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Chapter 203 - The Flirtatious, Handsome Man is So Cool

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 203: The Flirtatious, Handsome Man is So Cool

    Before Ye Jiuge could reply to Ye Yuxuan, Xiong Yunhu burst out laughing. “Ye Yuxuan, it must be tough for you to proclaim yourself a ‘Great Master’ in Alchemy. Earlier, at the city gates, you declared your intention to kill your daughter, and you even called her ‘sinful daughter’ repeatedly. Now, you are asking your sinful daughter to save you. I am going to laugh my head off.”

    He could kill Ye Yuxuan at any moment, and he was only toying with him to satisfy his anger.

    “Tsk. This Xiong Yunhu speaks so well. I can’t bear to kill him anymore,” Ye Jiuge sighed regrettably.

    However, Xiong Yunhu continued to laugh wildly and shout arrogantly, “Ye Yuxuan, don’t worry. I will bring your sinful daughter back for our Patriarch to dote on dearly!”

    Ye Jiuge immediately changed her mind. “Forget it. It’s getting cold. Let’s send him to hell!” She hated these d*uchebag men who treated women like playthings.

    “Let’s wait for a while.” Zi Shang was in no hurry.

    “What are you waiting for?” Ye Jiuge was confused.

    “His Blood Pearl has a time limit. It will be too late for us if we wait until he has finished playing around,” Zi Shang said plainly.

    “It’s fine if we wait. However, please keep Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei alive. That way, I will receive even more credit,” Ye Jiuge added.

    Otherwise, if the people of Medicine Refinery City were to enter and see a pile of corpses, they would claim that she had fallen out with Xiong Yunhu and done the dirty on him instead.

    “Sure,” Zi Shang answered indifferently.

    In his eyes, Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei were two ants. Since Little Jiuge had said that she wanted them alive, he would keep them alive.

    “I have enough of playing around. Await your deaths obediently!” Xiong Yunhu was also aware that there was a time limit to his Blood Pearl.

    However, he felt that he had full control over the situation—nobody in Medicine Refinery City was a match for him. He was in the mood to toy with Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei. Seeing that time was almost up, and the two men were practically half-dead, he felt that it was time to finish his work.

    As he was thinking this, he summoned two thick, sharp Blood Swords and sent them flying at Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei.

    The two sharp Blood Swords were even more powerful than Liu Yunfei’s.

    If they were even to scrape their skin, they would immediately turn into two pools of blood and be absorbed into Xiong Yunhu’s abdomen.

    Ye Yuxuan was gasping for breath as he sprawled on the ground. He did not even have the energy to try and avoid the Blood Sword.

    Gong Honglei lifted his arms with difficulty, but the Spiritual Light that he conjured was not sufficient to stop the Blood Sword that was coming at him.

    “Quick, save them!” Ye Jiuge was anxious. She pulled Zi Shang’s sleeves tightly and said, “If they die, don’t blame me for going back on my word!”

    “Why are you so anxious?” Zi Shang rolled his eyes at Ye Jiuge.

    He lifted his arms lazily. Then, he opened and closed his hands, which looked like a pair of white jades.

    An incredibly strong aura shot out from his palms.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Ye Yuxuan’s and Gong Honglei’s bodies flew shakily backward like marionettes.

    The two sharp Blood Swords ran through the ground where they had been lying, blasting two large holes.

    Ye Yuxuan’s eyes lit up. He knew that it must have been Ye Jiuge who had saved him.

    Just as he was about to speak, the sky started spining, and the earth rotated. Something, it seemed, had been inserted into his nostrils.

    He looked closely and realized that Gong Honglei’s fingers were thrust into his nostrils, and his own smelly feet had been placed right beside Gong Honglei’s mouth.

    Vines began to wrap them up tightly and hang them up.

    Someone must have deliberately placed them in such an awkward position.

    “Gross!” Seeing Ye Yuxuan with fingers up his nostrils and Gong Honglei, who had to tolerate a pair of stinky feet beside his mouth, Ye Jiuge had to admit that she was rejuvenated!

    “Who’s there?” Xiong Yunhu had not expected that someone would be able to hide in his Blood Fog. Yet, he was unable to detect the person.

