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Chapter 200 - Sudden Clap of Thunder: Come and Fight the Monster

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 200: Sudden Clap of Thunder: Come and Fight the Monster

    “It was Su Junqing, right? That d*mned piece of sh*t dared to deceive me.” Xiong Yunhu’s expression warped.

    Xiong Yunhu thought: Dongfang Yao is already unconscious, and Liu Yunfei is dead. If Su Junqing gets rid of me, he will be able to monopolize the credit for completing the mission. If I had known earlier, I would have murdered that stupid piece of sh*t.

    Ye Jiuge raised her eyebrows. She had not expected Xiong Yunhu to think of Su Junqing. However, she was happy for them to fight each other.

    She laughed sarcastically and continued to put on an act, “Since you know the truth now, don’t even dream of going back alive.”

    “Do you think that such weak attacks can kill me?” Xiong Yunhu roared viciously.

    “I have already smashed your five viscera and six bowels to pieces. You are merely an arrow at the end of its flight. You better stand down and accept your death obediently, or I won’t leave your corpse intact.” Although Ye Jiuge appeared to be arrogant and despotic, she was alarmed.

    The attack from the Lightning Snake Magical Whip earlier was no joke.

    Anyone else would have been torn into pieces.

    She had not expected Xiong Yunhu to be so full of energy and speak this vigorously to her. He was no ordinary opponent.

    “We will see who will be the first to die.” Laughing nastily, Xiong Yunhu took out a Blood Pearl from his Magical Bottomless Bag and swallowed it.

    Ye Jiuge had a bad feeling, and she took a few steps back.

    After Xiong Yunhu swallowed the Blood Pearl, a strange red light began spreading across his body. All the bloody wounds, as well as the sinister-looking injury on his back, recovered immediately.

    Xiong Yunhu’s aura increased dramatically, and the Blood Fog wound around his body. The bloody stench was so strong that it would have made anyone feel nauseous. He was like a monster that had crawled out of a pool of gore.

    “You are no match for him. Let’s go!” Zi Shang pulled Ye Jiuge’s arm and was ready to escape with her.

    “Wait.” Looking at the bloody man, Ye Jiuge had an idea.

    She raised her Lightning Snake Magical Whip and attacked Xiong Yunhu again.

    The violet-colored lightning snake landed above Xiong Yunhu’s head.

    He flashed a frightening grin as his bloody hands gripped the violet-colored lightning snake as though pinching an insect with his fingers.

    With a forceful pull, the violet-colored lightning dissipated.

    Ye Jiuge’s face paled. She thought: This Xiong Yunhu is so scary!

    After consuming the Blood Pearl, Xiong Yunhu had reached the Spiritual Master stage.

    “Go and die!” After breaking Ye Jiuge’s lightning snake into pieces, Xiong Yunhu grinned nastily and reached out his hands. The Blood Fog immediately solidified and became two bloody hands that smothered her.

    Ye Jiuge wished to escape, but she was locked in by Xiong Yunhu’s Blood Fog. She could not move at all.

    In the nick of time, Zi Shang grabbed Ye Jiuge’s waist and retreated quickly. Smashing through the walls, they managed to exit the house.

    Xiong Yunhu was momentarily stunned. He had not expected anyone to be able to save Ye Jiuge right in front of his eyes.

    He was already close to exploding, and this development made him fly into a great rage. He gave a mad roar and chased after them.

    Jumping onto the highest building of the Medicine Refinery Hall compound, Ye Jiuge used all her might to cry out, “The Sorcerer Xiong Yunhu is plotting against Great Master Dongfang’s life. Quick, come and protect him!”

    It was midnight, and the entire city was under martial law. A profound silence prevailed.

    Ye Jiuge’s voice rang out like a sudden clap of thunder that resonated in the sky.

    Not only was everyone in Medicine Refinery Hall and the Medicine Refinery Complex startled, even the citizens in the city could not help but rush from their homes to see what was happening.

    Ye Shanshan was woken up by Ye Jiuge’s voice. She immediately put on her clothes and arrived beside Ye Yuxuan. Bewildered, she asked, “Father, didn’t they say that Eldest Sister would be locked up in jail using Spirit Restricting Manacles? How did she escape?”

    “Who knows. Go and look for the Crown Prince. I will go and take a look.” Ye Yuxuan’s expression had turned unpleasant.

