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Chapter 135 - I Saw Nothing

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 135: I Saw Nothing

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    Yu Changmo handed over the man he was restraining to the security guard. After a while, he saw his goddess flitting back. Just now, after leaving the counter where she was told that there was some free lubricant if she bought two boxes, she had disappeared for about a minute long.

    When she came back, she acted like nothing had happened. But upon closer look, he could see that her face was still red.

    “What happened just now?” Qianmo hypnotized herself.

    “That man wanted to attack a woman.” Yu Changmo also pretended that there was nothing wrong.

    However, during the conversation, his eyes unconsciously swept across the shelf that was supposedly having a huge buy-two-get-one-free promotion.

    All the mental preparation that she had painstakingly done crumbled just like that. Her psyche fell apart!

    “Oh, that, I wanted to show it to my dad.” After she finished uttering this sentence, the air around them seemed to freeze.


    But it was impossible to take back her words. He had already heard it.

    The next moment, Qianmo saw a man, who usually had few expressions on his face, chuckling. Yes, chuckling…

    “It is if I say it is. You’re not allowed to refute,” she instructed strictly to try to cover it up but only ended up making it worse. She then walked on ahead, refusing to look at him.

    she thought in her heart. She had disgraced Q City. How did her train of thought lead her to say something like that?

    Turning around, she saw that as he passed by the counter, under the salesgirl’s meaningful glances that were hinting to him, he picked up the promotional package and placed it in the shopping cart.

    Qianmo’s eyes became as round as marbles. While pushing the cart over, he looked straight ahead. It was as if the red scarf on his chest became more vivid as he said, “I’m also buying it for Uncle.”

    1Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!

    Qianmo felt her inner world breaking into pieces. With great difficulty, she had finally rid herself of her title of Car Sex Goddess from her past life. Was she going to leave the impression of “Condom-buying Goddess” in his heart from now on?

    Ultra-thin 0.01 was also a title that made her want to bury herself in the ground.

    Even if she turned her gaze away and looked elsewhere, forcing herself to maintain her aloof persona that had shattered into smithereens, she could still catch his light chuckle. She had definitely heard it!

    This supermarket had caused her to feel deeply hurt.

    When they were making payment, Qianmo felt like she no longer had anything to lose. When she watched him personally hand the boxes to the cashier, perhaps it was because she was feeling as guilty as a thief, she felt as if the cashier’s gaze on her was brimming with vague colors.

    Qianmo strode forward with her head held high. However, she swore she could hear his laughter again.

    After this embarrassing incident, she was so angry, she was about to lose her temper. She swore that if Black dared to say anything about the promotional pack when they went home, she would immediately fall out with him and leave.

    She had her pride!

    Fortunately, although Yu Changmo continued laughing the whole way, he was still quite tactful and pretended that nothing had happened and kept the pack in his pocket.

    They had a mutual understanding.

    In order to forget the embarrassment that the salesgirl had brought upon her, Qianmo tried to break the ice.

    “What was going on with the man you caught?”

    “When I was buying something, I heard people arguing next to me…”

    Black recounted the event.

    During the time when Qianmo was focused on how to sneakily buy the thing, Yu Changmo had heard a man and woman arguing next to him.

    The man had been extremely worked up, and as he was arguing, he made some vulgar references to human organs. Excluding the mutual exchange of paying respects to the organs of each other’s ancestors, the content of their conversation could roughly be summarised as such: The man and woman were married, and the woman appeared to want a divorce. From what the man was saying, however, it seemed that there was an extra-marital affair. Yet, the man was adamant about not getting a divorce and came to the woman’s workplace to cause trouble.

    The woman was a salesgirl in the supermarket. When the man was causing a disturbance there, Black had not intended to meddle in their domestic affairs. But when he saw that the guy was getting extremely worked up and was even shoving the woman, Yu Changmo made his move to put a stop to it.

    After Qianmo finished hearing the whole story, her first thought was,

    As an expert in microexpressions, she could capture even the tiniest bit of details. However, during that time, she was wholly engrossed in buying condoms. There was a severe error in her strategy. Not only did she not notice the danger next to her, but she also got caught red-handed at the moment she was grabbing condoms.

    Qianmo felt that her image as the perfect goddess was in danger of disintegrating.

    “What’s your take on this incident?” she asked.

    Out of consideration for her, he immediately denied everything. “I didn’t see it. I saw nothing.”

    He did not see his beloved taking a box of that thing, nor did he see the vexed expression on her face after she adorably said that she was buying it for her dad. He saw nothing.

    It was just a fond memory that he would forever keep in his heart. Really… Adorable.

    Qianmo’s face grew a little hotter. “I’m not talking about that! I’m asking for your take on the issue with the couple.”

    Qianmo yelled in her heart.

    She had simply talked about ‘the incident’ with the intention to change the subject, but when he deliberately tried to explain, it made it seem like she was doing it on purpose!

    Yu Changmo offered his professional judgment, “That man is very dangerous. I suspect that he has violent tendencies.”

    Although Qianmo only caught a few glances of the man, her opinion was more or less the same as his.

    “How can you tell?” she continued her questioning.

    “I’ve interacted with quite a number of bad fellows, and the expression in their eyes is very distinctive.” It was a feeling that could not be described in words. He just knew.

    Qianmo’s opinion was not based on experience; rather, her judgment was based on her expertise.

    “That guy’s nose was uneven. Such a person tends to be more aggressive. Furthermore, his eyes were full of hatred. When a person becomes like that, his eyebrows would not be raised but twisted.”

    Besides, these were all observed within a short period. Qianmo felt that the man was indeed dangerous.

    Because of that, she deliberately took a few more glances at him when the security guard was taking him away. She also reminded the salesgirl, who had almost been beaten up, to be cautious during this period.

    Unfortunately, the woman’s expression told Qianmo that she did not take her advice to heart.

    Qianmo lamented with slight regret, “If you can’t be husband and wife, just be strangers. Why the need to be enemies?”

    If she were that woman, she would never risk her life to fight against a desperate man.

    Even though Black had temporarily ended the dispute and the man had been taken away by security, it was unlikely for this matter to rest in the future. So what if they reported it to the police? If there was no physical harm being inflicted and the marriage had not ended, he would just be verbally educated before being released. Afterward, who knew what trouble he would cause?

    At that time, both Qianmo and Black did not know that in just ten minutes, this woman would cast a dark shadow over their romantic candlelight dinner.

    Yu Changmo’s house was not very far from Qianmo’s home, less than ten minutes by car.

    Right now, Qianmo was standing downstairs and looking up at the neighborhood that had just been built a few years ago. But why did she feel that this place gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity?