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Chapter 89 - Su Cha Has Become Overly Confiden

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 89: Su Cha Has Become Overly Confident

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    After she sold the T-shirt, Su Cha earned 1000 yuan.

    But the money was kept in the public account of the Pet Cat shopping site for the time being and would not be transferred to Su Cha’s bank account until the customer received the product.

    Pet Cat shopping site took 10% as a service fee, which was applicable for any product.

    As a result, Su Cha would get only 900 yuan.

    But 900 yuan was still a huge sum of money for her since she only got 1000 yuan from her dad once a month.

    It was a good start. Su Cha did not expect that the T-shirt would be sold out in such a short time. Perhaps the customer had no concerns because of the policy of free returns in seven days.

    She had stated clearly in her store that every cloth was unique. If the customer did not like it, they could return the product and get a refund.

    The bell rang again. It was time for math.

    The invigilator was still He Qun.

    Math was difficult for many people in the country. The senior students hated it the most.

    The mathematical signs and numbers were totally abstruse and complicated.

    Su Cha used to think so too. She had not messed it up, but she was at best average. In the past, she could barely manage to pass tests and sometimes she would even fail.

    She knew it was her weak spot and had devoted a lot of time to Math and English recently. Now she could understand the formulas better and began to get a good grasp on them. Su Cha received the exam papers. The questions were difficult, but she soon discovered that she was capable of working out a few of the last questions.

    Most of her classmates became miserable because of the papers. Le Anqi who was sitting next to Su Cha was scratching her head with anxiety.

    She excelled in Chinese, History, and English, but her Math was the worst.

    She found most of the questions difficult.

    She knew that Su Cha was not better than her, but Cai Ziya was good at Math. She stretched her neck, wanting to take a look at Cai’s answers, but Cai Ziya gave her a glare and covered her papers.

    Even if you don’t know how to answer, you have to rely on yourself!

    It was the faith of Cai Ziya, who was a good student.

    Le Anqi was speechless.

    She made a wild guess that the teachers who had drafted these question papers might want her to die.

    She glanced around and was surprised to find Su Cha writing fast. She thought that Su Cha must be making things up, which was better than her leaving the whole space blank. Le Anqi planned to copy a few lines from Su Cha.

    Su Cha noticed it at once and covered her papers too. She whispered, “It’s not that I don’t want you to copy my answers. Think about it. If you get a high grade, our teacher will suspect you and ask you to explain your thinking. How are you gonna get away with it then?”

    Le Anqi said, “…Aren’t you just making up the answers?”

    Su Cha circled her lips, ” What I have written is all correct. Those I can’t work out, I will not answer.”

    Le Anqi was speechless again.

    She believed that Su Cha had been hexed lately, but she was not aware that Su Cha had become so shameless.

    Don’t I know how bad her Math is?

    She has become overly confident!

    Le Anqi thought.