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Chapter 202 - In Short, Will You Sleep with Me?

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 202: In Short, Will You Sleep with Me?

    Ye Jiuge thought: Sarcasm. This is undisguised sarcasm.

    Although Ye Jiuge’s body had recently begun to develop, she still had a long way to go until her breasts could be considered ‘substantial.’

    If not for their dire situation, Ye Jiuge wanted to give Zi Shang a good beating. It was unfortunate that she was no match for him.

    In her anger, she channeled her humiliation into strength and whipped a violet-colored lightning snake at Xiong Yunhu.

    “Insignificant thing! How dare you be so brazen!”

    With a wave of his hands, Xiong Yunhu dissipated Ye Jiuge’s violet-colored lightning snake.

    Ye Jiuge’s attack was merely a stopgap. She was counting on Ye Yuxuan’s flame and Gong Honglei’s sword-light.

    However, the Blood Fog covering Xiong Yunhu’s body surged up violently and extinguished Ye Yuxuan’s green-red colored flame like a flood.

    Ye Yuxuan’s face turned pale as he took two steps back.

    Although he’d preserved some strength during his attack, he was incredibly shocked that his flame was so easily obliterated.

    Fortunately, Gong Honglie’s Six Yang Sword was still flying.

    Xiong Yunhu stretched out his blood-red hands and reached for the Six Yang Sword. The golden sword-light turned agilely like a fish and avoided Xiong Yunhu’s palm.

    Seeing that Gong Honglei’s sword-light had broken through Xiong Yunhu’s defensive line, Ye Jiuge’s eyes lit up.

    “Go!” Gong Honglei bellowed as he performed an incantation gesture to direct the Six Yang Sword to pierce Xiong Yunhu’s eyes.

    However, Xiong Yunhu suddenly opened his mouth and bit the Six Yang Sword.


    The sound of the sword shattering into small pieces reached their ears.

    Xiong Yunhu had shattered Gong Honglei’s Six Yang Sword with his teeth.

    The Six Yang Sword was spiritually linked to Gong Honglei. When the sword was shattered, it damaged his vital energy.

    As his face paled, he retreated a few steps and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

    “Hahaha! Today, I shall taste the flavor of a Sword Master.” After chewing the Six Yang Sword into fragments, Xiong Yunhu spat them out onto the ground.

    Then, he raised his broad palms and attacked Gong Honglei.

    Gong Honglei took out a stack of Spiritual Talismans and threw them at those blood-red palms.

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Thunderclaps boomed.

    However, to Xiong Yunhu, the injury that he received from these low-grade talismans was even less painful than a mosquito bite.

    As he watched the large hands draw near, Gong Honglei’s eyes widened. A feeling of despair overwhelmed him.

    Seeing that things had gone wrong, Ye Yuxuan hurriedly controlled his fiery magic gourd and summoned a few more green-red flames to stop Xiong Yunhu.

    He knew that if Gong Honglei were to die, he would be next.

    “Hmph! You insignificant little Alchemist, how dare you try to stop me! Go to hell!” The Blood Fog surrounding Xiong Yunhu’s body expanded rapidly again, and he extinguished Ye Yuxuan’s flames with a single palm.

    Cracks began to appear on the surface of Ye Yuxuan’s fiery magic gourd. He almost vomited blood from his anguish over the damage to his magic gourd.

    It seemed that Gong Honglei was about to land in Xiong Yunhu’s hands.

    In the nick of time, a soft whip wrapped around Gong Honglei’s waist and pulled him to the side.

    Gong Honglei crashed into a tree with a loud bang. As he collapsed weakly, falling leaves began to land on him, covering his entire face.

    He was sure that Ye Jiuge had done this deliberately.

    However, even if it had been intentional, he did not dare speak up and criticize her.

    He had been nasty to her in the past, and Ye Jiuge was merciful to save his life. He would daydream of her being gentle toward him.

    “Jiuge, let’s put away our grudges. If you have a way to deal with this Sorcerer, then tell me quickly!”

