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Chapter 204 - Stop Your Coquettish Glances

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 204: Stop Your Coquettish Glances

    “Pretend! Continue putting on your act!” Ye Jiuge tried pushing Zi Shang off a few times but was unable to do so. She could only resign herself to her fate and allow him to stay.

    “You are not going to take a look at your spoils of war?” Since he had already taken advantage of Ye Jiuge, he would not forget to give her some benefits.

    “That’s right!” Ye Jiuge’s eyes lit up. Without a trace of politeness, she took Xiong Yunhu’s Magical Bottomless Bag.

    As the Bloodthirsty Sect’s Chief Disciple, he must have some treasure on him. She made up her mind to thoroughly inspect his belongings later.

    After safely stowing Xiong Yunhu’s Magical Bottomless Bag, Ye Jiuge entered the house to check on Great Master Dongfang.

    After Xiong Yunhu had died, his Blood Fog dissipated.

    At first, the Crown Prince, Ye Shanshan, the troops that Gong Honglei had brought with him, as well as the Rank Four Alchemists, Elder Chen and Elder Xiao, were unable to enter. When Xiong Yunhu’s Blood Fog dissipated, they rushed in immediately.

    The serene and beautiful Medicine Refinery Hall had turned into a hell on earth. Broken limbs filled the place, and the stench of blood was so strong that it made them feel nauseous.

    “Great Master Ye and Young Master Gong are over there.” Elder Chen’s eyes were sharp, and he immediately noticed that Ye Yuxuan and Gong Honglei were hanging half-dead on a tree.

    “Great Master Ye, Young Master Gong, are you alright?” The crowd immediately rescued them.

    “Brother Honglei, where did Ye Jiuge go?” The Crown Prince squeezed his way through and reached Gong Honglei. He reached out a hand to support Gong Honglei.

    However, Gong Honglei avoided it. Using his trusted sword attendant’s shoulder as support, he stood up and said coldly, “Eldest Miss Ye is in the house protecting Great Master Dongfang. If it weren’t for her, this would have been a calamity for Great Master Ye and me, as well as Great Master Dongfang.”

    “What are you talking about? Ye Jiuge was protecting Great Master Dongfang, and she saved you? Are you joking?” The Crown Prince could not help but raise his voice. He strongly suspected that Gong Honglei’s brain had been damaged.

    “I am not joking. Ye Jiuge is not the leader of the Sorcerers, and she has been trying to deal with them this whole time. She protected us, Great Master Dongfang, as well as all Medicine Refinery City. On the other hand, Dongfang Jianming, you have spoken irresponsibly and deliberately distorted the truth. You tried to make Ye Jiuge the Sorcerers’ scapegoat and misled me into dealing wrongly with her. We almost killed an innocent person!” Gong Honglei bellowed at the Crown Prince.

    “Gong Honglei, you better realize who you are talking to.” The Crown Prince’s face turned red from anger.

    Apart from his Father, nobody dared to address him by his name.

    “Of course, I know who I am talking to, you c*nt. You let in Xiong Yunhu and caused Great Master Dongfang to be inflicted with a deadly poison. F*ck you! What are you playing at?”

    Recalling what had just happened, Gong Honglei’s fear still lingered.

    He’d come so close to dying a violent death.

    Due to his near-death experience, he did not care about the Crown Prince’s authority, and he rebuked him freely.

    The Crown Prince was so infuriated by Gong Honglei that his face crimsoned with anger. He loosened then clenched his fists repeatedly. He was close to exploding.

    “Alright, everyone, that’s enough. Xiong Yunhu concealed himself well, and the Crown Prince did not let him in deliberately. We should hurry and go take a look at Great Master Dongfang!” Ye Yuxuan struggled to stand up.

    “Father, was it really Ye Jiuge, I mean, Eldest Sister, who killed the Sorcerer and saved you?” Earlier, Ye Shanshan had been waiting outside Medicine Refinery City together with the Crown Prince.

    The blood-red light had been terrifying, and they had been unable to destroy it even after they had racked their brains.

    Needless to say, the Sorcerer who had set up the blood-red light must have been incredibly powerful.

    Ye Shanshan did not believe that Ye Jiuge was able to kill such a Sorcerer.

    If Ye Jiuge could do that, she wouldn’t have been pressured into surrendering.

