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Chapter 448 - Getting the Heaven Treasure!

Medical Master
     ”How much?”

    “Put it up for auction quickly!”

    “Why did you hide it when you had such a good item? Put it up for auction and you wouldn’t have been short of money long ago!”

    “Name the price. I’ll take it!”

    “No matter how much others offer, I’ll add another 1 million. Sell it to me!”

    Below the auction stage, they all stood up and wanted to buy the experience notebook on leveling up from the sixth class to seventh class in Fang Qiu’s hands.

    It was in the meanwhile.

    Backstage, the eighth-class elder with an opened meridians had kept his eyes shut. Hearing Fang Qiu had taken out an experience book on advancing from the sixth class to seventh class, he swooshed open his eyes and couldn’t sit tight anymore.

    Because when he leveled up from sixth class to seventh class, he just did it in some mysterious way. When he exchanged his experience with others, he also got the same answer: They all succeeded naturally.

    However, no one knew where that natural success came from.


    A sound of breaking through the air rang.

    Just when everyone was astonishingly discussing, the eighth-class elder man with one opened meridian dashed from backstage onto the auction stage.

    He looked at Fang Qiu not far away.

    “Young friend.”

    The elder man shouted and asked, “Can I borrow the sixth class to seventh class promotion experience book you have to have a look?”

    Hearing what he said, everyone present turned to look in the direction of the sound.

    The moment they saw the elder man, everyone’s expression changed.

    They knew the elder man was the security blanket of the auction agency. He was a super expert.

    No one expected that an experience book in Fang Qiu’s hands made the elder come out. They could see that the experience book must be precious.

    It was at the same time.

    Hearing the voice of the eighth-class elder, Fang Qiu glanced at the surrounding martial arts practitioners again.


    Fang Qiu suddenly smiled and said, “I wanted to put this experience book up for auction in the second round, but someone had suppressed its price, so I have to fail you. Now since I’ve had enough money, I won’t put this up for auction.”

    While saying that, Fang Qiu put away the notebook.

    Seeing that, all the people present fell silent.

    “Why did you take it out if you don’t want to sell it?”

    “Rest assured. We won’t force your price down. We’ll never do that.”

    “Right. Just put it up for auction. As long as you’re willing to sell it, we’ll bid.”

    They all voiced their complaint about Fang Qiu’s deliberately taking out the experience book to attract them. Some asked Fang Qiu to quickly put it up for auction, and some even wanted to privately trade with Fang Qiu.

    It turned out that Fang Qiu wasn’t interested at all.

    At that time, everyone present couldn’t help resenting Ling Tianxiao.

    It was all because Ling Tianxiao stuck his nose into this.

    Otherwise, he would probably put this up for sale when he saw how much money he gained if they didn’t force down the price in the first place.

    Now, things got interesting.

    Once they forced down his price, he directly offered a defective item.

    Now, they could only watch the treasure in other’s hands and didn’t even have a chance to bid for it.

    It was too torturing!


    Seeming to discern their bad mood, Ling Tianxiao immediately snorted at Fang Qiu and disdainfully said, “Experience of leveling up from the sixth class to seventh class from a guru-like master. You can really brag. In my opinion, your experience book is fake and you’re bluffing, right?”

    Hearing that, all the people felt stunned.

    That could be possible.

    Then, why didn’t Fang Qiu quit selling it?

    Fang Qiu asked, “Are you from Ling Family in Ganzhou Province?”

    “What? You’re scared?”

    Ling Tianxiao proudly lifted his head and looked down at Fang Qiu with condescending eyes.


    Fang Qiu coldly snorted and said, “I’ll visit your family in a week about things that happened today!”

    This time, Fang Qiu really got angry.

    The reason he came here was simple. It was to buy the Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf. When he realized that he was short of money, he especially stayed up to write those experience books, just to buy the things he needed in an honorable way. He didn’t need to take advantage of others or be taken advantage of either.

    However, who would have known that Ling Tianxiao went against him again and again.

    It upset him very much!

    Don’t mistake his patience for weakness.

    It was after Fang Qiu said that.

    All the people present broke into an uproar.

    “Why is he trying to play tough?”

    “The Ling Family is a long-standing martial arts family. You’re just a weak third-class practitioner. And you dare to ask for an explanation from his family?”

    “Yo. One wants to go against a family. So capable?”

    “You’re turning your ambition into a joke!”

    “Though Ling Tianxiao has taken this too far, you shouldn’t brag like this.”

    Without a doubt, because of Ling Tianxiao, the people here had got some benefits. Therefore, public opinion would naturally favor Ling Tianxiao.


    Just like everyone else, when hearing Fang Qiu’s words, Ling Tianxiao immediately said as if he had heard a joke. “You’re welcome to our Ling Family for an explanation at any time. But I don’t suppose you’re still alive then. You’re just a third-class Martial Superior, but you have an experience book on how to level up from sixth class to seventh class and the Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf. It’s a disaster for an average man like you!”

    It was after he said that.

    Eyes of the surrounding people brightened.

    Indeed, they couldn’t touch Fang Qiu inside the Fang Qiu, however, after they went out of it, things would be different. Moreover, Fang Qiu was merely a weak third-class Martial Superior. For those present, most of who were above the fourth class, it’s a piece of cake to easily get rid of Fang Qiu.

