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Chapter 131 - By hook or by crook

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 131: By hook or by crook

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Not only did he successfully secure Fuke Group’s order book, he even gained an extra seven million. What an unexpected windfall!

    As soon as the contract was signed, both Luo Qi and Xu Guansong felt elated, as if they were in a dream. It was surreal, as Zhang Hongda’s initial attitude was as cold as ice, and he was reluctant to accept the offer from Luo’s Workshop. But Xiao Luo turned the tide at a single stroke.

    “Big boss, were you serious about what you’ve said to Boss Zhang after signing the contract?” Luo Qi asked as she walked beside him. She now worshipped Xiao Luo.

    “What did I say?”

    “You said that as long as he practices swinging for five hours every day for ten years, he can hit the ball into the hole with one swing.”

    “Of course I’m serious, practice makes perfect, heh.” Xiao Luo raised his brows and chuckled.

    This made Luo Qi even more curious, and she said, “If that’s the case, the reason why the big boss could hit all five balls into the hole. He must have persevered practicing for five hours of golf daily for ten years.”

    Xiao Luo just smiled and chose not to respond. He wasn’t up to explaining the technicalities, and besides, he just wasn’t in the mood to come up with white lies.

    Since the trip to the Ming Tai golf course, Xu Guansong had formed a better understanding of Xiao Luo’s mind. On the surface, he looked like a reckless youngster, was always in a daze, and unable to restrain himself. But on the contrary, he was able to seize the advantage the moment he recognized Zhang Hongda’s pride in playing golf. He spotted it in the short time he was with him, no more than twenty minutes. He then manipulated that weakness to lure Zhong Hongda into his clever scheme, a step at a time.

    Not only was he a capable tactician with the ability to execute his plan of action, but he was also a bright strategist of the highest order!

    Within a short span of two hours, he secured the orders from Fuke Group and got a five-million-dollar payout from Fang Changlei. This was even larger than the profits generated by a casino. He now knew why Chu Yunxiong had placed such high regard for Xiao Luo. Such a character would shine anywhere he went in the world, what more in Luo’s Workshop.

    “Chairman Xiao!”

    Xu Guansong came running towards Xiao Luo with some urgency. “Chairman Xiao,” He called out again, with deep respect.

    “Do you have business with me, Vice-chairman Xu?”

    “Chairman Xiao, have you ever heard of the Dragon Gang before?”

    The Dragon Gang?

    Xiao Luo squinted; it was a name he had heard countless times. He had taken the lives of more than a hundred of their Gang members. Hearing that name spoken again, he was once again reminded of their reputation.

    Thinking that Xiao Luo might not have heard of them, Xu Guangsong adjusted his glasses and explained, “The Dragon Gang is the biggest secret society around; it runs bars, restaurants, casinos, underground businesses including prostitution and drug trafficking. They have recruited about three thousand members. The Dragon Gang have their headquarters at the Guangming District. But their members are scattered all over the streets of Jiangcheng.”

    As soon as he finished, he looked anxiously at Xiao Luo, waiting for his reaction.

    “Keep going.” Xiao Luo said with mounting interest.

    “The helmsman of the Dragon Gang’s called Long Sankui, also known as Lord Long, and he has three thousand students under him. Rumor has it that he’s a true master, capable of killing an opponent without spilling blood. He has a fierce face, and he’s so ruthless that even a ghost fears him.”

    “Ok, then?”

    “Chairman Xiao, do you know why Taste Buds could always suppress Luo’s Workshop? Take the case of the elderly dying from eating contaminated bread at our outlet. Isn’t it obvious that someone was behind it? The purpose was to tarnish our reputation. However, Fang Changmiao, Luo’s Workshop’s ex-boss, didn’t dare even to resist. Instead, he sold Luo’s Workshop to Boss Chu. Do you know why?”


    Xiao Luo frowned. He couldn’t yet put the finger on the whole sordid affair.

