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Chapter 198 - Come, Give Me a Kiss

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 198: Come, Give Me a Kiss

    The previously pitch-black jail was suddenly aglow with starlight shining on Zi Shang’s entire body. His long, purple hair had turned black and was mostly contained by a golden coronet. The remainder of his hair, which looked like crow feathers, was scattered behind his head.

    His purple vertical slit pupils had become as dark as the unmeasurable depths of a pond. Occasionally, they shone with a light of exceptional sharpness.

    He wore a long robe with dark violet fringe. He had a slender figure and looked as impressive as an immortal.

    More importantly, his long, obsidian snake tail had transformed into a pair of long legs.

    “You have really transformed into a human?” Ye Jiuge’s eyes widened.

    She had guessed that this was possible when Zi Shang had talked about the Transformation Pearl.

    However, she was still astonished to see the demonic snake transformed into a human.

    “Don’t you want me to accompany you day and night?” Zi Shang’s pretty and flirtatious face revealed a slight helplessness and indulgence, as though he were only thinking about what was best for Ye Jiuge. He said, “My original body is not convenient. It’s better for me to take on a human form.”

    “Who wants you to accompany them day and night?” Ye Jiuge would have been mad to want him to keep her company around the clock!

    “You don’t want that?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrows and turned to the jail door. “Then, I’ll be leaving.”

    “Come back!” In a flash, Ye Jiuge dramatically reached out her palm.

    She was wearing the Spirit Restricting Manacles and could not use any of her body’s Spiritual Power. If Zi Shang did not save her, she would end up as meat on the cutting board for the Crown Prince and Su Junqing.

    “Come back for what?” Standing at the door, Zi Shang turned his head slightly. His handsome face was filled with a teasing expression, and his black pupils showed an abundance of interest. He was clearly poking fun at Ye Jiuge.

    “Come back to spend every day with me and accompany me day and night.” Ye Jiuge forced herself to finish the sentence. Goosebumps rose on her entire body, and she felt like she was about to disgust herself to death.

    “Since you are so sincere, I will take pity on you and come back.” Zi Shang returned to Ye Jiuge’s side, bent down in front of her, then said with a smile, “To show your sincerity, give me a kiss.”

    Ye Jiuge’s face twitched. She thought, Why is Zi Shang even more shameless as a human?

    “Why are you not saying anything?” Zi Shang raised his eyebrows. Then, as if he had suddenly realized, he said, “I know. You must be thinking that a kiss isn’t enough. I don’t know what to do with you. Fine, let’s have two kisses then!”

    Ye Jiuge thought, Two kisses my a*s!

    Ye Jiuge wanted to vomit blood, badly.

    To prevent Zi Shang from behaving even worse, Ye Jiuge could only brace herself and aim a kiss at his face.

    Just then, Zi Shang turned around, and they ended up kissing lip-to-lip.

    The contact of soft skin and faint fragrance made the pitch-black jail seem as though it had turned pink with the feelings of love.

    As Zi Shang kissed Ye Jiuge, he grabbed the two metal bands on her wrists.

    His palm discharged a faint, purple flame, and the metal bands landed on the ground with a thump.

    Ye Jiuge could feel the familiar Spiritual Power returning to her body.

    She finally sobered up from the intoxication of Zi Shang’s kiss, and she pushed him aside immediately.

    “We are still missing one kiss. You owe me.” Zi Shang placed his long fingers beside his red lips meaningfully as he winked at Ye Jiuge.

    “You are making me owe you a debt as soon you are out of my wrist. Why don’t you just go back inside?” Ye Jiuge reprimanded him in her heart as she massaged her numb wrists.

    The Spirit Restricting Manacles were indeed powerful. She had only worn them for a short while, and her wrists were already hurting.

    Although Zi Shang had transformed into a human, he still retained some of his demon snake habits. He immediately took Ye Jiuge in his arms and rested his chin on her head.

    After a sniff, he questioned her in disgust, “How long has it been since you washed your hair?”

    “I have been busy working every day. When would I find the time to wash my hair?”

