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Chapter 131 - It’s My Turn to Perform!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 131: It’s My Turn to Perform!

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    Li Haojie had posted this status on his own accord.

    After he posted this, his agent, who was having a meeting, burst out of the conference room. “Who allowed you to post on Weibo? So many of us are racking our brains to help clear your name but you decided to be a hero?”

    Li Haojie was more disgruntled than the agent, his face full of irritation. “I cannot stand for her to be caught up in this. This really has nothing to do with her. It’s Zhen Shanmei who is unwilling to negotiate!”

    The agent furrowed his brows. “Delete that post immediately and apologize to Miss Zhen. If she’s not willing to cooperate, then break up amicably.”

    Li Haojie hit the table and angrily stood up. “Why do I need to apologize? It’s just that we dated and now, we’re breaking up—that’s all!”

    The agent looked at him and coldly laughed. “It will be up to you to apologize to the Zhen family! The Zhen family just needs to say the word and you’re done for! You still have a chance while they have not made any moves!”

    Li Haojie hated to hear this. It was as if he was being slapped, and his face looked distorted from anger. “I’m not going boot-licking. If you really want to then you can go! What’s the worst that could happen? Them killing my career? Sure. After all, I’ve earned a lot after all these years!”

    The agent looked at his stubborn attitude. He knew that nothing would change no matter what he said, and so, he threw his PR draft and left.

    After Li Haojie posted on Weibo, Su Tiantian followed suit to try and clear her name.

    [SuTiantian: Miss Zhen has misunderstood. I have never interfered in their relationship. I’ve always been friends with Teacher Li seeing as I’m his senior after all. I didn’t think that the situation would take a turn like this. I must have not maintained my distance and caused harm to the people around me which has caused the engaged couple to go through this hardship. Sorry, it’s my bad.]

    Once she posted this on Weibo, her Tian squad was moved, each of them crying in distress.

    [everydaysweet: What a laughing matter. My Tiantian has a fiancé. Even with this status, a random lady still has the guts to misunderstand. I pity you.]

    [hotpotriceandchicken: I suddenly pity Li. This random lady must be controlling him too much that he fell in love with someone else.]

    [Tiantianismygoddess: OK, understood. This kind of misunderstanding shouldn’t have happened between the engaged couple. We can only blame our Tiantian for being magnanimous!]

    This sentence caught momentum and others started to comment the same: [We can only blame our Tiantian for being magnanimous!]

    [brightlikeaball: Is it just me or does this sentence make her look like a whore?]

    There were statuses like these in between, but they were buried among the other comments.

    Since Li Haojie had taken the blame, Su Tiantian successfully washed her name clean.


    Zhen Shanmei was pissed as she looked at the comments, and she sent Ning Meng a string of voice notes.

    “I really don’t want to be angry but I’m as innocent as the white lotus! Is there shit in Li Haojie’s brain? He’s not clarifying the matter, but instead, setting himself on fire?”

    “I’m going to melt from anger! Su Tiantian’s fans are privately chatting with me, calling me a pot of vinegar for being over-jealous!”

    “Tell me, sourandsweet, why are keyboard warriors behaving like this? They’re saying that Li Haojie betrayed me because I was asking for it. They’re so mean… Huhuhu…”

    Ning Meng looked through the comments. She had to admit that Su Tiantian was an expert at public relations.

    She sent a text to Zhen Shanmei: [Can you not have a bit of dignity? You chose to get caught up with the fan squad and now you’re crying from being insulted?]

    Zhen Shanmei sent a voice note, “You’re not the one being insulted, of course you wouldn’t cry.”

    Ning Meng: [Have you bought a bag for your friend?]

    “Yes. My dad just brought it back from France.”

    Ning Meng: [Then it’s settled. Don’t cry. It’s my turn to perform!]