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Chapter 117 - Conversan

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 117: Conversant

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    Jiang Yao dug through her memory to try to recall meeting Zhou Weiqi as she was talking to him. However, no matter how hard she tried to think, she couldn’t recall anything that had happened at her own wedding. The only thing she could vaguely remember was an articulate and talkative man. That person must be him, then.

    Zhou Weiqi had driven here, but he had to park the car outside the gate because the university forbade cars without authorized stickers to enter. Because of this, Zhou Weiqi couldn’t stop complaining about his misery to Jiang Yao. He hadn’t been stopped in any way in his life, and Nanjiang Medical University was the only exception so far.

    Since she didn’t have class in the afternoon, Jiang Yao agreed to Zhou Weiqi’s suggestion of dining outside the campus. However, Wen Xuehui met Li Ronghui at the gate.

    “Xuehui, where are you heading?” Li Ronghui had seen the three girls from afar, so he intentionally waited for them to approach him at the gate.

    Wen Xuehui flashed a cheerful smile as soon as she saw Li Ronghui. “I’m going for lunch with Jiang Yao and her friend. What about you?” Wen Xuehui asked, “You haven’t officially started your lectures, right? Are there still any freshmen who will arrive today? Are you going to the station to pick them up?”

    Li Ronghui glanced at Jiang Yao and then the man next to her who happened to look back at him too. The man was fidgeting the car key leisurely as he waited for them. Li Ronghui recognized the logo on the car key instantly. It belonged to the luxurious four-seat sports car that was parked in front of the university gate.

    Li Ronghui sucked in a breath of shock and bewilderment. He was surprised that Wen Xuehui’s roommate had such a rich friend. Besides, he estimated that the man was only in his twenties, but being able to afford such a luxury car at this age meant that he came from an affluent family.

    Although Zhou Weiqi was acting as if he was indifferent and disinterested in their conversation, he had been discreetly observing Li Ronghui and the girls. Then, he tilted his head and whispered into Jiang Yao’s ear, “Hey, your friend’s senior is quite conversant, he immediately knows that I drive an awesome car.”

    At his remark, Jiang Yao looked at the car key in his hand and found the car a few steps away from them.

    She smirked in disgust. She bet that Li Ronghui’s vision was equipped with a filter that could identify rich and powerful people in an instant. Not only was he knowledgeable about these things, but he also knew them like the back of his hand.

    Although she couldn’t recognize the brand of the car or the value of it, Li Ronghui’s expression indicated that it was not an ordinary car. After all, he was a humanoid appraisal.

    A sudden thought struck Jiang Yao that she exclaimed, “Don’t tell me that you came from Jindo to Nanjiang City by car?!”

    “Of course not!” Zhou Weiqi shrieked. “I’ll be insane to have driven so far! I borrowed the car from my friend.”

    Li Ronghui might tell Wen Xuehui something when Jiang Yao was distracted with the conversation with Zhou Weiqi because Wen Xuehui pulled Jiang Yao aside and asked quietly, “Are you sure you know that man?”

    “Yes, he is my husband’s good friend and he attended my wedding too.” Jiang Yao shook the phone in her hand. “He is trustworthy enough that my husband would allow him to send this to me in person.”

    Wen Xuehui giggled immediately. “That’s great! I won’t be joining you then, I’ll have my lunch with Li Ronghui and we’ll go to the bookstore after that.”

    Initially, Jiang Yao thought that Wen Xuehui had assumed Zhou Weiqi was a bad guy because Li Ronghui was making malicious comments about him. If she had known that they were planning to go out together, she would not have let Wen Xuehui leave with him even if she had to discredit him.