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Chapter 132 - Even Without Looking, She Knew it was Him

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 132: Even Without Looking, She Knew it was Him

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    Zhen Ni’s music succeeded in revolting the restaurant diners, who could no longer ingest their food, and also instantly attracted Yu Changmo’s attention.

    When Qianmo saw who was playing the piano, a few black lines appeared on her forehead as she was speechless.

    To play this music in front of Black, like hell he would fancy her. Black was so patriotic.

    Sure enough, from the corner of eyes, Qianmo noticed that although Black’s facial expression did not change much, his eyes seemed to be shooting daggers with, um, murderous aura?

    Indeed, it was a murderous aura.

    Yu Changmo was extremely pissed off at the moment. He finally had the opportunity to have a meal alone with his goddess. The atmosphere was just perfect, but this had to happen, spoiling everything. How could he not be furious?

    The other diners were also dissatisfied with being disturbed. Someone called over the waiter to ask what was going on. Zhen Ni, who had successfully caught everyone’s attention, stood up and walked over to the microphone at the side.

    “Just a small joke for all of you. I believe that when most of you hear this melody, your first reaction is to think of the Japanese entering the village during the war, but in fact, this is a new activity that our restaurant is launching. Yes, anyone who can guess the true origin of this tune will not have to pay for their meal! After all, I am an outstanding musician who is committed to popularizing elegant music in the country.”

    As she uttered her last sentence, she tried to seduce Yu Changmo’s… back. When dealing with such boy-crazy women, Black was unwilling to even look at them.

    Feeling a loss of appetite, he was about to drag Qianmo and leave when he noticed that Qianmo had a look of interest on her face.

    Qianmo asked Black, “Since when did she become a musician?” She recalled that Zhen Ni seemed to be studying at the agricultural university next to her school.

    “Maybe the country is promoting some emerging project. For example, playing music to crops to increase yield.” When faced with these people who ruined things that were going great for him, he would not restrain his wicked tongue at all.

    Qianmo suppressed her laughter.

    Their warm interaction was caught by Zhen Ni, who was in the limelight, and her eyes started spitting fire. This obnoxious display of adultery was happening right before her eyes!

    Hence, Zhen Ni took out the wireless microphone, walked over to Qianmo’s table, and placed it at Qianmo’s mouth.

    “This lady here, surely, you know the answer?”

    ! Glaring at Qianmo maliciously, Zhen Ni was looking forward to seeing this country bumpkin, whose family reared sea cucumbers, embarrass herself in public.

    “Adaptation of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 7 ‘Leningrad’. Shostakovich had initially intended to submit this composition in honor of the city of Leningrad, where he was born and had fought the war. The original composition is a world-renowned piece of music.

    “However, it is not appropriate for you to play this piece in this setting because I think that with your standard, it sounds more like the Japanese entering the village. Although our country’s territory is enormous, we will not yield even an inch of it.”

    Her speech elicited a round of applause that washed over them like the tide.

    Yes. Although not everyone knew what this composition was, they were just having a nice meal, and yet this had to happen. Obviously, this displeased them. In comparison, Qianmo’s reply was more pleasing to the ears.

    Zhen Ni’s intention was to show off how impressive she was in front of Brother Mo, so as to emphasize the difference between her and the daughter of a sea cucumber-rearing family. She did not expect Qianmo to be able to answer and to give a fairly high-sounding speech at that.

    “Oh, looks like you know music very well? Which piano grade are you at?” Zhen Ni continued asking. She only had one motive: humiliate Chen Qianmo. Utterly humiliate.

    As high school classmates, Zhen Ni remembered that Qianmo had never gone on stage to perform anything, unlike her, who was proficient in all kinds of instruments and in singing. There was also no sign of Chen Qianmo in the school’s symphony orchestra. She evidently could not afford to learn such elegant arts due to her family background.

    Qianmo sighed. In actuality, she simply did not want to be in the limelight.

    Especially in front of so many people. Zhen Ni was like a monkey performing antics.

    However, humans were just like that. It was fine to remain modest normally, but in front of their beloved, they would not yield an inch.

    Yu Changmo was at the end of his patience. Seeing how Zhen Ni kept on confronting his goddess disrespectfully, he—as the man—could no longer sit by and watch. Just when he was about to stand up and rebuke Zhen Ni harshly, Qianmo reacted.

    Holding Yu Changmo’s hand, she shook her head briefly at him. Then, she stood up and flexed her fingers.

    Zhen Ni was so shocked that she took a few steps back.

    “W-what are you trying to do?”

    Her world-class beauty… would not be able to withstand the violent attack of the tomboys from the police academy next door. Zhen Ni had seen with her own eyes what their military training was like: rolling in the mud and running in the wind. An exceptional, delicate flower like herself would not be able to bear Chen Qianmo’s physical attack.

    “The piano. Let me borrow it for a while.” Qianmo strolled over to the piano. When Zhen Ni snapped out of it, she shouted into the microphone from behind her, “Hey, our piano is imported from Germany. If you don’t know how to play, don’t recklessly press on the keys.”

    Yu Changmo followed suit and stood up. Casting a sweeping glance at Zhen Ni, he said, “If it breaks, I’ll compensate.”

    This imperious answer resounded throughout every corner of the restaurant via the microphone, causing a fervor to build up.

    Oh, please, what meal! This scene was much more exciting than eating some food. Some people even whistled at Black’s noble act of protecting his woman.

    Sitting on the piano bench, Qianmo adjusted the height of the seat. When Zhen Ni saw this, she turned red in the face. Chen Qianmo was humiliating and mocking her for having short legs, wasn’t she? Wasn’t she!

    Qianmo’s height was 168cm, so sitting on Zhen Ni’s bench was indeed strenuous. After all, not only was Zhen Ni short, but her leg to torso proportion was also not as good as Qianmo. Simply put, she had short legs.

    After adjusting the height of the bench, Qianmo’s fingers flew across the piano keys.

    A powerful, sonorous improvisation of a military song came pouring out in torrents. Once this melody started, the whole restaurant erupted in applause.


    What adaptation of a world-renowned composition of Japanese entering the village! Nobody knew how to appreciate that. Putting aside whether it was supposed to be an elegant piece or not, in all their hearts, this was the most touching melody—Soldiers who defended the country were the most adorable people.

    Zhen Ni did not expect Qianmo to know how to play the piano, and what more, to play it so… well?

    “Brother Mo…” Zhen Ni was alarmed and felt like she had accidentally given the enemy the advantage. Worried, she looked at the man next to her.

    He did not know whether it was because they were far apart or because the moment was too beautiful, his phobia was laid to rest and did not bother him as he admired her.

    Admiring her with this thought in mind, Yu Changmo walked past Zhen Ni. When she attempted to grab his sleeve, he shook her off without any hesitation.

    Qianmo was in the midst of playing her music when she suddenly felt a dip in her seat. She moved slightly over to the side so that the two-person bench could seat both of them comfortably.

    Even without looking, she knew it was him.

    Yu Changmo reached out, his slender fingers adding on to the bass. His melody complimenting hers, they played a piano duet. In her past life, he enjoyed doing this when she played the piano.

    Mutual understanding flowed between them, and the whole restaurant became a place for lovers. Zhen Ni’s tears streamed down her face.