, get rid of them for me.” Ye Jiuge pulled at the manacles forcefully.

    The chains made a continuous rattling sound. A gray glow flashed from the Spirit Restricting Manacles and entered from Ye Jiuge’s wrists, sealing the Spiritual Power in her entire body.

    “Tsk tsk. Little Jiuge’s temper has worsened. It seems that you have not been doing well while I wasn’t around.” As he chuckled, a tall, straight human figure gradually appeared in front of Ye Jiuge.