    In this critical moment, Ye Yuxuan did not dare abuse his authority as Ye Jiuge’s Father. He could only entreat her piteously.

    “If I had a solution, I wouldn’t be trapped here either,” Ye Jiuge snapped.

    Although she did not have a solution, she knew that Zi Shang did.

    Seeing that the situation was dire, she lowered her voice and begged Zi Shang, “Please, help me this once!”

    If they were to let Xiong Yunhu escape, not only would he cause endless chaos, but she also wouldn’t be able to prove her innocence.

    “I have already said that I only have one-third of my Demonic Power,” Zi Shang replied coolly.

    Ye Jiuge bit her lower lip. After swallowing the Blood Pearls, Xiong Yunhu had become extremely dangerous. She would not ask Zi Shang to risk his life for her.

    If it was impossible to defeat him, she’d have to flee.

    If she left immediately, she could still go and ask for reinforcements—there was still a chance to save Great Master Dongfang.

    As for Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei, they should only blame themselves for being unlucky and for not trusting her.

    Ye Jiuge had made her decision. Just as she was about to ask Zi Shang to take her and flee, she heard him speak again: “Although I only have one-third of my Demonic Power, if you agree to my one condition, I can recover all of it.”

    “What condition?” Ye Jiuge’s spirits rose. She knew that Zi Shang was not so useless!

    “I have heard that a virgin woman’s Yin is an excellent supplement.” As Zi Shang spoke, his peach blossom eyes flung out a wink that hooked into Ye Jiuge. The meaning of his words was self-evident.

    Ye Jiuge was stunned into silence. After speaking at length, the demonic snake was still thinking about her body.

    It would be better to have a thing stolen than coveted.

    Ye Jiuge thought: Forget it. I won’t be able to keep it anyway. I might as well gift it to him sooner rather than later.

    As she gritted her teeth, Ye Jiuge made her decision and said, “Fine. I will give you my virginity.”

    “So straightforward?” Zi Shang’s eyebrows rose in surprise.

    He had tried to seduce her multiple times, but she had always refused.

    “I have a condition too. You must wait until I am eighteen.” Seeing Zi Shang frown, Ye Jiuge added, “I will turn eighteen in a month. It won’t be a long wait, ok?”

    “Fine. I promise.” One month was not a long wait. After all, Zi Shang had no intention of deflowering her immediately.

    “Also, you must tell me before we sleep together. Don’t throw me onto my back suddenly.” Ye Jiuge said solemnly. “Since it’s my first time, I need to be prepared.”

    Now, it was Zi Shang’s turn to be stunned into silence.

    He thought: Shouldn’t an ordinary lady be shy and blush when discussing such a topic? This Ye Jiuge is not demure at all to speak of sleeping together so casually.

    However, he liked Ye Jiuge’s brazen attitude.

    “What? You want to come at me hard?” Ye Jiuge frowned. She would not entertain Zi Shang if he had such a perverted fetish.

    “How will I come without being hard?” Zi Shang could not help but chuckle.

    His peach blossom eyes continued to hook into Ye Jiuge.

    “You hoodlum!” Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes. She was sure that Zi Shang was teasing her.

    She thought: Forget it. There is still one month to go. I will think of something when the problem arrives!

    Although Ye Jiuge and Zi Shang seemed to be discussing terms, they were actually flirting.

    Ye Yuxuan was already scared witless from Xiong Yunhu’s attacks, and he was close to crying his heart out. “Jiuge, are you listening to me?”

    “Nope,” Ye Jiuge replied coldly.

    She felt no warm emotions for her d*uchebag Father.

    “You…” Ye Yuxuan almost blurted out and called her “sinful daughter.”

    However, he knew that he needed her help, so he bit his tongue. Instead, he said pitifully, “Jiuge, no matter what, I am your biological Father. Can you really bear to watch me die?”

    Having said so, he hurriedly performed a lazy donkey roll to avoid Xiong Yunhu’s attack.