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Chapter 133 - Going Home

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 133: Going Home

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    Zhen Ni had intended to embarrass Qianmo by using the barbarism of the farmer girl to accentuate her own elegance. However, she would never have thought that Qianmo would exhibit her skills. Not only did she select the right tune that won everyone’s appreciation, but she also had the chance to have a piano duet with Brother Mo.

    At this moment, Zhen Ni’s heart had become a sieve, as she felt like she had been dealt a tremendous blow.

    The hands of the couple onstage flitted across the piano, occasionally crossing with each other, and from time to time, they would look into each other’s eyes. It was a scene that was as sweet as candy, melting the hearts of the onlookers—except for one.

    Zhen Ni felt like the world was no longer beautiful. It had lost all its colors and meaning.

    Qianmo’s emotions were completely different from hers, though. The piano duet with Black reminded her of all the good times from her past life.

    Both of them were very busy people. Every now and then, when they had some leisure time, they would do things that everyone enjoyed. Apart from their status, they actually had a lot in common.

    Even if he was troubled by his illness in this life and could not be as thick-skinned as he was in her past life, it was really not that important. Just one piece of music reminded her of their memories from her sealed past.

    It was all thanks to Zhen Ni, who had set this up, or else, Qianmo would still be thinking about how to pounce on Black and break down the barrier between them, as she was doing during the meal. She had come up with many ideas, but there was none she found perfect.

    Anyway, right now, she felt like she had thought of the perfect plan.

    After the music piece ended, Zhen Ni stood rooted to the spot, picking up the pieces of her broken heart and grumbling as she did so, “There were quite a few segments that were misplayed, and her fingering is not correct…”

    It was a pity that no one was paying attention to her criticism, as they were all busy applauding.

    It was not as if they were competing, so whatever fingering was not important. As long as it was pleasing to the ears, it was good enough.

    Qianmo stopped playing, turned to the man beside her, smiled, and asked, “How are you feeling now?”

    Yu Changmo answered her honestly, “My heart rate seems somewhat irregular.”

    Coming into contact at such close proximity, how could his phobia possibly not act up? When both of them were performing, her leg was even leaning against his. As she was wearing a short skirt today, when her slender legs rested against his, it seemed rather cute and helpless.

    However, his feelings for her made him suppress his physiological discomforts, and he was able to perform beyond expectations.

    “Oh, it’s already irregular…” She nodded, but her slender arms were like weeping willows as they naturally wrapped themselves around his neck. His eyes widened in shock while she covered him with traces of herself.

    His lips were as thin as before, and his breath was still enchanting.

    Although from a physiological perspective, it was just pieces of flesh rubbing against each other, it brought about an immensely immeasurable reaction. She had taken the initiative to cover his lips with hers. Different from the previous encounter at the hospital when it was an accident, this was premeditated.

    The previous time on the mountain, she had only wrapped her arms around his waist and staked a claim on her possession, so as to clearly let him know that their relationship was no longer that of a doctor and her patient.

    However, after mulling about it during this period, or perhaps because of how deeply he had touched her, she decided to upgrade their relationship by affixing a seal on his lips. Her goal went from hugging his waist to kissing.

    This was a real solid kiss with a lot of force involved, not just a brief touching of lips like a dragonfly touching the water.

    The audience below the stage was utterly stunned.  Though it was rarer to see a girl so bold, it was still a pleasing sight.

    It could be because she was gorgeous, or the kiss was just too enticing, but Yu Changmo suppressed his phobia that was about to spring out, and in an instant, he took over.

    The feeling of an electric current running through them, coupled with the intoxicating spark in her eyes, forced his phobia, which was on the verge of breaking out, to retreat. His deep dark eyes were filled with too many emotions. Closing her eyes as she embraced him, she ignored the applause that was as loud as a sudden mountain landslide all around them.

    Their bodies pressed against each other’s, and their passion came gushing out. In his embrace was his powerful sky, and he enveloped her beautiful and gentle yet firm and unyielding heart in his arms. The spark between them at that moment was sufficient to set everything ablaze.

    The soul and attraction that traversed two lifetimes and could not be stopped by an illness. This was love.

    Covering her face, Zhen Ni broke into tears. This world was too cruel. What was even more brutal was that the heels she had deliberately worn to make her legs look less short suddenly snapped after she ran two steps, and she sprained her ankle.

    At the same time that she sprained her ankle, her entire body landed on her left with a crash. The poor young couple sitting to her left was watching the visually pleasing handsome couple on stage when the next second, disaster befell from the sky. The boy, however, reacted quickly. The moment Zhen Ni came falling over, he swiftly grabbed the 1982 wine—Fine, he did not know which year it was made—and moved aside.

    Expectedly, Zhen Ni went into a free fall, and with a bang, she landed on the couple’s steak that had just been served.

    A sizzling sound seemingly resounded in the silent hall. The hair reacted with the still-hot base, and it vaguely smelled of burnt pig’s hair.

    The man who rescued the red wine but did not manage to save the steak closed his eyes in despair.

    While there was clinking and clanking here, over there on the stage, Yu Changmo reluctantly let go of the beautiful woman in his arms. As he gazed at her flushed face, he still made it a point to shift the angle he was looking from, in order to prevent her from seeing anything that would pollute her eyes. For example, the unidentified free-falling pink organism or the creature with a burnt steak on its head.

    As he held her hand, both of them left the restaurant with honor and glory amidst the envious wolf whistles of everybody in the restaurant. When they walked past the waiter, Qianmo stopped in her tracks.

    “Get the pink monster with a steak on its head to pay the bill. She’s the one who said that we would not have to foot the bill.”

    Moved to tears, the waiter dried his wet eyes and said, “Hey, I wish both of you happiness!”

    Hand in hand, they left the restaurant with the waiter’s blessing. In the car park, her face was still hot. Looking at his back view as he opened the car door, she pretended to be calm and asked, “How are you feeling?”

    His hand that was opening the car door paused. Turning around, he pulled her over and pressed her against the car as he mumbled to himself, “My illness might be acting up again, so…”

    Some things, once started, could not be reversed. Like a loose arrow, there was no stopping it. Especially if the matter involved human instinct.

    Someone was exhibiting their exceptional talent. Undoubtedly, just a moment ago, he was still the man whom his own brother had teased for being a ten-thousand-year virgin male. Yet, the next second, he was doing such things with ease.

    Had someone not suddenly drove into the parking and wanted to park their car, this man might have done something shameless. Qianmo pulled away the hand that was pressed against her waist, quickly opened the door, and got into the car.

    If she had not picked up her speed, the passersby might think there was some car, um, sex going on. The consequences would be terrible.

    Although Black did not fill himself with food, his heart was full. The person sitting on his front passenger seat was his everything. Suddenly, he did not quite feel like watching a movie.

    “How about… going to my place? I can cook a steak for you? I have a home theatre, so we can watch a film there.”

    Qianmo wanted to chuckle.

    Was he going to cook a steak for her, or was she going to be the steak and he would nibble on her?

    And after pecking here and there, in the end, they would not end up watching the movie. Instead, she would end up being the female lead of a film, and it would be an adult video!

    Her heart was as clear as a mirror about what would happen, but she heard a voice that sounded exactly like hers saying, “Okay.”