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Chapter 104 - Feeling Hopeless (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 104: Feeling Hopeless (2)

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    Xu Shuai was someone who had seen many different women in his lifetime. Even if two women had undergone plastic surgery and ended up with extremely similar faces, he could still differentiate them. That woman he saw just now… could it really be Xu Weilai?

    If it was her, why was she with Pang Hai? Why did they enter the same room in the middle of the night!

    In the past, he would have been too lazy to care about her. But, now, he knew that Gu Yu possessed complicated feelings towards Xu Weilai. He thought for a moment. In the end, he still took out his phone and dialed Gu Yu’s number!


    Gu Yu hadn’t been feeling well for the last few days. He was coughing and had a headache. However, he didn’t visit the doctor nor did he take any medicine. He continued working day and night without resting so his illness got worse.

    When his phone rang, he was lying on the bed in the resting area of his office, trying to get some rest. He furrowed his brows and slowly opened his eyes. He took his phone and answered the call.

    “Yu, where are you?”

    The background of the call was very noisy. Gu Yu was already having a headache and the noise caused his head to hurt even more.

    He rubbed his temples and replied impatiently, “Just say what you have to say!”

    “Oh, erm, I’m at XX club. Just now, I thought I saw Xu Weilai here. She’s with Pang Hai. I don’t know what she’s doing. You know Pang Hai, right? He isn’t a kind fellow. If that lady was Xu Weilai, she might be in dange-”

    Before he could finish the word ‘danger’, Gu Yu hung up immediately. All that was left was the dial tone that trailed after the call ended.

    Xu Shuai blinked. Then, he blinked again.

    What was the meaning of that? He didn’t want to hear about anything related to Xu Weilai?

    Xu Shuai tossed his phone aside and leaned back on the sofa with his hands behind his head. He shook his head and sighed. People always said that it was hard to understand the thoughts of a woman but Xu Shuai felt that in comparison, Gu Yu’s thoughts were even harder to decipher!

    After hanging up abruptly, Gu Yu threw the phone on the bed forcefully. Those three words, Xu Weilai, caused his head to hurt many times more.

    He closed his eyes and attempted to ignore what Xu Shuai told him. But, the more he wanted to forget it, the more he thought about it.


    In the private room.

    Xu Weilai was trying her best to deal with Pang Hai but she was still unable to escape. On the other hand, Pang Hai seemed to be having fun teasing and playing with her. Her kicks and punches just felt ticklish to him. It didn’t hurt him at all.

    Xu Weilai was so tired she panted profusely. Warm sweat kept forming on her forehead. She felt that her energy was slowly draining. She was almost completely exhausted!

    “No more energy?”

    Pang Hai smiled brightly and sized her up in contempt. Then, he flexed his knuckles. They made loud cracking sounds worthy of terrifying people!

    “It’s my turn now!”

    Pang Hai rushed forward and grabbed Xu Weilai by her slim wrist. He pulled her towards the sofa. The next second, he pinned her down and propped his leg on the sofa. His body was hanging right above Xu Weilai!

    He patted her face with one hand and gave a sinister smile. “Young lady, this is the first time I have met such a fierce woman like you. You suit my taste. Why not be with me? I will make sure that you have a good life!”

    Xu Weilai’s hands and legs were held down so she couldn’t move. She smiled. “In your dreams!” After she finished speaking, she opened her mouth and bit hard on his hand with all her remaining energy. Instantly, blood was drawn on Pang Hai’s hand!

    The smell of blood completely awoke the beast in Pang Hai. He shouted furiously, “I gave you an easy way out but you chose the difficult one!”

    He slapped her with a swift motion. Xu Weilai felt her head spinning. Then, she heard the sound of something being ripped apart and the front of her body suddenly felt cold…

    While she was feeling hopeless, she turned her head. The door of the private room wasn’t shut tightly so she saw a familiar figure between the gap.