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Chapter 134 - Now There’s Going to be Trouble

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 134: Now There’s Going to be Trouble

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    By the time Qianmo realized that the voice was hers, it was too late. She had already agreed.

    Right after being upgraded from a self-proclaimed boyfriend to a genuine boyfriend, who could openly display affection, like he was being granted amnesty, he stepped hard on the accelerator and sped off together with her on this journey.

    “You have a house here?”


    “When did you buy it?”

    “Three years ago.”

    Qianmo did the calculations. Wouldn’t he have bought it in the year he was undercover?

    “So, how long have you been thinking about me?”


    The tip of his ears turned red, in stark contrast to his cool-looking face.

    The house was ready a long time ago, but the ingredients had not been prepared. After all, everything today had happened so fast that he had no time to get ready.

    Therefore, they turned the car around and headed straight for the city’s largest supermarket.

    She watched as he pushed the trolley with one hand while accurately and carefully choosing ingredients with the other. Her gaze was wholly focused on him, all the older men and women who were scrambling for sales items fading into the background. At that moment, Qianmo suddenly understood.

    No wonder there were people who liked to film television dramas where the couple would shop in the supermarket together. He was really… handsome.

    The vast expanse of goods made the serious, dashing man seem particularly down-to-earth. And such an outstanding man was just a hand’s distance away. It was neither a futile dream, nor was it too far away.

    As he focused on picking steaks, Qianmo’s eyes drifted around, eventually landing on a place that was two shelves away from her. There, surrounded by daily necessities, was a stand-alone counter.

    The counter was filled with colorful little boxes. Super thin, fruity…

    Qianmo had a violent struggle internally.

    Although they had just confirmed their relationship today, this guy was not playing by the rules. Who knew when he might suddenly transform? What if sparks started to fly when they were having their meal later, and she got pushed down? Then, like in her past life, they would do all kinds of indescribable things.

    It was her first time going to his place, and she was thinking about bringing this. That did not seem pure at all.

    Qianmo slapped her face. Looking up, she saw him give her a weird look, not understanding why her face had turned red all of a sudden.

    “Do you want ice cream?” His gaze landed on the Häagen-Dazs in the freezer.

    Trying to cover it up, she pretended to look at the shampoo and casually waved him off. Obediently, he went over and seriously chose the flavor that she liked.

    No one was more familiar with what she liked to eat than him. Similarly, Qianmo also understood his preferences in certain aspects.

    For example, regardless of how thin it was, he simply did not like wearing it…

    The problem was, her current identity was that of a student, and she was not ready to be a mother. Of course, the current dilemma was to buy or not to buy.

    A goddess-like woman was standing in front of the shelf of daily necessities. From time to time, she would cast side glances at the shelf that was, from top to bottom, filled with unspeakable things.

    From a moral point of view, she should pretend not to see it and walk past the evil counter as she radiated her sacred aura. A pure relationship should not be tainted by something like that.

    However, realistically, she felt that she had better be prepared just in case. After all, her health checkup report indicated that everything was normal and… Black’s phobia did not quite seem to exist.

    With everything that happened in the car park just now, it went to show that some men would grab any opportunity to take things a step further. Give him just a little color, and he’ll set off fireworks. Even if she trusted Black, she did not believe that he would be able to suppress his instinct of twenty-six years.

    Imagine this: Aroma candles lit up in Black’s dark apartment and a young, passionate couple. Being with a woman whom he had had a crush on for many years, it would be unrealistic if he did not do anything. Although he was still pure now…

    Qianmo glanced at the man who was fully focused on choosing ice cream from the freezer.

    With the determination to burn her boats and the conviction that her life was more important than her skin, she marched towards the evil counter. She was going to pretend to just be passing by, and as she did so, she would bury her head in the sand while grabbing a box as quick as lightning and stuff it at the bottom of the shopping cart. When checking out, she would then get Black to stand on the outside to make the payment, so as to achieve her goal of hiding it from everyone.

    The idea was perfect, but just when she had mustered up her courage and was about to execute it—her hand nearly grabbing the box that signified impurity—there was a sudden deafening roar coming from next to her, and her hand froze.

    “What are you doing!”

    Qianmo looked in the sound of the direction, only to see Black pressing a young man of about twenty years old against the freezer. The shout had come from the youngster.

    The young man was no match for Black. Caught unprepared, he had been shoved against the freezer and let out an anguished howl.

    The surrounding passersby immediately ran aside and encircled them, maintaining the perfect safe distance where they could watch the fight yet not be caught up in it.

    When Yu Changmo was enforcing justice on behalf of the heavens, his first reaction was to look over in her direction to ensure that she was safe.

    It was too late for Qianmo to withdraw her hand from the shelf. Hence, he saw it, saw it… It…

    Her hand was grabbing onto a box of three 0.01mm ultra-thin, zero distance, pure, natural rubber condoms. Although there were only three pieces, it cost more than ten condoms, and everybody that used it recommended it… The moment he looked over, the highly-rated box of condoms fell back onto the shelf, landing with a soft thud.

    No, that was not the sound of the box falling. That was the sound of her pride shattering.

    She was caught red-handed!!!

    Now, it was too late for Qianmo to feign ignorance. It was also futile for her to hope that Black did not see anything. After all, he was from the air force. His vision was bound to be fantastic.

    No, there was still a glimmer of hope.  Qianmo was just trying to deceive herself, but even she could not bring herself to believe such a childish reason.

    Time stood still. Yu Changmo was distracted upon looking at his beloved while restraining the thug who was attempting to attack him.

    Qianmo quickly made a decision to leave this trouble spot. Yet, before she could even take a step, a supermarket salesgirl, who was wearing a vest, approached her with a smile. Although an exciting scene of catching a thief was happening just ahead, as a professional, it was necessary to multitask. No matter when, she would always bear in mind her sacred task of promoting sales.

    “Older sister, what a coincidence! The 0.01 ultra-thin condom you just saw is on sale! If you buy two boxes now, we will give you a free tube of warming lubricant. Usually, we can sell a few dozens of this lubricant separately.”

    Qianmo’s heart was palpitating wildly at this turn of events.