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Chapter 88 - Sold!

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 88: Sold!

    Larbre Studio  Larbre Studio

    I am a flying pig: O.O Hello, is there a video showcasing the shirt?

    Su Cha ‘s eyes glistened.

    In a hurry, Su Cha replied, “I forgot to upload it, very sorry about it. I have the video on my phone.


    Other than uploading pictures of the products, many sellers also showcased the products through short videos. Sellers tried to display different aspects and angles of the products to buyers through videos. After all, the discrepancies between the actual product and the pictures of the product were common. After receiving countless complaints about such issues, the Pet Cat shopping site introduced the video feature.

    As Su Cha had just registered with the site, she had no experience selling products online. Hence, she had forgotten to upload a video recording of the shirt.

    After all, the embroidered pattern on the t-shirt looked very unreal. It was usual for the buyers to be cynical of the product as the pattern resembled 3D printed pictures that popped up from the shirt.

    After the buyer received the video, Su Cha guessed that he would be watching the video. She was not in a hurry and placed her phone back into the drawer.

    Le Anqi noticed it and whispered, “Be careful, don’t get caught using your phone.”

    Strictly speaking, students were not allowed to bring their mobile phones to school. However, Su Cha’s high school did not enforce these rules. With more restrictions come more temptations, and students would find ways to smuggle their mobile devices into school. Hence, the school had decided not to put in too much effort in this matter.

    As a result, there were still a significant number of students who brought their mobile phones to class during the college entrance examinations period.

    After all, it’s the information era, and the mobile phone brings about great convenience.

    Su Cha’s school had an accident last semester. As the school disallowed students from bringing their mobile phones to school, a female student went missing on her way home from her evening self-study class in school. Without her mobile phone, her parents could not contact her, and they were worried and anxious. Later, the female student’s abandoned corpse was found in a trash bin. This incident brought about a considerable hoo-ha, and the school became less stringent in enforcing the ban on mobile phones in school.

    Of course, even with a mobile phone, self-disciplined students would continue learning. On the other hand, even with a set of rules in place, those who were unwilling to learn would find various loopholes to avoid studying.

    Su Cha nodded her head. Right after the language test was a mathematics test. Cai Ziya had invited her to go to the washroom together.

    After returning to her seat, Su Cha received a new message.

    I am a flying pig: Wow, the design on the t-shirt shown in your video is beautiful! Is the design embroidered or printed?

    I am a flying pig: O.O Are you busy?

    Su Cha checked the time, it was sent two minutes ago. She hurriedly sent a reply.

    Store: Sorry, sorry. I went to the washroom just now. The design on the t-shirt is embroidered, it’s absolutely hand-tailored. Including the seams of the t-shirt, every stitch is done by hand with a thread and needle!

    I am a flying pig: Oh, no wonder you are selling it at such a high price… Can you lower the cost to under 1000 yuan? I’m still a student and that would be a quarter of my monthly living expenses.

    Su Cha: “…”

    Her living expenses were only 1000 yuan per month!

    As it was a customer, Su Cha had to have patience.

    Store: I can’t. Being hand-tailored, it took a lot of time and work. Moreover, this is the first piece I made, the price is fixed.

    I am a flying pig: Oh, I see. Then, that’s okay.

    The buyer was easygoing. After Su Cha refused to lower the price, the buyer placed the order decisively without saying anything else.

    Su Cha checked her address, the buyer was from the Imperial Capital. She must be a young girl. Otherwise, she would not have purchased this t-shirt dress.

    Store: Thank you for your support. I will mail your t-shirt out after school today via the express courier. I promise that it will reach you tomorrow! I am in class right now, and my exam is starting soon.

    I am a flying pig: …