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Chapter 242.3 - Had He Seen A Ghost?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 242 .3: Had He Seen A Ghost?

    Given such a short period of time, she was only able to shift the secret tunnel into her own dimensional space. But as that was a secret, she was not ready to reveal it.

    Hearing her explanation, Chi Yue started to understand. Her eyes were filled with reverent worship as she then said: “The Princess has really grown stronger. I just knew that you would be blessed and would come out safe.”

    “You’ve really mistaken me for someone else. I am not any kind of princess at all.” Qing Yu said a little helplessly as she covered her palm over her face.

    She was not going to impersonate herself to take on the identity of another person.

    Hearing that, Chi Yue merely gave a soft sigh. “I do not know why the Princess is not willing to acknowledge our relationship but I will never forget the Princess. Back then, among the many princesses, only you were like the god the most, and was most qualified to inherit the Divine Temple. A pity…..


    Qing Yu blinked her eyes as she seemed to realize something. [This woman has mistaken her for her mother!]

    Calling her princess and talking about the god who was once the lord of the divine temple, she would be really stupid if she still didn’t realize it.

    [So this woman is an old acquaintance of her mother’s, and was very loyal to her as well. What a great reward this encounter had come to reap. From the look of things, the woman definitely knows quite a bit about the things that happened in the divine temple back then.]

    [It must be because she knows too much and posed to be a threat. That was why that woman laid a curse on her and kept her imprisoned in this place.]

    [In that case, then it would not do any harm to acknowledge the relationship.]

    Decided, Qing Yu then smiled and said: “In your eyes, do I really look so much like the princess you are talking about?”

    ChI Yue was taken aback by surprise. [What does she mean?]

    But she then went on to scrutinize the young lady, carefully studying her countenance and mannerisms.

    [Something seems….. a little off.]

    [The young lady in front of her looks….. a little younger.]

    [Although the princess who was already a few hundred years old still looked like a budding young woman, compared to this young lady here, the princess had a tad bit more maturity in her, and that was a change that would only come after one had experienced quite a bit in their life.]

    [In that aspect, this young lady was a little bit different.]

    [She has really….. been mistaken?]

    With that thought in mind, Chi Yue’s face immediately fell sullen. “You…..”

    “Don’t be so hasty. I haven’t finished.” Qing Yu interjected, her eyes smiling as she said. “Aren’t you curious why I look so much like that princess that you know? That is because she is my mother!”

    Chi Yue’s sullen rage immediately turned into a stunned daze.

    “What….. did you just say?” She still could not believe her ears.