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Chapter 242.4 - Had He Seen A Ghost?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 242.4: Had He Seen A Ghost?

    Although it was rumoured back then that the Princess was indeed together with a man and it had even spread to become such hot juicy gossip, she did not believe a word of it. And a young lady who looked so much like the Princess had now come to tell her that she was the Princess’ daughter.

    Seeing the woman looking like she was shocked right to her soul, Qing Yu sighed helplessly before her slim fingers snapped crisply. A ball of golden red flame immediately appeared at the tip of her finger which illuminated the dim surroundings.

    “This should be enough to make you believe now, wouldn’t it! ?” Qing Yu asked.

    “It’s the Phoenix Fire!” Chi Yue cried out in a slightly broken voice, her eyes immediately turning red.

    [This is the Princess’ divine fire! How could she possibly not recognize it?]

    [This young lady’s really of the Princess’ bloodline!]

    To say how Qing Yu came to know about this, the credit must go to Lou Jun Yao.

    Back when she was still in the Constellation Continent, he had already given her quite a lot of information about advancing through her cultivation levels. When they first met, that guy had already shown a lot of interest in the strange and unique elixir fire she possessed.

    She had then looked further into it and came to find out that her elixir fire was called the Phoenix Fire, and was not something that one would be able to gain by cultivating but something that one was born with, a kind of power inherited through one’s bloodline. That would also mean that either this body’s father or mother had the power of Phoenix Fire in them.

    And after she saw the phoenix divine beast in the cave within the forbidden ground, Lou Jun Yao had said that it was her mother’s contracted divine beast, so the person who possessed the power of Phoenix Fire would most definitely be her mother.

    It must be said that her guesswork was spot on and right on the mark.

    “Chi Yue greets the Little Princess.” After ascertaining her identity, Chi Yue immediately knelt with her body flat on the ground, paying Qing Yu the most respectful homage a servant could show to her mistress.

    Qing Yu quickly helped the woman up to her feet. “Dispense with all these superficial formalities and just call me Qing Yu. My mother is no longer any kind of princess anymore so you had better not address me with such a title.”

    Hearing that, Chi Yue furrowed her brows together. “That wouldn’t be appropriate…..”

    “There’s nothing inappropriate about that. Just do as I’ve said.” Qing Yu told her.

    “I will.”

    “Rest assured that I will not let you just die like this. I will definitely think of a way to dispel the curse you’ve been afflicted with.” Qing Yu said in a serious tone as she held the woman’s hands.

    Chi Yue’s eyes narrowed as she started to shake her head lightly. “It’s no use. I am a Grand Priestess myself but I have absolutely no idea on how I can break this evil curse at all.”

    “Just trust me. I will definitely do it. Don’t you want to be able to see my mother again but allow yourself your life to end in regret like this?” The young lady’s voice was tender, and it was imbued with a strangely convincing power.

    Chi Yue’s heart winced with a vicious tug. Finally, she raised her eyes and said slowly, her voice pausing hesitatingly between each word: “I want….. to live.”