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Chapter 92 - You Are Also Going to the Imperial Capital?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 92: You Are Also Going to the Imperial Capital?

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    Bo Muyi could not stay for long. Soon, Bai Kun called to inform him that the guest had arrived, and he had to attend the meeting.

    Looking at Bo Muyi’s sunken face, Su Cha picked up a bunch of keys and placed it in his palm, “Muyi, this is the key to my apartment. You can enter my house anytime in the future.”

    This set of keys were the same ones Zhai Yao had.

    Su Cha had not touched the keys since Zhai Yao returned them.

    Seeing the bunch of keys in his palm, Bo Muyi became significantly happier, and his eyes glistened like the stars. Now that Su Cha had given him the keys to her apartment, did it mean that she is allowing more?

    After receiving the keys from Su Cha, the uncertainty and doubts Bo Muyi had in his heart vanished.

    As usual, Su Cha walked Bo Muyi downstairs. Bai Kun was waiting downstairs with the car to pick Bo Muyi up.

    After Bo Muyi boarded the car, Su Cha waved him goodbye. Bo Muyi also reluctantly bade her farewell before Bai Kun drove off.

    Once Su Cha’s figure disappeared from sight, Bo Muyi’s expression turned serious, and the dark, repressive aura gradually thickened around him. He threw the bunch of keys to Bai Kun and ordered, “Get me a new set, and melt this.”

    When he said the word ‘melt’, his tone was icy and vicious. It was as if he wanted to melt a person and not a set of keys.

    Bai Kun shuddered in fear, the young master has received the keys, why is he giving off a murderous aura?


    After Bo Muyi left, Su Cha continued practicing martial arts.

    Before the martial arts training, she had to continue practicing the movements to circulate vitality through the meridians of her body. Once the meridians were opened up, the flow of vitality through her would be purely from heavens and earth.

    The current flow of vitality merely helped Su Cha strengthen her physique, allowing her to improve her physical health day by day. It would take her some time before she was ready to practice the combat of martial arts.

    She could no longer practice the set of martial arts moves from her precious life as it would lower her levels of fertility.

    However, in her previous life, Su Cha was strong in martial arts. As she was idle, she spent her spare time refining her skills and mastering different tricks. Hence, she knew many suitable methods, but not all of them were memorized.

    Indeed, the martial arts are divided into two main categories – tricks and mentality. Su Cha selected a few suitable tricks and prepared to start practicing in a few days.

    After nearly 40 minutes of training, Su Cha was drenched in sweat, but her body was not aching as much.

    As her body adapted to the high-intensity training, Su Cha was also slowly increasing the training duration.

    After the training, Su Cha started focusing on her revision.

    Her success or failure was solely dependent on the month’s practice.

    With her gradually strengthened physique, the amount of sleep Su Cha needed had reduced. If she slept an hour lesser than usual, she would not feel less energized or mentally drained. This improved physique gave her a significant advantage over her peers.

    When she woke up in the morning, Su Cha went for a run before heading to school.

    There was a comprehensive liberal arts exam that day. As a liberal arts student, Su Cha had been a little more well-versed in the subject.

    The most exceptional merit of the subject was that it required a lot of memorization. Su Cha was not worried about that. As for the history aspect of the subject, Su Cha would be able to make smart guesses about the events in the orthodox times based on her past life.

    After the test, Su Cha did not feel any pressure.

    Le Anqi flicked her pen after she submitted her test paper, “Next month, I will be free from this. Imperial Capital, wait for me!”

    Su Cha glanced at her lightly, “You are going to the Imperial Capital too?”