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Chapter 130 - I Will Treat Our Five Years as Me Feeding a Dog

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 130: I Will Treat Our Five Years as Me Feeding a Dog

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Ning Meng felt emotional when she returned to her apartment.

    When she first entered the novel, she had stayed here for a few days. There was still some sentimental value lingering.

    The newly renovated living room had more warmth to it now, and her changing room was a good one hundred square feet filled with branded bags and clothes. When she saw this, she felt that she was at the pinnacle of her life!

    After inspecting her own room, she had a bath and lay in bed to browse through Weibo. As expected, #LiHaojiebrokeup# was hot trending on the search list. Li Haojie had relied on Zhen Shanmei for support in his career. It was only through this support that he was able to focus on creating music. Although their relationship was not officially announced to the public, the netizens knew about it. Anti-fans accused them of only having a sibling-like relationship. This was one of the reasons Li Haojie had become unsatisfied with Zhen Shanmei after he became popular.

    One of the journalists had somehow made his way into the program’s chat group and obtained some information. When he revealed this on the internet, it shook Weibo.

    #SuTiantianLiHaojie# was also initially a hot trending topic, but it was obvious that someone had taken measures to remove this, and it was no longer trending.

    When ‘Throne of Songs’ was broadcast live, Li Haojie’s action of pulling votes for Su Tiantian had raised questions for many. Other than Su Tiantian and Li Haojie’s loyal fans, everyone else believed this rumor.

    As Ning Meng was browsing, Zhen Shanmei, who had just woken up, started chatting with her on Weibo.

    kindandcute: [sourandsweet, I was woken up by Li Haojie’s call but I didn’t pick up. He sent me a text to not make a fuss anymore and remove the trending searches.]

    Ning Meng pursed her lips: [Are you still thinking of going back to him?]

    kindandcute: [I feel like I’m in a dream. I do love him very much but if I, Zhen Shanmei, can pick it up, then I can also let it go. I just don’t feel satisfied.]

    Five years of dating. It was not something that could be let go of easily. It was natural to feel unsatisfied.

    Ning Meng: [We cannot just let this matter slide. He betrayed you! We must make him and Su Tiantian pay the price!]

    kindandcute: [That’s not right, sourandsweet. You’re Su Tiantian’s superfan. How could you help me go against her?]

    Ning Meng: [Oh, I’m not anymore.]

    kindandcute: [?? Aren’t you loyal to her? You even spent hundreds of thousands on her!]

    Ning Meng: [I was blind. Now, I’ve been bias-wrecked. Come and be fans of Lin Qingbei instead. He’s way better than Li Haojie!]

    kindandcute: […]

    kindandcute: [But how are we going to take revenge?]

    Ning Meng: [Post a status on Weibo and announce that you have, in fact, broken up. Don’t sound too emotional. Wish him and Su Tiantian well. That should push the topic to trend.]


    Zhen Shanmei was efficient. A minute after replying to her, she had posted the status on Weibo.

    [kindandcute: I will treat our five years as me feeding a dog. Wishing you and her happiness. @LiHaojie @SuTiantian]

    The gossip immediately went trending, but Li Haojie’s agency did not immediately post any statements, almost as though they were waiting for Zhen Shanmei to take it back. However, Zhen Shanmei was fighting head-on and this topic was trending to new heights! The whole web descended into hatred for Su Tiantian!

    Su Tiantian’s superfans could not contain the damage, and at that moment, many of Su Tiantian and Li Haojie’s fans left their respective fandoms.

    One hour later, Li Haojie put up a post on Weibo.

    [LiHaojie: Please be angry at me, not at her. I was just having wishful thinking. This has nothing to do with her. @SuTiantian]