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Chapter 201 - You Call the Shots Since Your Breasts Are Huge

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 201: You Call the Shots Since Your Breasts Are Huge

    As she avoided Xiong Yunhu’s and the guards’ attacks, Ye Jiuge turned to Gong Honglei and yelled, “Gong Honglei, you blind idiot! Do you still have enough self-respect left to claim that you are from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance? I think it’s more likely that you are from the Bloodthirsty Sect! If your sister finds about this in the nether world, she will regret having such a blind brother!”

    “Shut up! The rest of you, retreat!” Gong Honglei bellowed at the guards, who were useless.

    Although he believed that Ye Jiuge was the murderer who had killed his sister, no matter how he looked at the scene before his eyes, Gong Honglei knew that the bloody man was a Sorcerer.

    He knew about Ye Jiuge’s abilities. Even if she were to escape, he could capture her again. However, the bloody man must be taken down immediately.

    Gong Honglei made his decision.

    He whipped out the Six Yang Sword from behind his back and infused it with Spiritual Power.

    As the golden Spiritual Power ran through the long sword, it lit up with intense, dazzling light. It made a razor-sharp sound like wind, and it seemed to pierce the air as he thrust it toward the bloody man.

    Xiong Yunhu dismissed Gong Honglei’s attack. He stretched out a hand and released a cloud of Blood Fog to block it.

    However, he had not expected the golden sword light to be unbelievably oppressing.

    Not only did it pierce through the Blood Fog and gore through his palm, but it also flew on without stopping and stabbed into his chest.

    “Aw, aw, aw!”

    Xiong Yunhu immediately let out a mad roar. He was severely injured.

    He solidified a large ball the size of a human head using the Blood Fog around his body and blasted Gong Honglei with it. It exploded just as it reached Gong Honglei, sending his body flying.

    Ye Jiuge was waiting dormant on the sidelines like a wild beast.

    She took the opportunity when Xiong Yunhu was dealing with Gong Honglei to whip the Lightning Snake Magical Whip at the sword wound on his chest.

    She had already sealed her Demonic Weapon, and the Lightning Snake Magical Whip had become an ordinary-looking Spiritual Weapon.

    Although it did not have the strength of a Demonic Weapon, the Lightning Elemental Spiritual Power within had a counteracting effect on Xiong Yunhu.

    The violet-colored lightning snake landed on Xiong Yunhu’s chest, worsening his injury. Xiong Yunhu was close to a breakdown after not failed to catch Ye Jiuge. When he was severely injured again, he let out a few more angry roars.

    He took out a Blood Pearl from his Magical Bottomless Bag and swallowed it.

    “Oh no! Quick, kill him, or you won’t get the chance to escape!” Ye Jiuge cried out.

    A Blood Pearl had allowed Xiong Yunhu to reach the Spiritual Master level.

    If he swallowed another, he would be even more dangerous.

    Ye Yuxuan was standing to the side, watching the battle. When he heard this, he immediately frowned, and his feet moved noiselessly toward the exit.

    He was only here to deal with his sinful daughter, Ye Jiuge. He did not want to be involved in this hideous mess.

    More importantly, he could sense that the bloody man was perilous, and he was no match for him. He felt that it would be wiser for him to flee at once.

    There was a dramatic transformation in Xiong Yunhu, who had now swallowed two Blood Pearls.

    His muscles expanded rapidly, and his entire body swelled up.

    His skin ruptured, and a large amount of blood spurted out.

    However, his blood did not flow to the ground. Instead, it integrated into the protective Blood Fog covering him.

    The fog diffused quickly. In an instant, all of Medicine Refinery Hall was covered in it.

    Ye Yuxuan was startled. He immediately activated his Spiritual Light of Protection and rushed for the exit. However, he was pushed back by a flash of blood-red light at the door.

    “Nobody will be leaving here alive today.” Xiong Yunhu’s wide eyes were bloodshot, and a terrifying glint flashed in his eyes.

    His voice was hoarse like a frenzied beast, and he gave off a bloodthirsty and violent presence. Countless small Blood Bells formed in the Blood Fog and flew onto Xiong Yunhu’s body. They made him look ridiculous.