    He had a feeling in his heart that something terrible had happened.

    “Father, please be careful,” Ye Shanshan urged worriedly.

    “Quickly, go.” Having said so, Ye Yuxuan left with a flourish.

    Ye Shanshan immediately headed for the Ascending Skies Pavilion to find the Crown Prince. Just as she entered the courtyard, she heard his angry voice say, “Where has Su Junqing gone?”

    “Your Highness, I led a squad to search the entire Medicine Refinery Complex, but we have not been able to find the Su Clan’s Eldest Son. The guards on duty did not see him head out either!” the leader of the guards reported fearfully.

    “Search! Continue searching for him.” The Crown Prince’s face turned ashen. He hated that he was unable to tear Su Junqing to shreds.

    Standing at the entrance, Ye Shanshan advised from a distance, “Your Highness, please calm down. Don’t hurt yourself because of your anger.”

    “Tell me, did you help Ye Jiuge escape?” Steam was coming out of the Crown Prince’s nostrils. He was out of control as he grabbed Ye Shanshan and snarled.

    “Your Highness, our Ye Clan had already severed ties with Ye Jiuge. Why would we let her out? Father has already gone to Medicine Refinery Hall to capture her. Before he left, he specifically instructed me to find you, Your Highness, and help out,” Ye Shanshan hurriedly explained, trembling from fear.

    The Crown Prince’s chest heaved a few times before he suppressed his anger and bellowed, “Come! Let’s go to Medicine Refinery Hall.”


    Outside Medicine Refinery Hall, Ye Yuxuan met Gong Honglei.

    “Great Master Ye, you weren’t the one who helped Ye Jiuge escape, were you?” Gong Honglei asked, half-jokingly.

    He did not know that Ye Yuxuan and Ye Jiuge had a horrible relationship. Hence, he based his remarks on the idea of an ordinary father-daughter relationship. He’d mistakenly assumed that Ye Yuxuan would not stand by and watch as his daughter was imprisoned.

    “If I helped her escape, may I be struck by lightning and die a terrible death,” Ye Yuxuan snapped.

    Gong Honglei was shocked to hear Ye Yuxuan swear such a severe oath.

    He was embarrassed and hurriedly changed the topic. “Forget it. We will know who let her out once we capture her.”

    “That’s right.” Ye Yuxuan wanted to know who in Medicine Refinery Complex had dared to help Ye Jiuge.

    The two of them walked toward Medicine Refinery Hall side by side. As they reached the entrance, they heard frantic yells from the guards inside.

    “My God, what is that thing?”

    “You fool, can’t you tell? It is obviously a Sorcerer.”

    “Why would a Sorcerer leap out of Great Master Dongfang’s house, and why would he be fighting Ye Jiuge?”

    Frowning, Gong Honglei kicked the door open and rushed in.

    He saw a tall, bloody figure covered entirely in Black Magic in the space in front of the Medicine Refinery Hall. The fierce figure was chasing after Ye Jiuge.

    It looked as though Ye Jiuge was being pulled along by someone else. Although her body swayed from left to right and moved chaotically, she was still able to escape the bloody man’s grasp.

    “What are you looking at? Are you all blind? Can’t you tell who the Sorcerer is?” As Ye Jiuge dodged her assailant, she reprimanded the guards while pointing at them. “Great Master Dongfang raised every one of you for nothing. Not only have you led the wolf into the house, but you also don’t darte to capture the culprit. When the Great Master wakes up, he will definitely cut off your heads and kick them.”

    The guards were flabbergasted. The Crown Prince and Zhang Peng had ordered that Ye Jiuge be arrested. If they were to help her, their target, wouldn’t they be guilty of rebelling against authority?

    However, the bloody man was such a horrifying sight.

    “What are you all waiting for? Capture both the bloody man and Ye Jiuge!” Gong Honglei shouted angrily.

    The guards finally recovered from their surprise. They raised their weapons and rushed into the fight.

    However, they were all rushing at Ye Jiuge.

    The bloody man was too frightening. His palm could shatter a large boulder. If they fought him, they would be seeking death.

    Ye Jiuge almost vomited blood from her anger. She thought: These guards are such sh*t-stirrers! Actually, no, the real sh*t-stirrer is Gong Honglei!”