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Chapter 106 - Is This How You Earn Money (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 106: Is This How You Earn Money (2)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    There were many red marks on her face, her arms, and her legs. It caused people’s imagination to run wild.

    The club manager was stunned when he looked over. Didn’t… didn’t the people in this private room leave already? Why were there still people inside? Also… also, they didn’t close their door tightly before starting their passionate actions. This was totally…

    He quickly glanced at the man lying on the ground. It was Pang Hai. Instantly, he felt that this was nothing strange. A person like him dared to do all sorts of things. It was normal for him to be so wild!

    He didn’t want to offend Pang Hai so he apologized first. “Mr. Pang, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you haven’t left. Sorry to disturb you and your female partner. I’ll leave immediately. You can continue…”

    He slowly retreated out as he spoke. After he went out of the door, he realized that something was amiss. He raised his head and saw Gu Yu’s ice-cold face. The killing intent surrounding Gu Yu scared him until his legs turned weak.

    Mr. Gu’s eyes… why did it seem like… like he caught someone having an affair?

    Gu Yu never expected to see this kind of scene after rushing over anxiously. His wife was fooling around with another man in a private room of a club?

    Good, very good!

    He clenched his hands tightly. The gaze from his black eyes was intense. It was extremely frightening!

    When Xu Weilai saw Gu Yu barging into the room, her mind was blank. She didn’t expect him to come back. She also didn’t expect that he would see this scene that could easily be misunderstood!

    She moved her red lips and wanted to explain to him instinctively. But, she was unable to piece her words together within such a short time. She didn’t know where to start either!

    She could only watch Gu Yu’s dark and malicious expression helplessly. He moved his legs and walked towards her in wide strides. As he walked, he unbuttoned his suit and took off his blazer without any expressions. He wrapped the blazer roughly around her and then grabbed her wrist and pulled her out forcefully.

    The force he used to grab her wrist was so huge it felt as though her thin bones would crumble under his grip the next moment!

    Xu Weilai used all her strength in resisting Pang Hai so she didn’t have any more energy left to struggle. She could only allow Gu Yu to drag her out of the private room. She staggered as she followed him up to the guest rooms upstairs.

    Gu Yu didn’t give Xu Weilai any chances to breathe. After entering the room, he walked straight to the bathroom and threw Xu Weilai into the bathtub. He took the shower head down and turned on the water tap. He aimed the shower head at her body and sprayed the water at Xu Weilai while using the other hand to take off her blazer forcefully. Then, he pulled her clothes off roughly!

    Xu Weilai wanted to stop him but the force of a terribly angry man was huge. She didn’t have the power to stop him. The clothes on her body got taken off one by one!

    Just now, Gu Yu only saw red marks on the parts of her skin that weren’t covered with her clothes. Now, after taking her clothes off, he realized that there were many red marks all over her body.

    Those patches of red marks stimulated him. Flames of anger rose in the depth of his eyes!

    Xu Weilai knew what he was thinking when she saw him looking at the red marks on her body. However, these red marks were gotten when she fought with Pang Hai just now. They were pushing and shoving just now and she bumped into many things. Pang Hai was knocked unconscious by the anesthesia before he could do anything so he didn’t manage to take advantage of her!

    She bit her lips lightly. While she was hesitating whether she should explain herself, she heard Gu Yu’s cold and piercing voice. Every word seemed to be coming from hell. “Xu Weilai, is this how you earn money?”

    Xu Weilai’s dilemma ended instantly!