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Chapter 488 - Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 20)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 488: Power user military commander’s number one agent (Part 20)

    Even at this point of life and death, Luo Qing Chen’s body suddenly became stiff, a feeling that she had never felt before.

    At this moment, the bomb squad had just arrived outside the cordon. The leader of the squad opened up his computer and loudly said, “Quickly, cut the red one!”

    Mister X’s favourite colour was red, the colour of blood.

    Luo Qing Chen was brought back to reality by this roar.

    She turned and looked at the LCD screen with only fifteen seconds left. She took a deep breath and took the scissors, moving them down.

    But she wasn’t aiming at the red one, rather it was the green one.

    Perhaps she didn’t want to cut the red marriage line that went hand in hand with life and death.

    When the count on the LCD screen stopped at six seconds, she felt herself sink as she fell into darkness.

    In her dream, there seemed to be a prince in white gently holding her, protecting her.

    When she opened her eyes again, Luo Qing Chen woke up to the smell of formalin and alcohol.

    She slightly knit her brows, knowing that this was a hospital without even thinking.

    The nurse saw that she was awake and came forward with a bright smile, “You’re finally awake.”

    Luo Qing Chen nodded before sitting up.

    She looked at Du Jiu Sheng who was reading a newspaper on the sofa and said, “I fainted?”

    “Un, an acute fever from your wound being infected.” Du Jiu Sheng put down the newspaper and walked to her side. He softly touched her forehead and said, “It’s alright now.”

    Luo Qing Chen bit her lip and tried hard to remember. Thinking of not long ago, back in the rain when her body couldn’t take it anymore.

    “As expected…..” She thought about it before looking at Du Jiu Sheng and saying, “Mister X loves red that much, how could he let others cut it!”

    Du Jiu Sheng gave a soft laugh as he helplessly shook his head, “I suddenly feel we’re not talking about the same thing.”

    She was worried about the bomb and he…..

    Was worried about her body!

    She looked up into his deep as the stars eyes and said with a shrug, “It’s just a small fever.”

    According to the memories of the previous host, she had been locked in an ice cellar when she had a forty degree fever and she still survived.

    This is the reason why she betrayed him so decisively, mister X wasn’t human!

    Du Jiu Sheng saw her not caring at all and his heart filled with pain.

    He couldn’t help raising his hand to softly flick her head, “Truly a foolish Xiao Qing…..”

    Luo Qing Chen was stunned as she quickly protected her head. She looked at him in surprise and said, “What are you doing!”

    “I just want to say——” He saw the cute look in her eyes and couldn’t stop his heart from filling with warmth, “I will protect you in the future.”

    She was stunned as she remembered what she asked Du Jiu Sheng yesterday.

    At that point of life and death, he came up behind her and told her he wanted to walk the path of life and death together with her.

    This scene really was unbelievably beautiful.

    “Ke, ke.” Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat before teasing him, “Our sir head needs to properly learn how to defuse bombs from now on!”

    He nodded with a faint smile, “Alright.”

    Properly speaking, he really only needed to know a bit about how to defuse bombs.

    She revealed a smile to him. The sunlight slowly shined in from outside and a strong breeze blew through the white curtains.

    “Ding, ding, dang, ding, ding, dang, ling, er, xiang, ding, dang…..” The ambiguous atmosphere had reached a peak.

    Du Jiu Sheng’s phone sounded again.

    He gave two un sounds before slightly knitting his brows.

    “What is it?”

    This call definitely wasn’t good news.

    “We’ve already got to professor Shen and obtained all his research materials.”

    “Isn’t that a good thing?”

    “The virus testing site is not as we imagined.”