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Chapter 91 - I’m Only Nice To You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 91: I’m Only Nice To You

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    Su Cha ran into Bo Muyi’s arms, and he embraced her tightly at once.

    They felt very content in the moment. Su Cha could smell a natural scent on his body, which made her secure.

    “Have you finished your work?”

    Bo Muyi had not come over in the last few days mainly because he was too busy at work. He could only manage to spare a little time to give Su Cha a call.

    “Not yet. But I miss you.”

    The man hugged Su Cha tightly as he spoke. Su Cha pulled one hand out of his embrace to find the key. She opened the door and asked, “Will you have to leave soon?”

    Bo Muyi lay his head on her shoulders and said nothing.

    His tall body bent over and appeared to be tired, which made people feel sorry about it.

    They came into the room. It was already dark outside, so Su Cha switched on the light. The room lit up.

    Su Cha’s little apartment did not appear to be special among the thousands of houses, but it was rather cozy.

    She had rented a small one with a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a washroom. It had everything she needed but was really congested.

    Each time Bo Muyi, who was very tall, came here, it would appear to be more crowded.

    But he was so noble that the room was turned into a catwalk from Paris.

    Su Cha took out a few books and said to Bo Muyi, “We had the last prep-test before the national college entrance exam today. I feel like I’ve done well and may get a good grade.”

    Bo Muyi looked gentler after he heard it. “Of course, my Cha Cha is always the best.”

    He never questioned Su Cha and completely believed her.

    Su Cha turned over and found Bo Muyi to be an unreal person for a moment.

    He looked like a person who had walked into her life from her dream.

    It might be that Su Cha had been looking at him for too long, Bo Muyi walked to Su Cha and pulled her sleeves. “Is there anything wrong with my face?”

    Su Cha shook her head, “Of course not. By the way, let me tell you some good news. I’ve finished a piece of embroidery and sold it online.”

    His smile disappeared, “You are selling clothes on the Internet?”

    His face showed that the man was speculating. She nodded assertively, “Yes. What I sell online is my craft of embroidery. I have to live on my own and stop relying on my father. I’m already an adult.”

    She had been working her way through school for a long time. In the past, she had only made ends meet, but now she was carrying out her plans.

    “Cha Cha, if you need money, you can tell me at any time…”

    Bo Muyi frowned. Su Cha saw it and held his hands. She said cutely, “I know. But I’d like to experience the joy of earning money. Plus, embroidery makes me happy. Isn’t it nice that I can get both joy and money? If I need anything from you, I will ask.”

    She was quite right. Bo Muyi had to accept that embroidery did make her happy.

    In his mind, Su Cha could feel free to use his money, but it’s most important that she was happy. Nothing could compare with it.

    Su Cha ruffled Bo Muyi’s hair as she smiled, “Muyi, you are so nice.”

    Bo Muyi said gently, “I’m only nice to you.”