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Chapter 242.2 - Had He Seen A Ghost?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 242.2: Had He Seen A Ghost?

    Shock showed on his face and he raised his voice to shout: “Who is playing these tricks while hiding? Show yourself to me!”

    As soon as his voice fell, that strange power then lifted his entire body up into the air, before tossing him viciously out of the place. The palace’s main doors then shut tightly with a boom right after, where they stood impenetrable and still no matter how the people outside tried to force their way in, fantastically strange.

    “What….. just happened here?”

    Cang Jian came to his feet as his subordinates helped him up. His face was deathly pale as he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

    “Grand Priest, the doors cannot be opened!” After two black robed men found that their powerful strikes on the door had absolutely no effect, they immediately went to Cang Jian to report it.

    Cang Jian wiped the trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at the tightly shut doors into the palace, suspicion rising up in his eyes.

    [Just who could possibly possess the ability to do this and was even able to injure him?]

    Although his cultivation was in the study of priesthood, but his powers was great enough for him to hold his own in Cloud Heaven, and to achieve such a high position in the Divine Temple. [Although his powers could not be said to be unparalleled, but it was considered to be of a superior level.]

    [If it was really the destined one who inherited the god’s bloodline……]

    Cang Jian narrowed his eyes. [Forget it. He must investigate this clearly before he reports it to the Temple Lord!]

    “We retreat for now.”

    Inside the palace, after Cang Jian was tossed out of the place, the shaky and badly battered wall suddenly collapsed. Where there was nothing to be seen before, when the entire secret tunnel was revealed before their eyes, Qing Yu and the black shadow came walking slowly out from within.

    Chi Yue was a little stunned. “Princess, just now…..”

    [What could have happened? How did the secret tunnel disappear? That was just too unbelievable!]

    Seeing the shock that was showing in that pair of large eyes, Qing Yu went on to explain calmly: “That was nothing. As the secret tunnel wasn’t that large in area, I was able to keep it away very quickly. That man would not have noticed anything strange just now.”

    Those words spoken so matter of factly however stunned Chi Yue further into a speechless daze for a very long while.

    “Keep….. Keep it away? ?”

    [Did she just hear those words correctly?]

    [How do you keep something like a secret tunnel away? ? !]

    [And that secret tunnel was at least several hundred meters long, able to allow more than ten men to walk abreast in there. She actually said that it….. wasn’t that large in area?]

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow as she looked at the astounded look on the woman’s face like she had just seen a ghost. Although she did not really understand it, she went on to open her mouth to ask: “People from Cloud Heaven would not find a simple technique like this unfamiliar would you? It’s called spatial time shift. I had merely shifted the tunnel to another place just now and set up an illusion in its place. No matter how high one’s level of cultivation is, they would not be able to see through it.”