    “Are you threatening me?”

    Fang Qiu’s eye became chilly. He coldly stared at Ling Tianxiao and said, “Didn’t you say my experience book is fake?”

    Ling Tianxiao froze.


    Fang Qiu disdainfully sneered and said, “I’ll tell you this. If I dare to put it up for sale, I can guarantee that no one snatches it from me.”

    “In a week, I’ll see you in Ganzhou!”

    After that, Fang Qiu ignored Ling Tianxiao and directly turned around to look at Xuan Yiqing on the auction stage. He asked, “Now that I’ve had enough money. When will we trade?”

    “Since you’ve had enough money, you can directly trade backstage now.”

    Xuan Yiqing nodded and said, “As for the commission, there’s no need for it. You should take it as a friendly gift.”

    In fact, because Fang Qiu didn’t set a reserve price for his previous lots, it couldn’t be counted as a business of the auction agency. Therefore, naturally, there would be no commission.

    The auction ended.

    The crowd dispersed.

    People who had bought things went backstage to trade under the guidance of the auction agency clerks.

    Soon, the buyer paid and the seller delivered.

    Fetching the Heaven Treasure Mei Leaf, Fang Qiu walked out of the auction agency and took the same route back.

    However, it was soon after he left the agency.

    Fang Qiu felt that many people followed him.

    Among them, there was the young master from the Ling Family, Ling Tianxiao!

    It was in the meanwhile.

    It was behind the curtains of the auction auditorium.

    The eighth-class elder with an opened meridian sat on a block of rock, while Xuan Yiqing standing beside him.

    Xuan Yiqing asked, “Elder Jin, since you’re interested in the sixth class to seventh class promotion experience notebook. Should we also chase after him and snatch it when a good opportunity appears?”

    “There’s no need.”

    Elder Jin faintly shook his head and said, “We haven’t verified the authenticity of the book yet. If it’s fake, it won’t make sense if we snatch it from him. If it’s true, we’ll be in great trouble.”


    Xuan Yiqing felt stunned and said, “How is that?”

    “I won’t elaborate on the situation where it’s fake.”

    Elder Jin frowned and explained. “If he can consecutively take out three promotion experience book, it means the three books are very likely to come from one same person. I’ve seen the former books. They’re indeed from a guru. If the third one is real too, there’s a 90% chance that it’s from the same person too.

    “If he can get three leveling-up experience books from a guru expert, he must be close to that guru. And he just casually took out the books, it means he has support. Once we follow him and mess up with the guru expert behind him, we’ll suffer a great deal.”

    Hearing that, Xuan Yiqing felt his muscles all over his body tightened. His forehead was covered with beads of sweat.

    A guru expert!

    If they really messed up with a man like that, it’d be more than suffering a great deal.

    Thinking like that, Xuan Yiqing immediately denied the idea of sending people to catch up with Fang Qiu.

    It was outside the auction auditorium.

    Fang Qiu and He Gaoming went all the way out of the garden.

    Because it was already 10:30 at night, the sky was pitch-dark.

    While walking, He Gaoming asked, “Master, should we go back to Jiangjing today or tomorrow?”

    Hearing the question, Fang Qiu didn’t answer and just turned his head to scan the surrounding situation.

    He found there was a small supermarket in front.

    Meanwhile, the lights were still on at the supermarket door. When he looked closely, he discovered there were two surveillance cameras respectively on the left and right sides.

    Seeing those, Fang Qiu had an idea and smiled.

    Then, he said something to He Gaoming in a low voice.

    “No way. There are really people following us?”

    Hearing Fang Qiu out, He Gaoming felt startled and hurriedly looked around.

    Fang Qiu nodded. “Sure.”

    He Gaoming hesitated and said, “But even if it’s like that, won’t this method be too harsh?”

    Fang Qiu pursed his lips and asked, “Will you go or not?”

    “Of course. I have to.”

    He Gaoming grinned and excitedly trotted into the supermarket.

    At the same time, Fang Qiu stood not far away from the supermarket, a dark place where the surveillance cameras couldn’t record.

    It was three minutes later.

    “Beep beep beep…”

    Fang Qiu’s cell phone suddenly rang.

    He took out his phone and found it was none other than a text message from He Gaoming.

    There was only one word in the message. “OK.”

    Seeing the message, Fang Qiu faintly smiled and strode into a place where the two surveillance cameras could clearly record. Then, he casually glanced around and said, “Everyone, show yourselves. Don’t hide anymore.”

    He finished.

    No one showed up.

    “You won’t show yourselves?”

    Fang Qiu slightly smiled and said, “If you don’t, then I’ll burn it.”

    While saying that, Fang Qiu really took out the notebook and acted like he was going to burn it.

    Seeing the scene, those martial arts practitioners hiding in the dark instantly became anxious.


    One jumped out of a dark place beside Fang Qiu. Then, he dashed forward Fang Qiu. He reached out and tried to seize the notebook in Fang Qiu’s hand.

    Seeing someone coming out to snatch it, Fang Qiu immediately put on a startled face. He kept stepping back until he was against the wall beside the supermarket door. His back was against the wall and he looked fretful all over his face.

    In the meanwhile, the man who reached out to snatch had dashed right in front of Fang Qiu. It looked like he’d cornered Fang Qiu and he was still reaching his hand to Fang Qiu.