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Chapter 447 - Shocking Sixth Class to Seventh Class Experience!

Medical Master
     Chapter 447 Shocking Sixth Class to Seventh Class Experience!


    Hearing Xuan Yiqing announce it was sold, Ling Tianxiao immediately laughed out loud, gave a hold fist salute to everyone present, and said, “Thank you for trusting me.”

    While saying that, he kept darting smug glances at Fang Qiu.

    He seemed to say: How will you collect money now!

    In the meanwhile, Fang Qiu ignored Ling Tianxiao’s pretentious laughter and twisted around to face Ling Tianxiao.

    Ling Tianxiao didn’t hold back to mock Fang Qiu. “What can 5.1 million do? You’re still short of money.”

    Hearing that, He Gaoming, who had been standing beside Fang Qiu, got angry.

    He knew clearly that if Ling Tianxiao hadn’t screwed up the auction, the fourth class to fifth class promotion experience could at least be sold at a price higher than 7 million.

    In the end, after Ling Tianxiao messed it up, the price became only half of the expected one.

    How could He Gaoming not get angry from this?

    Compared to He Gaoming’s anger, Fang Qiu, under the mask, secretly sneered.

    “You’ve sold all your stuff. Now it’s time to deliver, right?”

    Ling Tianxiao kept ridiculing Fang Qiu. “Show us your money. Why attend an auction when you have no money, beggar?”

    Hearing that, the entire audience got stunned. Someone followed to laugh and waited for Fang Qiu’s embarrassed face as if it were a show. Some raised their eyebrows, thinking that Ling Tianxiao had taken it too far. Some were expressionless as if they hadn’t heard it.

    It was on the auction stage.


    Xuan Yiqing shouted to Fang Qiu and said, “This might be awkward but I have to say it. Even with the 5.1 million, your money still isn’t enough.”

    “What’s the hurry?”

    Fang Qiu calmly replied and added, “I have one more thing.”

    After that, Xuan Yiqing and the entire crowd couldn’t help feeling stunned.

    What the heck!


    How many items did he bring over?

    While saying, Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate. With a turn of his wrist, he showed another notebook.

    Fang Qiu said, “This is an experience notebook on advancing from third class to fourth class. Like the last lot, it’s still from a guru-like expert.”

    Hearing that, the steward immediately came over and fetched the book in Fang Qiu’s hand to check backstage.

    It was after a short while.

    “After our verification, the third class to fourth class leveling-up experience is real. With the help of the notebook, a third-class martial arts practitioner can at least increase his promotion rate by 60%.”

    After the check backstage, Xuan Yiqing publicly announced.

    As a result, hearing what he said, everyone had their own idea about the book.

    Though those present were generally above the fourth class and they would find the book useless even if they bought it, for the juniors in their families, this one would be more helpful than the previous fourth class to the fifth class book.

    Especially, now when everyone had access to the fourth class to fifth class leveling-up experience, they wanted the third class to fourth class promotion experience book even more.

    After all, with this book with the previous one, they would have detailed instruction on how to advance through two ranks.

    It was practically a must-have for those who wanted to break through and level up!

    “Hang on.”

    Just when Xuan Yiqing on the auction stage was ready to start, Fang Qiu suddenly had something to say, “Since it’s an auction, it should go by the rules of an auction. That is to say, as a client, I’m qualified to set a reserve price for my lots, right?”

    Hearing that, everyone understood that Fang Qiu was trying to stop their suppressing the price and sharing the experience.

    After all, without a reserve price, then in the entire audience, there must be only one bidding. At that time, Fang Qiu would even have to feel grateful for his lot worth a few million to be sold for 100 thousand.

    Fang Qiu was not stupid.

    Therefore, he took the initiative to set a reserve price.


    On the auction stage, Xuan Yiqing hesitated for a second and then said, “On regular occasion, it’s indeed so…”

    It was before he finished.

    “Now is not on a regular occasion.”

    Ling Tianxiao chimed in. “The auction here has ended. When Mr. Xuan showed up himself, he already made this clear. So the lot now isn’t included in the original entrust, irrelevant to the auction agency. It’s just they kindly offered to help you because you’re short of money.

    “Under such circumstances, do you have the nerve to set a reserve price?

    “What’s more, what if after you set a reserve price, no one wants the lot and it can’t be sold. How will the agency charge you?”

    After that, the audience immediately echoed.

    “That’s right. If there’s a reserve price, we won’t buy it.”

    “Right. Everyone, don’t buy it. I’ll see who he’ll sell it to.”

    “Set a reserve price? We haven’t started to force the price down, and now you want to lift it. Are you playing tricks on us?”

    Obviously, everyone supported Ling Tianxiao.

    He was the young master of the Ling Family, besides, they wanted to share once again.

    After all, it’s duplicable.

    They didn’t need to fight for it and ended up not necessarily having it.

    If they could obtain it without money and effort, why would they spend money and put effort into getting it?

    It was on the auction stage.


    Seeing that the entire audience agreeing with Ling Tianxiao, Xuan Yiqing helplessly sighed and said, “What Master Ling said indeed makes sense. Therefore, the auction this time still doesn’t have a reserve price. But the auction rules are still the same. Every scale shouldn’t be less than 100 thousand.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu got furious.

    These people were too shameless.

    They were clearly expressing that they would rob him.


    Feeling raged, Fang Qiu suddenly smiled. Nevertheless, because of the mask, the audience didn’t see it. He smiled coldly for a few seconds and then said, “Let’s begin.”