    “Be careful. There is something strange about the Blood Fog,” Zi Shang whispered in Ye Jiuge’s ear while holding onto her.

    “You don’t have to tell me that.” Ye Jiuge watched the Blood Bells on Xiong Yunhu’s body carefully.

    Before she could finish her sentence, the Blood Bells began to shake rapidly.

    A peal of devilish chimes reached their ears. It felt as though countless ants had crawled onto their flesh and blood and were biting furiously.

    It was so unbearable that Ye Jiuge could feel her entire body tremble.

    In the next moment, an icy cold vital force entered her body from Zi Shang’s palm. It was as though a dam had burst had caused the ants to be flushed out of her body.

    The rest were gobbled up by the White Bone Flame in her Elixir Field.

    Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei did not fare as well as Ye Jiuge.

    They trembled as they covered their ears, resisting the devilish chime with all their might.

    They could only hang on because of their level of cultivation. However, the guards, who were Beginner Spiritual Practitioners, were in a miserable state.

    One by one, they let out mournful shrieks as their bodies exploded.

    “Hahaha!” Xiong Yunhu rumbled with mad laughter.

    He opened his mouth. To everyone’s horror, he absorbed the blood and flesh of the eviscerated guards. Then, he licked his lips with relish.

    Looking at Xiong Yunhu’s blood-red tongue, Ye Jiuge felt goosebumps rise on her entire body. Compared to Xiong Yunhu’s attack, Liu Yunfei’s Blood Bell was like heavenly music!

    “Great Master Ye and Ye Jiuge, we must take down this Sorcerer together today. Otherwise, our lives are in danger.” Gong Honglei steadied his surging qi and blood as he watched Xiong Yunhu vigilantly.

    “Hehehe. Didn’t you say that I am the Sorcerers’ leader and that you wish to bring me to justice and execute me on the spot? Why do you want to work with me now? Aren’t you afraid that if news of this spreads, people will say that you’re the Sorcerers’ accomplice?” Ye Jiuge sneered as she mocked him with no trace of politeness.

    “Ye Jiuge, don’t be too pleased with yourself. Even if this Xiong Yunhu is a Sorcerer, it’s hard to say whether you are his accomplice or not. You could be doing the dirty on him because of an argument over the distribution of your spoils,” Gong Honglei rebuked her, straightening his neck.

    “If what you just said were true, I’d have even less reason to help you.” Ye Jiuge did not know whether to be annoyed or amused by Gong Honglei.

    “Fine. Suit yourself.” In a rage, Gong Honglei raised his sword and rushed at Xiong Yunhu.

    As a member of the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance in addition to his background as a member of the Gong Clan, he was gifted in the art of the sword.

    He was a Second Level Sword Master, and he was also proficient in the Seventh Golden Sword Technique.

    Among those with the same level of cultivation, Sword Masters were usually the strongest. This was the reason behind his upright and fiery temper.

    “Let me help you.” After Ye Yuxuan was repeatedly unable to break through the shrouding Blood Fog, he finally understood the situation.

    If they could not kill the Sorcerer, they would not be leaving here alive.

    Making a prompt decision, he took out a palm-sized fiery Magic Gourd. He had placed all the flames that he had gathered over the years inside it.

    Although they couldn’t compare with the Heaven and Earth Spiritual Flames, they were still extraordinary. If not for the dire situation, he would never have used them.

    Ye Yuxuan infused his Spiritual Power into the fiery Magic Gourd. A green-red flame spurted out of it and attacked Xiong Yunhu at the same time as Gong Honglei’s sword light.

    The golden sword light and the green-red flame split open the Blood Fog and advanced toward Xiong Yunhu.

    Seeing this, Ye Jiuge hurriedly controlled her Lightning Snake Magical Whip and added her whip to the fray.

    “It’s no use. Save your Spiritual Power!” Zi Shang suggested lazily.

    In such an intense situation, he was like an outsider. From time to time, he even covered his mouth to yawn.

    “It’s fine if you do not wish to help, but don’t pour cold water on me,” Ye Jiuge snapped.

    Even though he had been reprimanded, Zi Shang was not angry. Instead, he replied lewdly, “Fine, fine, fine. You get to call the shots since your breasts are huge.”