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Chapter 789 - I’m Looking Forward to Seeing Your Examination Results

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 789: I’m Looking Forward to Seeing Your Examination Results

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    Everyone was paying attention to Wen Xinya’s performance in the Wen Corporation, and of course… they were more worried about her final year examinations.

    The news of Wen Xinya aiming to enroll in the Capital University had been spreading like wildfire in the circle, and most people perceived her behavior of distracting herself with the work at Wen Corporation from her revision for the final year examinations with much contempt. They simply felt that she was being overly ambitious and conceited for thinking that she could juggle the two well. Some were neutral while others seemed to be gloating and hoping to see Wen Xinya do badly in her final year examinations. Of course… there were also some avid fans who expressed their support for Wen Xinya in the various discussion forums.

    However, Wen Xinya had indeed been spending less time on revision because of how distracted she was with the work at the Wen Corporation. She had no choice but to sacrifice her revision time to manage things at the office. Hence, she had begun relying on Si Yiyan’s tuition.

    She had also caught her teachers’ attention because of that.

    Wen Xinya had been admitted to Lan Feng Institute because of her family’s connections. Although she had indeed proved her abilities through her stellar achievements and results, the fact that Lan Feng Institute had given her an easier admission was not to be denied. Hence, the authorities of Lan Feng Institute had been paying close attention to her academics and personal life.

    Old Mr. Mo’s goal was to help Lan Feng Institute come up with a new teaching style and curriculum which would include some Chinese history and studies, so as to help Lan Feng Institute nurture more talented students and become a renowned institute in society. His aim was to help Lan Feng Institute develop into a prestigious school that even students from abroad would want to be admitted to. Since Wen Xinya was Old Mr. Mo’s granddaughter, the institute obviously regarded her highly.

    Besides, Wen Xinya was extremely outstanding as well, and she had gained the recognition of everyone. They all hoped that she could pass her final year examinations with flying colors.

    Hence, the principal asked to speak to her after learning about her situation.

    “Xinya, how has Old Mr. Mo been lately?” asked the principal, Mr. Shen, who was in his fifties. He had a full head of gray hair and his face was round, though he was not exactly chubby. The round spectacles hanging on his nose bridge made him look kind and benevolent.

    Wen Xinya answered smilingly, “Grampy is still the same as before, but his health has improved.”

    She could more or less guess the reason the principal had asked to meet her.

    Principal Shen smiled genuinely and said, “That’s good to hear! I’ve been busy with the preparations for the students’ final year examinations and hence, I haven’t had the time to visit Old Mr. Mo. I’ll definitely go and see him when I’m free.”

    Wen Xinya remained silent and smiled, thinking to herself,

    Principal Shen asked concernedly, “You’re about to sit for the examinations soon and revision is getting hectic. Are you able to catch up with the academic progress?”

    Wen Xinya answered in surprise, “Thank you for the concern, Mr. Shen. I can catch up with my academics.”

    Principal Shen did not ask her about her involvement in the Wen Corporation and instead asked her about her revision progress, simply because he respected her.

    “I heard from your relief form teacher, Mr. Zhao, that you’ve been absent from several revision classes lately because of some distractions. You’ve always been the top student from the best class and Mr. Zhao carries high hopes for you. Hence, he’s very concerned about your academics. He informed me of your situation because he wants me to find out more from you.” The principal stared at Wen Xinya, who was pretty and radiant. She exuded a refined elegance and remained as composed as ever, a clear exhibition of her confidence. He knew that she definitely knew what to do.

    Appearing a little remorseful, Wen Xinya said, “I’m sorry to have made you and Mr. Zhao worry. Lately, I’ve been getting distracted by other matters, but I won’t let it affect my studies too much.”

    A sullen expression formed on Mr. Shen’s face because he was displeased with her answer. “Xinya, I know you’re very outstanding, and I’ve also seen your excellent results for your mock tests. Just like you said, your academic progress isn’t affected, but you’re not revising enough for the final examinations. In fact, no amount of revision is ever enough for the final examinations. Sometimes, you may feel that you’ve already mastered everything that you need to know, only to find out the next second that you don’t know enough.”

    Wen Xinya listened patiently.

    Principal Shen continued, “The only thing we can do, is to spend as much time as we can to prepare for the examinations. The more you revise, the more confident you will be.”

    Wen Xinya hung her head low. Although he sounded gentle and calm, there was a tinge of austerity in his tone.

    Principal Shen continued in a persuasive tone, “Xinya, you’re the student who’s receiving the most attention in your cohort, in the entire Lan Feng Institute. You’re also our most outstanding student. Everyone has high hopes for you, be it society or our teachers and your fellow students. I believe you can understand the pros and cons of everything, and I’m sure you know what to do too. However, I still hope that you can focus your energy on revising. You’ll only be sitting for this examination once in your entire lifetime. I hope you’ll take it seriously and see it as the most important milestone in your life.”

    Wen Xinya had no choice but to admit that Principal Shen’s words were right. She could not defend herself at all and she even felt a little ashamed and guilty.

    Seeing that she was not saying anything, Principal Shen said in a warmer tone, “Of course, I’m not trying to give you any unnecessary pressure. I just hope that you’ll be able to plan your revision well.”

    Wen Xinya nodded.

    Principal Shen felt a little helpless about her obedience and had no choice but to end the conversation. “I don’t have other intentions today. I just felt that I had to look after you because I promised Old Mr. Mo to do so. Besides, he and I are longtime friends.”

    He was indirectly trying to remind her not to ruin her grandfather’s reputation.

    Wen Xinya said solemnly, “Principal Shen, I feel bad about making you worry about my revision and academic progress, despite your busy schedule. I’ve indeed been distracted lately, but… I know my limits and hence, I’ve been asking Senior Zhong to help me out with revision too.”

    Zhong Rufeng was considered to be his favorite student. Upon hearing Wen Xinya’s words, he said in glee, “In that case, I shan’t say anything else. I’m looking forward to seeing your results for the final year examinations.”

    Principal Shen knew that Wen Xinya had to shoulder the burdensome pressure of being the successor of her family’s business and she had to learn how to run the corporation. In fact, she might even have to spend more time and effort on learning the ropes, as compared to her academics. Hence, he was not trying to pressurize her and was merely trying to remind her to focus on what she had to at the moment.

    After exiting the principal’s office, Wen Xinya took a deep breath and thought about Principal Shen’s words. She thought to herself,