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Chapter 105 - Is This How You Earn Money? (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 105: Is This How You Earn Money? (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Gu Yu…

    She was afraid that she was imagining things. She tried her best to keep her eyes open and stared at the door. But it was the man she had already committed to the deepest part of her memory. It would be impossible for her to identify him wrongly.

    It was him. It was really him!

    At that moment, it felt as though a ray of bright light suddenly shone, brightening up a dark abyss.

    By the time she confirmed his identity, Gu Yu’s figure had already walked passed the door. She opened her mouth and wanted to call out his name.

    If she shouted, he should be able to hear her!

    But, at the last second, she gritted her teeth and didn’t make a sound. However, her dizzy head had cleared up instantly.

    She turned her head and looked at Pang Hai, who was on top of her. Her eyes slowly turned bloodshot.


    Gu Yu asked his assistant to dial Xu Weilai’s phone number and her apartment’s number. No one answered any of them. He even called the Xu Residence but they said that Xu Weilai wasn’t at their place.

    He rushed to XX club in his car. However, he didn’t know which private room Xu Weilai was in. Xu Shuai wasn’t answering his phone either so he asked an attendant where Xu Shuai’s private room was. Then, he walked over quickly.

    At first, he was focused on what was straight ahead. But, for some reason, when he was passing by a particular private room, he felt his heart sink. This caused him to stop abruptly.

    The manager of the club, who was trailing behind him respectfully, almost bumped into him. He hurriedly stopped in his tracks and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he asked in a low voice, “Mr. Gu, what’s the matter?”

    Gu Yu narrowed his dark eyes. He pursed his lips tightly as something caught his eye. He ignored the club manager and turned around suddenly. He walked back.

    The club manager didn’t know what was happening. However, he didn’t dare to ask Gu Yu either. Thus, all he did was follow Gu Yu obediently.

    Gu Yu walked back to the private room that disturbed him. The door wasn’t closed tightly and there was still a gap. His hand stretched out subconsciously and held the door handle. He slowly pushed the door open.


    The energy that suddenly erupted from her body allowed Xu Weilai’s hands to break free from Pang Hai’s iron grip. She raised her hand without thinking and stabbed Pang Hai’s eyes with two fingers.

    Pang Hai’s body was full of muscles so there was no use hitting him. However, the eyes were one of the only weaknesses his body had. Pang Hai underestimated Xu Weilai so he had let his guard down. He covered his eyes immediately and groaned in a stuffy voice!

    Xu Weilai seized the opportunity. She bent her knees and kicked the lower part of his body. Pang Hai was in so much pain that his expression had turned hideous. He curled his body up and couldn’t pin Xu Weilai down anymore.

    Seeing this, Xu Weilai gathered all her strength and pushed Pang Hai to the ground. She adjusted her body and straddled him to prevent him from struggling. Then, she felt the inside of her thigh and took out the miniature anesthetic syringe that was stuck there. She moved swiftly and nimbly, stabbing the syringe into his arm.

    Pang Hai widened his eyes instantly. The green veins on his forehead popped out in anger. He moved his lips and cursed, “Stupid bitch… You… You are good…”

    However, his voice was weak!


    Gu Yu opened the door and took his time to process the scene he saw taking place in the private room. His eyebrows twitched vigorously when he saw what was happening. The blood in his body seemed to freeze in that instant!

    He saw Xu Weilai sitting on Pang Hai’s body. Their clothes were disheveled. Pang Hai was half-naked and his pants were pulled down halfway. As for Xu Weilai, the clothes on her body were lowered to her shoulders and her dress ran up to her thighs. Her long hair cascaded down and her fair skin could be seen faintly…