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Chapter 199 - Sneak Attack

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 199: Sneak Attack

    Although Ye Jiuge had not fought Xiong Yunhu before, based on what Liu Yunfei had said, she knew that he was going to be a tough opponent.

    Even if she were to fight him alone, she was not confident about winning. She would lose for sure if she had to fight Su Junqing as well.

    She needed to think of a way to draw away Su Junqing first.

    Just then, Zi Shang’s finger suddenly landed on Ye Jiuge’s back and drew something. It tickled her.

    Ye Jiuge’s expression darkened. She thought: Doesn’t he know where we are? How can he even think of taking advantage of me now? Could he have picked a worse location?

    Zi Shang seemed to have guessed Ye Jiuge’s thoughts, and he gave her forehead a knock. Then, he began drawing again.

    After she had calmed down enough to feel what he was doing, she realized that Zi Shang was writing the word “wait.”

    She thought: Alright! Since Zi Shang wishes to wait, let’s wait! I hope they will finish talking soon.

    Su Junqing was unaware that Ye Jiuge was peeking at them in a secret corner.

    He was reporting to Xiong Yunhu about Ye Jiuge.

    “Ye Jiuge is currently locked up in the death cell, and she is wearing the Spirit Restricting Manacles. I have set up many traps in the surrounding area. If Bai Songling and the rest were to come to save her, I guarantee that they wouldn’t be able to escape, even if they had wings.”

    “I don’t care about Bai Songling and Wan Ziyang. However, Ye Jiuge and the two Blood-clad Miao people must be left to me,” Xiong Yunhu said coldly.

    After the Bloodthirsty Patriarch had consumed the Blood-clad Miao people’s chieftain, he’d realized that he had been tricked. As a result, many of the Patriarch’s bloodline secrets had been divulged.

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch had spent a lot of manpower searching for the surviving members of the Blood-clad Miao. Unfortunately, he’d been unable to find them.

    If he were to bring back the two fish that had escaped from the net to the Patriarch, this would be a great merit.

    “Liu Yunfei and Brother Jiang are both dead. Can you bring so many people with you?”

    Su Junqing frowned and said disagreeably, “Don’t forget that our mission is to bring Dongfang Yao back for the Patriarch to use as an ingredient.”

    To successfully poison Dongfang Yao, he had racked his brain to rope in Zhang Peng. The poison was made from the Patriarch’s blood essence and the Ice Snow Spider King’s king poison.

    It was the only portion of this poison in the whole world, and there was no way to obtain more.

    “You do not need to worry about this. Just do what you are supposed to.” Xiong Yunhu grabbed the front piece of Su Junqing’s clothes and lifted him viciously into the air.

    He’d dared to snatch Liu Yunfei’s things, what to speak of Su Junqing, who was merely a Secondary Disciple!

    If Su Junqing weren’t still useful, Xiong Yunhu would have killed him for what he’d said.

    “Senior, please calm down. I recognize my mistake now.” Faced with Xiong Yunhu’s savage glare, Su Junqing shuddered in fear.

    He had initially thought that Liu Yunfei was in charge of the mission. It was only later that he realized that the person in charge was Xiong Yunhu.

    Xiong Yunhu was the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s Chief Disciple and had learned most of his teachings.

    He was savage, brutal, and often could not speak a sentence without disagreement. He would kill to practice his cultivation, and he was a vicious figure feared by all in the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    “Hmph!” Xiong Yunhu softened his grip on Su Junqing.

    Su Junqing did not dare straighten his clothes. He smiled apologetically and said, “Senior, I spoke out of turn because I was worried that things could go wrong. You are a gracious person. Please do not hold this against me.”

    “Alright. Enough with the bullsh*t. I will give you half an hour to bring Liu Yunfei’s body back for me. If not, don’t blame me for falling out with you.” Xiong Yunhu grinned, baring his teeth. His white teeth were even scarier than a shark’s.

    Liu Yunfei was one of the top ten fighters in the Bloodthirsty Sect, and her corpse would be a superb ingredient for his cultivation.

    If he could absorb Liu Yunfei’s corpse, Xiong Yunhu believed that his cultivation would dramatically increase.

    Unfortunately, he had to watch over Dongfang Yao, an important target. Otherwise, he would have gone to look for Liu Yunfei’s body himself.