    Xu Guansong looked around and ensured nobody was around, then said softly, “It’s because Fang Changlei and Long Sankui have a special relationship. It’s said that when Long Sankui had found himself in a most desperate situation in his early years, and it’s Fang Changlei who had saved him. Since then, Long Sankui had been grateful towards Fang Changlei, his benefactor.”

    Fang Changmiao, the chairman, was preparing to sue Taste buds on illegal competition, he ended up getting abducted and almost thrown into the sea to feed fishes. This had terrified him so much that he left Jiangcheng immediately after reselling Luo’s Workshop to Boss Chu. There’s hardly any news about him even until now.

    “Why did I not know about Dragon Gang’s abduction of Boss Fang?” Luo Qi blinked and asked.

    Xu Guansong rolled his eyes at her and said, “How could you possibly know? I also knew it through drinking with Chairman Fang who’s depressed, as he accidentally leaked it when he became drunk.”

    “You mean, due to Fang Changlei, Dragon Gang might come for me just like how they came for Fang Changmiao?” Xiao Luo said, making his point.

    “The chance is very high.” Xu Guangsong said, nodding.

    “Won’t they worry about being put in the jail by the police?” Luo Qi asked.

    “Luo Qi, you’re still as naive as ever. The world isn’t as beautiful as you’ve imagined, all the filth is concealed behind a gorgeous facade. As of now, cruel crimes are taking place in every corner of the world. There’re two sides of a coin, the black comes together with the white, just like light is to darkness. In such a tiny piece of land such as Jiangcheng, Long Sankui represents the black and the darkness.” Xu Guansong said earnestly.

    Xiao Luo smiled, and he agreed with Xu Guangsong’s understanding of the situation.

    He patted Xu Guangsong on his shoulder and said, “Under the present circumstance, we can’t do too much. Let’s roll with the punches!”

    With that, he opened the car door and got in.

    “Chairman Xiao, I still think that it’s best if you reconcile with Fang Changlei. Ordinary folks like us can’t deal with Dragon Gang; not even the government can do anything to them. They can only be contained temporarily. Taking out the Dragon Gang would only lead to another gang rising in its place. The current structure is balanced and stable enough to avoid turf wars breaking out.”

    “Reconcile? How to reconcile? By signing unequal treaties with him for a momentary truce just like the latter-day Qing government?” Xiao Luo sneered, wondering what Xu Guansong had in mind.

    “We definitely can’t do this, that Chairman Fang’s a vicious person. Even if we were to compensate him financially, he’d never let the matter rest and think of every possible way to gradually destroy Luo’s Workshop.” Luo Qi said with a serious look on her face.

    “I’m thinking about Chairman Xiao’s safety. What do you understand?” Xu Guansong scolded.

    “Hmph, I don’t believe that Dragon Gang can hoodwink the public in Jiangcheng. It’s just a gangster group. How can it work above the country’s law?” Luo Qi snapped.

    “Start the engine, we’re going back to the company!” Xiao Luo waved and cut off their arguments directly.


    After browsing through a list of several dozen key customers prepared by Li Zimeng, Xiao Luo came up with a plan of action that would put pressure on Taste Buds. Fang Changlei had pissed him off, so of course, he intended to return Fang Changlei the favor in kind.

    The total amount of mooncake orders that Taste Buds had received from these companies were valued over thirty million, just from a single traditional festival. Adding the daily profits from their outlets, the returns from the pastry industry were lucrative.

    Xiao Luo planned to assume control over Taste Buds’ key accounts, using the personal weaknesses of their owners to devise his schemes.

    Being his assistant, Luo Qi, who had been working closely, finally came up to speed with his bag of tricks. These bosses tended to have some unique hobbies, such as car racing, sports, clubbing, and women.

    Xiao Luo would first look for the weaknesses of each of them. They would easily be entrapped in his schemes, just like Zhang Hongda had. For those few who would not succumb to either blackmail or threats, then Xiao Luo would resort to kidnapping their children.

    The plan would be carried out, by hook or by crook!

    Nothing would be too extreme!