    While she secretly cursed at Zi Shang for being pretentious and crazy, Ye Jiuge put on a bright and beautiful smile and said, “Please allow me to save Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun first. After that, I will immediately go and wash my hair to ensure that I smell fragrant, okay?”

    “That’s better.” Zi Shang was quite satisfied with Ye Jiuge’s attitude.

    “Look. I am by myself, and I have no weapon on me. If I go out now, I will be immediately captured again. My King, do you have any wise ideas?” Ye Jiuge smiled to curry favor with Zi Shang.

    She was dependent on Zi Shang, so she surrendered herself and cut off her other means of retreat.

    “Simple.” Zi Shang reached out and drew an invisibility symbol on her forehead. He said, “You can walk out now, and the guards will not be able to see you. It will last for the time it takes to burn a stick of incense.”

    “That will be sufficient.” Ye Jiuge’s eyes lit up. She found Zi Shang’s reminder extremely timely.

    “However, I have to tell you. My Demonic Power was all used up consuing the Transformation Pearl, and the amount that I can now employ each day is limited. I just used up a lot of it to help you remove the Spirit Restricting Manacles and draw this invisibility symbol. I only have around one-third of it left,” Zi Shang said.

    “What do you mean?” Ye Jiuge suddenly had a bad feeling.

    “It means that later, when we encounter a fight, you will have to go first. If you can’t win, I will carry you and flee.” Zi Shang flashed her a smile as captivating as the night-blooming cactus blossoming. There was a hint of fragrance as he spoke, and he looked extraordinarily beautiful and alluring.

    However, Ye Jiuge only wished that she could punch him.

    “Or, if you wish to flee now, that’s also possible.” Zi Shang showed that he was very democratic.

    “Let’s fight first.” Ye Jiuge had racked her brain for ways to sneak in. It was not her style to escape without even seeing anyone.

    “Alright!” Zi Shang was indifferent to her decision.

    “Wait.” Ye Jiuge bent over and lifted up the hem of her dress. Murmuring in a low voice, she said, “It’s a good thing that I already know that you aren’t reliable.”

    There was a small silver rope tied around one of Ye Jiuge’s calves. It was the shrunken Lightning Snake Magical Whip.

    After surrendering, she had shown weaknesses in all aspects. She had even allowed Su Junqing to use Mental Manipulation on her so that she could hide her weapon.

    Ye Jiuge untied the Lightning Snake Magical Whip and wound it around her waist. Then, she asked Zi Shang, “Can I attack when I am invisible?”

    “Sure. However, once you attack, the invisibility will be removed,” Zi Shang replied.

    “That’s good enough.” Ye Jiuge sighed with relief. If she could launch a sneak attack, she had a better chance of success.

    “Go ahead. I will cover your back.” Having said so, Zi Shang turned invisible as well.

    Noiselessly, Ye Jiuge left the death cell. On her way out, the soldiers in the jail couldn’t see or hear her.

    Once she exited the jail, she discovered that many secret guards were lying in wait, ready to ambush. There were also traps everywhere, filled with poisons.

    Needless to say, these were intended to prevent Bai Songling and the rest from breaking into the jail to save her.

    Ye Jiuge did not alarm the secret guards. Walking quietly on tiptoe, she headed for Medicine Refinery Hall.

    Many guards were patrolling the path. Near Medicine Refinery Hall, a sentry was stationed every ten paces.

    If it were not for the invisibility symbol that Zi Shang had helped her draw, she would have found it extremely difficult to get near Medicine Refinery Hall.

    Ye Jiuge avoided all the guards and secretly sneaked into Dongfang Yao’s house.

    A strong medicine smell pervaded the entire house.

    Dongfang Yao was lying on the bed. His face had turned black, and his breathing was barely perceptible.

    Su Junqing and Xiong Yunhu were speaking next to Dongfang Yao’s bed.

    As she hid in a dark corner, Ye Jiuge frowned.

    The invisibility symbol was only effective for as long as it took an incense stick to burn. If they did not stop talking soon, she would be in trouble.