    “Let the auction begin!”

    On the auction stage, Xuan Yiqing shouted.

    “100 thousand!”

    Ling Tianxiao immediately bid. After his offer, he especially told everyone. “I’ll share it with you all.”

    Hearing that, everyone present instantly smiled.

    On the stage, Xuan Yiqing felt very helpless.

    “100 thousand. Any bid?

    “100 thousand first.

    “100 thousand second!”

    Two consecutive sounds of the hammer hitting the auction block rang.

    It was just when Xuan Yiqing raised the hammer and wanted to hit it the third time.

    “Raise the price. 1.5 million!”

    Fang Qiu quickly patted He Gaoming’s hand and whispered.

    Hearing that, He Gaoming, who had been feeling anxious and angry, suddenly realized.

    “1.5 million!”

    Without the slightest hesitation, He Gaoming immediately raised his hand and shouted.

    Hearing the shout, the entire audience became stunned.

    Actually, Fang Qiu also knew that the people present all desired the book of experience. He Gaoming could naturally also tell it. The eyes of everyone present who stared at the stage were all shining.

    However, for He Gaoming, it didn’t matter if anyone wanted it; he just wanted to raise the price.

    If there’s really no one who wanted the book, at worst, he could buy it for 1.5 million himself!

    It was definitely a bargain to buy a third class to fourth class leveling-up experience book with 1.5 million!

    The most important was that if he could purchase the experience book, he could definitely get the 1.5 million back.

    Not to mention other places, as long as he brought the experience book back to Jiangjing, he didn’t even need to put it up for an auction; just by directly selling it to Elder Yi, he could get a few million.

    Therefore, He Gaoming didn’t feel worried at all.

    As soon as Fang Qiu reminded him, he immediately bet all his money on it.

    He Gaoming stopped the auction halfway.

    After that, the entire audience froze.

    Over there, Ling Tianxiao’s face instantly became ugly.

    Because with the 1.5 million, Fang Qiu would have more than 22 million.


    Angrily snorting in his heart, Ling Tianxiao looked at He Gaoming with disdain all over his face and said, “Everyone can bid. The most important thing is, do you have so much money?”

    “This is my bank card. The auction agency can verify it.”

    He Gaoming directly took out a bank card.

    Ling Tianxiao’s expression turned even uglier.

    In his eyes, He Gaoming definitely didn’t have money.

    If he really possessed money, why didn’t he just give it to Fang Qiu? Why should he put on such a show?

    Unfortunately, though following Fang Qiu as his master, He Gaoming never got involved with Fang Qiu in money. Fang Qiu never borrowed from him and would never do that.

    Therefore, Fang Qiu directly put up his notebooks for sale without even asking him.

    While Ling Tianxiao questioned, the old steward beside Xuan Yiqing immediately took the card to verify it.

    It was after a while.

    “It’s true.”

    The steward walked out carrying the bank card and said, “The balance on the card exceeds 1.5 million.”

    “See that?”

    Retrieving his bank card, He Gaoming looked at Ling Tianxiao with a smug face and said, “I’ll tell you honestly. I have only 1.61 million in total on my card. Now the bid is 1.5 million. If you continue to bid, I’ll quit. If you don’t, I’ll have it to my own. At that time, I don’t intend to share it or stuff. If you want a copy, I promise that you won’t get it if you offer less than 500 thousand.”


    Hearing this, Ling Tianxiao instantly went furious.

    He really couldn’t figure out what He Gaoming was doing earlier.

    He didn’t come to help when they sold the Heaven Treasure. However, he chose to mess up the auction at this critical time. He’s really annoying!

    “1.5 million first. Any more bid?”

    On the auction stage, Xuan Yiqing asked.

    Ling Tianxiao immediately shouted. “1.6 million!”

    “That’s right.”

    He Gaoming turned his head around, grinned at Ling Tianxiao, and said, “I’ll leave this experience book to you. I won’t bid anymore.”

    In the end, the youth sullenly got the book with 1.6 million and planned to share it with everyone after the auction was over.

    On the stage, Xuan Yiqing smilingly announced. “I announce that the auction ended.”

    At that time, Fang Qiu rose again, “I still have one more thing.”

    Hearing what he said, all the people present turned speechless.

    How many fucking things on earth did you bring?

    Could it be another promotion experience book?

    At first, it’s on leveling up from the fourth class to fifth class, then from the third class to fourth class. Now, was it on advancing from the second class to third class?

    Just when everyone felt puzzled, as expected, Fang Qiu took another notebook.

    “This is the promotion experience of leveling up from sixth class to seventh class.”

    Fang Qiu lifted the notebook and waved it in front of everyone.

    Just as he finished, the entire audience broke into an uproar!

    Everyone couldn’t sit tight.

    They all knew that at the sixth class, one would open his Twelve Principal Meridians, while at the seventh class, he would open his Eight Extraordinary Meridians. For people in Wulin, opening Eight Extraordinary Meridians was like crossing a big moat.

    Many people stopped before they could open Eight Extraordinary Meridians. Many Wulin men closely guarded the secret about advancing from the sixth class to seventh class. Even if they succeeded, they couldn’t understand the secret. Those who detected it wasn’t willing to disclose it at all.

    They didn’t expect someone to have experience on advancing to that level!

    Not to mention the Wulin people present, even Xuan Yiqing on the auction stage, Ling Tianxiao in the crowd, and even the super eighth-class expert backstage with an opened meridian couldn’t sit still.