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Chapter 114 - Friendly Roommates

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 114: Friendly Roommates

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    Wen Xuehui was not willing to put down Moe after she carried it in her arms. She immediately sat on Jiang Yao’s bed. At that moment, the door of the room was opened suddenly, followed by two people carrying a lot of luggage walking in.

    “Hi.” Wen Xuehui hid Moe away quickly, then stood up to greet them.

    Jiang Yao walked towards them to help them with their luggage. She knew who they were—the tallest one in the room was Zhou Xiaoxia, while the other was Chen Siyang.

    “Thank… you…” Chen Siyang thanked Jiang Yao who was helping her with her luggage awkwardly, then looked around the room and chose one of the empty beds with Zhou Xiaoxia.

    “My name is Zhou Xiaoxia, this is Chen Siyang. We met each other at the university’s main gate and we were surprised to know that we’re living in the same dorm. What about both of you?” Zhou Xiaoxia had a strong Dong Bei accent and it was quite amusing.

    “I’m Jiang Yao, and this is Wen Xuehui, who sleeps on the upper bunk.” Jiang Yao smiled at both of them.

    Right after Jiang Yao finished talking, some noise could be heard outside the door. They were the other two roommates, Li Yi and Lin Qiaoyu with their families.

    “Xiaoyi, Qiaoyu, your roommates have arrived!” After they came in, Mrs. Li was the first to say something as she was standing in front. Her pair of eyes glanced at the four of them quickly. She was astute, and anyone who knew how to judge others could easily sense her intimidating aura.

    Seeing that there were elders, four of them greeted them politely. Mrs. Li glanced at Zhou Xiaoxia and Chen Siyang quickly before laying her eyes on Jiang Yao and Wen Xuehui. She mumbled in her heart, ‘Who are they? Is she somehow related to a lecturer? I saw them at the restaurant just now, she seems quite close to the owner. As for the other one, I saw her dress in a branded boutique. That dress costs a few hundred dollars, she doesn’t seem like a girl from an ordinary family.’

    “Xiaoyi, Qiaoyu, come in and meet your roommates.” Mrs. Li urged the two girls behind her.

    “Okay, Mom. It’s getting late, you should go back. Didn’t you book the train ticket for tonight? If you don’t go now, you’ll miss the train,” Li Yi replied to her impatiently before greeting the four of them in the room. She walked inside and immediately sat on her bed.

    “Yeah, Uncle, Aunty, it’s getting late, you should follow my parents back. Do be careful when you get off the train at midnight.” Lin Qiaoyu added and the adults finally left.

    Seeing that the adults were not there anymore, Li Yi snuggled inside her blanket and mumbled, “They’re so annoying!”

    Lin Qiaoyu had already heard Li Yi’s complaints when they were coming. She walked toward her and shoved her lightly. “Enough, they’re worried about us as this is our first time living far from home, so they followed us here.”

    Wen Xuehui prodded Jiang Yao softly, then signalled at Jiang Yao with her eyes. Jiang Yao shrugged. She did not know what to do with this situation either.

    On the other hand, Zhou Xiaoxia asked obtusely, “Wen Xuehui, I thought I saw you holding something white in your arms just now?”

    Wen Xuehui responded instinctively, “Oh, you’re referring to Moe!”

    After she finished her sentence, she covered her mouth immediately and looked at Jiang Yao as she realized that she had spilled the beans.