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Chapter 90 - I’ve Missed You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 90: I’ve Missed You

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    After much deliberation, Le Anqi decided not to copy from Su Cha. Pulling a long face, Le Anqi submitted to fate and started attempting the questions.

    After the test papers were collected, the class broke out in a heated discussion.

    “That’s too fucking difficult! I could not understand a single question!”

    “How can such an inhumane subject, like Mathematics, exist in the world!”

    “May I not have to learn Mathematics in my next life!”


    It had always been like that. The majority of students in the class had a natural fear of Mathematics.

    Su Cha had a calm expression that was vastly different from her usual behavior. In the past, she would rest her head on the table for a long time after the examinations.

    When Le Anqi saw that, she did not find it strange. Judging from Su Cha’s behavior over the past two days, this was completely normal.

    Cai Ziya walked over to Le Anqi and Su Cha, she asked, “Did you manage to finish the Mathematics test?”

    Le Anqi rolled her eyes, “Hmm, considering our friendship, I can’t believe you did not let me copy your answer! You finally revealed your true colors!”

    Cai Ziya lightly tapped Le Anqi, “It’s not that I did not want to show it to you. If you copied from me now, who will you copy from during the college entrance examinations? When the teacher returns our paper, listen to the explanations carefully! Let’s go eat at the cafeteria. We have an English paper later in the afternoon.”

    They did not harp on this matter for long, and Cai Ziya did not ask Su Cha how she fared on the test. Like Le Anqi, Cai Ziya was aware of Su Cha’s academic capabilities.

    Su Cha felt a little pressure about the English test that afternoon. Although she had revised it over the past few days, she did not feel confident about it.

    Su Cha believed that a good English test score was not equivalent to having good English. In the past few days, she had been listening to standard American English radio programs online which were slightly different from the English tapes used in school.

    She also worked hard to learn new vocabulary. With her excellent memory, Su Cha managed to remember approximately 200 new words every day. She had easily memorized most of the English vocabulary in the English textbook.

    Her efforts would definitely be revealed in her test results.

    After the English examinations, the school bell rang. All the students heaved a sigh of relief.

    The student population was divided into two groups, those who lived on-campus and those who did not. Su Cha did not live on campus. After the freak accident that occurred last semester, students who did not live on campus did not have to attend the night self-study sessions. Hence, Su Cha could go home right after school every day.

    After a day of examinations, Su Cha was still tense. She returned home to pick up the t-shirt and mailed it via the fastest courier as promised.

    She returned home after having dinner outside. It was already at 6 o’clock in the evening.

    As soon as she walked up the stairs, she saw a tall man standing right outside her door.

    The man was dressed in a simple plaid shirt and tailored pants. Under the dim corridor lights, his handsome face appeared tense, and he exuded a strange, cold aura.

    When Su Cha saw him, she immediately felt relaxed and exclaimed in surprise, “Bo Muyi, why didn’t you call me?”

    On hearing those words, the man turned his head. His cold, uptight expression immediately turned warm and gentle as soon as he saw Su Cha.

    “Cha Cha, I have missed you.”

    His clear voice was like a gentle, flowing stream that brought a wonderful sense of comfort.

    Su Cha smiled delightfully. As she could not control her emotions, she trotted over and jumped right into Bo Muyi’s embrace.