    “Yes. I will go now.” Su Junqing nodded repeatedly.

    He understood the meaning behind Xiong Yunhu’s words.

    If he could not bring Liu Yunfei’s corpse back for Xiong Yunhu, he would decapitate him and use him for his cultivation instead.

    “Then, get lost!” Xiong Yunhu waved his arm impatiently and sat cross-legged on the floor.

    He took out a bottle of blood from his Magical Bottomless Bag and gulped down a few mouthfuls. Then, he looked greedily at the unconscious Dongfang Yao.

    If not for the fact that Dongfang Yao was afflicted with a highly toxic poison that only the Patriarch could cure, Xiong Yunhu would have secretly absorbed some of his blood essence.

    After all, given Dongfang Yao’s level, every single drop of his blood essence was the quintessence of his cultivation.

    Shyly and meekly, Su Junqing left the room. However, when he turned his head to glance at Xiong Yunhu’s figure from behind, his eyes were filled with bitter resentment.

    If he hadn’t been so weak at that moment, he would have gotten rid of Xiong Yunhu. Su Junqing thought: Hmph, once the Patriarch has rewarded me with a Method, these people will grovel at my feet.

    Ye Jiuge had been hiding quietly on the sidelines. Once Su Junqing left, she took out the Lightning Snake Magical Whip from her waist and dripped a drop of blood into its mouth. In her heart, she chanted, “Unseal the Demonic Power!”

    After absorbing her blood, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip’s bloodshot eyes opened slowly.

    In its quiet state, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip was even more dangerous than when it had gone berserk before.

    It was noiseless, like a venomous snake hiding in the grass, waiting to give its prey a deadly strike.

    Ye Jiuge did not rashly mount an attack.

    She only had one chance, and she wanted to find the best opportunity to attack.

    Although Xiong Yunhu was still practicing, he was still paying some attention to his surroundings. He was ready to act in case of an emergency.

    When he neared the end of his practice, his state of mind became more relaxed.

    Suddenly, he felt a jolt in his heart. Surprised, he immediately opened his eyes.

    Every time he felt this kind of palpitation, he was in danger.

    The stronger the throbbing, the higher the danger.

    In his early years, when he had not yet perfected his Blood Sea Technique, he would frequently experience this feeling.

    However, ever since he had gotten rid of the obstacles in his path and become the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s Chief Disciple, he had not felt the palpitation again.

    Xiong Yunhu did not ignore his intuition, and he was immediately on the alert.

    Suddenly, a terrifying gust of Spiritual Power erupted behind him accompanied by a faint trace of Demonic Power. It engulfed him with earth-shattering omnipresence.

    Xiong Yunhu immediately activated his Red Light of Protection as he quickly dove for the side of the room.

    However, the attack was too fast and near, and he could not avoid it.

    As quickly as the Red Light of Protection had arisen, it was ferociously shattered.

    Xiong Yunfei felt like a sharp blade was violently stabbing into his back. The great force caused damage to his five viscera and six bowels as he felt his vitality slip.

    His body was sent flying, and he crashed into the wall, creating a large hole.

    Once Ye Jiuge attacked, her invisibility was automatically lifted.

    Although the attack had consumed about half of her Spiritual Power, she did not dare let her guard down.

    With a crack, the Lightning Snake Magical Whip turned into a violet-colored lightning snake that whipped in Xiong Yunhu’s direction.

    Bang! Her attack landed on a cloud of thick Blood Fog.

    Xiong Yunhu stood up from the wall, battered by the attacks.

    His upper garment had been destroyed, revealing a body covered with bloody scars.

    There was even a sizable charred wound on his back.

    The wound was so deep that his backbone could be seen. It looked sinister and stretched across more than half of his back. Even his internal organs could be glimpsed.

    “Ye Jiuge, how can it be you? Aren’t you wearing the Spirit Restricting Manacles?” Xiong Yunhu could never have guessed that Ye Jiuge had been the one to mount a sneak attack on him.

    Seeing that Xiong Yunhu had already taken on a defensive stance, it was impossible to mount another sneak attack. Ye Jiuge tried to provoke him instead. “Because you don’t even know why I am here, you deserve to die!”