    “Although it wasn’t her who killed the Sorcerer, the elder who did must be closely connected to her. When you go in later, you must be respectful so that you won’t infuriate this elder,” Ye Yuxuan warned Ye Shanshan solemnly.

    As he had been hanging on a tree, he had not gotten a good look at what had happened.

    He’d only seen a flash of a violet-colored figure near where Ye Jiuge had been standing. Then, five breaths later, Xiong Yunhu’s head had tumbled to the ground.

    The entire episode had taken place in the blink of an eye. It had been incredibly quick and had felt like a dream.

    Ye Yuxuan had been unable to see the elder’s appearance clearly, and but he had witnessed Ye Jiuge casually stashing Xiong Yunhu’s Magical Bottomless Bag in her own satchel.

    Ye Yuxuan believed that this elder was related to Ye Jiuge. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed her to plunder his loot.

    “Yes, I understand,” Ye Shanshan replied obediently.

    If her father had shown so much deference to this elder, he must not be simple.

    If she were to draw him over to her side, she would benefit immensely.

    “Great Master Ye, was this elder really so powerful?” After Gong Honglei had rubbed his nose in the dirt, the Crown Prince could only approach Ye Yuxuan for more information.

    “Young Master Gong and I could not fight back against Xiong Yunhu, and yet, the elder chopped off his head in a single stroke. What do you think?” Ye Yuxuan replied ruefully.

    If he had realized that Ye Jiuge knew such an elder, he would never have chased her out of their clan.

    However, since Ye Jiuge had been willing to save him, she must care about their relationship. Perhaps there was still room for remedy.

    No matter what, he was still Ye Jiuge’s Father. As the saying goes, “we are connected by our flesh even if our bones are broken.” If he were to coax her using the words that she wanted to hear, Ye Yuxuan believed that she would not fuss over the problems of the past.

    While Ye Yuxuan was counting his chickens before they hatched, he did not notice the Crown Prince’s flustered expression and his guilty, fearful gaze.

    Su Junqing had asked the Crown Prince to recommend that Xiong Yunhu take care of Great Master Dongfang because he was a Rank Two Alchemist and an expert in treating strange poisons.

    Elder Chen and Elder Xiao had been vigorously opposed. They’d felt that they should not leave Great Master Dongfang in an outsider’s care.

    However, the Crown Prince had made a solemn vow to vouch for Xiong Yunhu. As such, Elder Chen and Elder Xiao finally relented and allowed Xiong Yunhu to enter Medicine Refinery Hall.

    The Crown Prince thought: Now that Xiong Yunhu’s identity as a Sorcerer has been revealed, aren’t Su Junqing and I in danger? If that’s the case, then Su Junqing isn’t missing. He fled after realizing that our plot fell through and that we are about to be exposed. That d*mned sc*mbag has made things miserable for me!

    Gong Honglei had begun to suspect the Crown Prince, and he was watching his facial expressions closely.

    When he saw the changes in the Crown Prince’s face and no signs of joy that the real culprit had been found and killed, Gong Honglei knew that the Crown Prince had a guilty conscience.

    Perhaps, his sister’s death was connected to him.

    Gong Honglei had personally asked Dongfang Jianming to take care of his sister when they arrived in Medicine Refinery City. Also, his sister had written to him that she was close to the Crown Prince.

    Thinking of this, Gong Honglei wanted badly to kill Dongfang Jianming with a single stroke of his sword.

    However, he had used up all his Spiritual Power during the fierce battle earlier, and his Six Yang Sword was destroyed. If he were to act rashly, he would only be beating the grass to scare the snake.

    He could only suppress his anger and say coldly to the Crown Prince, “Let’s put everything aside. The most important thing now is to ensure Great Master Dongfang’s safety!”

    “Young Master Gong is right. We should hurry and go check on Great Master Dongfang!” Both Elder Chen and Elder Xiao hurriedly nodded.

    Although they were both Rank Four Alchemists, they usually took no part in worldly events and were often practicing. Hence, when Great Master Dongfang and Li Zijun had fallen unconscious, they’d handed the reigns over to the Crown Prince and Zhang Peng.

    They had not expected the Crown Prince and Zhang Peng to make such a massive mess of things. Now, they had no choice but to handle everything personally.