    Suddenly, he remembered that when he was chasing down Ye Jiuge, she had been saved by a mystery man.

    “Xiong Yunhu, you have committed all kinds of evil and conspired with Su Junqing to frame me. You have also murdered so many people! It’s time for you to tie up your own hands and wait for capture!” Ye Jiuge yelled loudly, like a fox exploiting the tiger’s might.

    “On what basis should I tie up my own hands and wait to be captured? Peh!” Xiong Yunhu appeared to have gone berserk, but his palms began to move secretly.

    A thick, venomous snake was created from the Blood Fog. Under the fog’s cover, the snake noiselessly slithered closer to Ye Jiuge.

    Bang! Before the Blood Snake could reach Ye Jiuge, it had already exploded.

    Xiong Yunhu felt a throbbing in his heart again. This time, it was so painful that it was as though a giant hand was tightly gripping his heart.

    He had never had such an awful feeling before. It felt like despair on the point of death.

    Immediately, he knew that the mysterious person who had been standing behind Ye Jiuge was not someone that he could deal with.

    He gave a wild roar, and the Blood Fog surrounding him transformed into countless sharp swords. They began to attack Ye Jiuge like the howling wind and torrential rain.

    This was his unique skill and last resort: Ten Thousand Blood Arrows. Usually, he used it to kill his foes. However, this time, he was using it so that he could escape.

    Xiong Yunhu did not dare to stay and watch the result of his attack. He turned and rushed toward Dongfang Yao’s room.

    Although it was a pity that he could not bring Ye Jiuge and the two Blood-clad Miao people back with him, he would have completed his mission so long as he returned with Dongfang Yao. He believed that the Patriarch would not fault him.

    Before Xiong Yunhu could reach Dongfang Yao’s house, counting his chickens before they hatched, a strange but powerful force flew at his back. He immediately turned to counteract the force with his palm, but it was as though he had only hit the air.

    “Be obedient. Don’t make me waste my Demonic Power.” A faintly audible and pleasant voice rang out.

    Following this, a flirtatious, handsome face appeared in front of him.

    His hair was as dark as ink, and his red lips were the color of blood. His smile was devilishly charming.

    His dark eyes seemed to be covered by a mysterious light.

    His pupils began to dilate and became violet-colored vertical slits. Countless small pupils seemed to be rotating in his eyes, like a kaleidoscope. It was dazzling and enchanting.

    Those demonic violet pupils deeply drew in Xiong Yunhu, and he said involuntarily, “Yes.”

    “Good child!”

    Zi Shang flashed a thin smile. His black fingernails grew rapidly then suddenly sliced open Xiong Yunhu’s throat.

    With a splash, Xiong Yunhu’s head tumbled off his neck.

    Blood spurted everywhere and converged into a pool, staining the door red.

    As he stood in the pool of blood, Zi Shang turned and smiled at Ye Jiuge.

    His jade-like beautiful face was stained with a drop of fresh blood that had spurted out from Xiong Yunhu.

    He was so beautiful, enchanting, yet bloodthirsty and alluring. It was breathtakingly captivating. His beauty was mixed with a strong murderous intent and dominance that seemed to say, “Submit to me and prosper, or oppose me and perish.” This earth-shattering omnipresence surrounded Ye Jiuge, preventing her from escaping.

    Ye Jiuge’s tiny heart wanted badly to hide.

    She felt that Zi Shang was even more demonic and terrifying after he had transformed into a human than when he had been half-snake, half-man.

    “By good fortune, I was able to complete the mission!” Zi Shang returned to Ye Jiuge’s side.

    He placed his right hand by his chest and bowed slightly, as though reporting to his superior.

    Ye Jiuge finally recovered from her shock. She realized that Zi Shang had killed the terrifying Xiong Yunhu with a single stoke.

    She felt that she had been lied to, and she uncontrollably cried out, “Didn’t you say that you were only left with a third of your Demonic Power?”

    “Indeed. After killing Xiong Yunhu, I don’t have any of Demonic Power left in me at all!”

    Zi Shang blinked his eyes innocently. Then, he lifted his hand and rested it on his forehead. His body began to sway, and he collapsed onto Ye Jiuge.

    Delicately, he said, “Aiya! It’s no good. I feel so dizzy! Quick, support me with your arms.”