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Chapter 129 - How Should Boss Court a Lady?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 129: How Should Boss Court a Lady?

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    Qi Shan felt the room getting colder and rubbed his chest to comfort himself, wondering if he had sent the wrong message.

    Just when his heart began to race wildly, Huo Beichen stood up. As he moved, the three men held their breaths. No one dared to go near the boss who looked as though he was about to devour anyone at any time.

    Huo Beichen threw them an icy stare. Su Ye caught the hint and forced a smile on his face as he adjusted his glasses.

    “Boss, if all three of us are to receive punishment, that would only delay the matters of the company. Could you find it in your heart to forgive us?”

    Qi Shan quickly added. “That’s right, boss. I promise you I will be more hardworking in the future!”

    Fei Bai tried to say something too. “I will… kill people more seriously?”


    Huo Beichen tightened his tie with his lean, slender fingers, and faintly said, “That’s true.”

    He then took big strides to leave the office. “Since all of you cannot go to The Club at the same time, you will take turns to go there for training then.”


    Huo Beichen went downstairs to board the car and instructed the driver to send him home.

    As he thought about Ning Meng, he loosened the tie he had tightened earlier. Soon, he had arrived home. As he alighted from the car, he headed toward the mansion, but the living room was empty, and there was a bowl of freshly cooked noodles on the dining table.

    Huo Beichen paused and his face lit up slightly. As he walked up to it, he saw a piece of paper next to the bowl of noodles: [Lord Chen, Yuxiu Court has been renovated. I’ll move back to stay there. Thank you for the good memories spent together!]


    Yuxiu Court was the apartment where she was staying.

    He narrowed his eyes in concentration and abruptly stood up. It took him two or three steps to climb the stairs and he stood in front of her bedroom. This room was just a guestroom in this mansion and no one had stayed here before, but ever since she came…

    He pushed the door and open noticed that the room was neat and tidy. When he looked closely, there was a pink table lamp on the coffee table. In the bathroom, her toothbrush, toiletries, shampoo, and a few other items were arranged neatly. She had left some of her traces behind.

    Huo Beichen looked through the rest of the room and quickly left the mansion to drive to Yuxiu Court.

    He drove up to the entrance. The moment he alighted, a gust of wind blew, and Huo Beichen came to his senses. As he was driving over, he only had one goal in mind, which was to bring her home. Now that he had arrived, he was frozen in his tracks. He thought of her trembling with fear because of last night.

    If he forced her too much, would she resist even more?

    As he was thinking about this, he stopped walking and looked up to the 30th floor.

    It was getting dark, and the sky looked as though it was going to be enveloped by a grey curtain. The light in her room was turned on and her silhouette was seen leaning against the window.

    Huo Beichen stood there for a moment, then, he went back to the driver’s seat and sat there for quite a while. Finally, he sent Su Ye a WeChat text: [Create a group.]

    Su Ye added him, Qi Shan, and Fei Bai into the new group.

    Huo Beichen sent a text: [How do I not let her be afraid of me?]

    Qi Shan: [This would be quite difficult?]

    Su Ye: [I’ve compiled a list of 101 ways to win a girl over. Sending them to your email now.]

    Fei Bai: [Make her kill someone. Train her guts?]

    Qi Shan: […]

    Su Ye edited the group name to ‘How Should Boss Court a Lady?’